My Loyal Ponies: Trixie

Apr 2nd, 2014
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  1. Written as a spin-off of this story:
  4. >Another uneventful day
  5. >After several weeks, Nightmare Moon now has a secure hold on all of Equestria
  6. >Your job has become routine, but you're not complaining
  7. >Now you can focus more on your hobby
  8. >Today was especially exciting
  9. >Another Friday means another mare
  10. >This one makes seventeen
  11. >When you grew closer to Moon, you worried that she might grow jealous of your playthings
  12. >To the contrary, she seems elated to hear about what you've done to them
  13. >Every time you break another little pony, it makes her even more passionate
  14. >"How did you break this one, human?"
  15. "This one, Trixie, made her living as a traveling magic performer. She was a prideful one."
  16. >"Not anymore?"
  17. "She has nothing to be prideful about."
  18. >Moon chuckled heartily and fixed her gaze deep in your eyes
  19. >"Go on."
  20. "When she was first delivered to me, I offered her a deal..."
  22. "A duel."
  23. >"What?"
  24. >She glares at you from her restraints
  25. "A magic duel. If you win, then you may go. You'll have your freedom and you'll never set foot here again."
  26. >She smirks
  27. >"Ha! The Great and Powerful Trixie accepts!"
  28. >Just as expected
  29. "Are you sure? I have told you what happens if you lose."
  30. >"It doesn't matter. There's no chance The Great and Powerful Trixie will lose!"
  31. "Very well. Twilight, you may enter now."
  32. >As you command, Twilight walks silently into the chamber
  33. >She reaches your side and looks to see Trixie bound to the wall, a position she was in not but a couple weeks ago
  34. >Twilight's face is expressionless, but as notices who is before her, there is a hint of recognition
  35. >Trixie's returns a fiery glare
  36. >"What is she doing here?"
  37. >Each word is punctuated with venom
  38. "She's here to duel you. You didn't think that I'd be your opponent, did you?"
  39. >Trixie snaps her glare back to you
  40. >"What?"
  41. "Obviously I can't do magic myself, so Twilight here will be your opponent."
  42. >Trixie holds eye contact with you before turning up her nose
  43. >"Trixie refuses. There's no way that Trixie could win."
  44. >You laugh
  45. "I'm afraid that you've already accepted, cunt"
  46. >Trixie gasps
  47. >"How dare you address The Great and Powerful Trixie this way! Why you pathetic, filthy human! When Trixie gets out of this-"
  48. >You silence her with a swift kick to the side, causing her to wince
  49. "You're right, how could I? You haven't lost yet..."
  50. >You smile and look down at the furious Trixie
  51. "I'm nothing if not fair. Isn't that right, Twilight?"
  52. >"Yes, master"
  53. >Twilight states matter-of-factly
  54. "So only if you lose, will your name be changed to 'cunt'. If you win, you get to keep your name and your horn."
  55. >The blood drains from Trixie's furious face
  56. >"...k- keep my horn?"
  57. "That's right. Now, I'm eager to get this over with."
  58. >You undo Trixie's restraints and step to the side, leaning against the chamber wall
  59. "Whenever you two are ready..."
  60. >Trixie reluctantly stands and looks anxiously to Twilight
  61. >Wordlessly, Twilight's horn begins to glow
  62. >"T-Twilight, I can't beat you..."
  63. >The glow steadily increases
  64. >"Twilight, stop! Trixie refuses to duel!"
  65. "Twilight."
  66. >Twilight looks to you and nods, as the power from her horn fades away
  67. "So, cunt,"
  68. >You let the word hang
  69. "you admit defeat?"
  70. >"No, Trixie simply refuses."
  71. "Either way, you will face the consequences."
  72. >"No matter, The Great and Powerful Trixie doesn't believe you could take her horn."
  73. >Her confidence was less than before, but still she turns up her nose
  74. "Oh? Twilight, will I remove Trixie's horn, do you think?"
  75. >Twilight looks to Trixie, who was looking at her for reassurance
  76. >"Yes."
  77. >There was no remorse in her tone. She was merely stating a fact, as she had done so often before
  78. >Trixie begins to breathe heavily and she looks over to you
  79. >"How could you do that?"
  80. "These were the terms that you agreed to."
  81. >Trixie swallows hard as her eyes begin to glisten
  82. >"Surely we can discuss somet-"
  83. "No."
  84. >Trixie looks around, searching for answers that aren't there
  85. >"Twilight! Y-you could let me win. You could let me win, and then I'd be free and you wouldn't have to see me again, right?"
  86. >"I don't want to disappoint Master."
  87. >You stride over to Twilight and give her a light pat
  88. "So, last chance. Do you admit defeat?"
  89. >Trixie hangs her head and tears fall to the stone fall
  90. >She lets out a choked sob
  91. "Alright then. Twilight, return to your room. Tell one of the guards to bring me my tools."
  92. >Twilight heads to the chamber door before Trixie calls out
  93. >"Wait!"
  94. >Twilight ignores her
  95. "Hold on, Twilight."
  96. >Trixie looks to you through her blurry vision
  97. >"I-I'll duel..."
  98. >You stifle your smile
  99. "Twilight. Duel this cunt."
  100. >The duel lasted only a few minutes
  101. >Trixie's magic was no match for Twilight's and she struggled as she choked back sobs
  102. >Every spell Trixie cast you gave her some insult
  103. "From the looks of it, losing your horn won't change much."
  104. "Honestly, magic is supposed to be your talent?"
  105. "Even with your freedom on the line, this is the best you can do..."
  106. >After the last magical exchange Trixie is panting heavily and Twilight hasn't broken a sweat
  107. >Trixie collapses and buries her face in her hooves as she breaks into tears
  108. "Twilight, as you were."
  109. >Twilight leaves the room
  110. >You watch Trixie heave sobs, hiding beneath her wizard's hat
  111. >You step over to hear and rip the hat from her, making her shrink down further
  112. >A moment later a guard enters the room and hands you your horn clipper
  113. "Restrain this cunt."
  114. >The guard obeys, reattaching Trixie's shackles, adding a collar
  115. >He then pulls her head over to a metal loop bolted in the floor and attaches her collar to it
  116. >It'll stop her from being able to move to much, but not completely
  117. >The guard waits for you to dismiss him
  118. "You can stay and watch."
  119. >You can see the look of unease on the guard's face, but he knows better than to refuse
  120. >You take a moment to appreciate your tool
  121. >Really it was just a sharpened set of branch trimmers, but it worked well
  122. >"Please..."
  123. >Trixie's voice snaps you out of your fixation
  124. "What?"
  125. >Trixie struggles to swallow at the odd position
  126. >"Please, don't take my horn... m-master..."
  127. >The first time a mare addresses you as 'master' is always special
  128. "You learn quickly, cunt."
  129. >You open the shears causing a metallic ringing
  130. >You place the steel blades around the base of Trixie's horn
  131. >She flinches violently and begins sobbing loudly
  132. >"Master, please - hic - don't, master. Master, you're -hic - Trixie's master,"
  133. "Who? I don't know anyone named 'Trixie'"
  134. >You squeeze the handles together slightly
  135. >Trixie lets out a wail
  136. >"Cunt! Cunt, I'm a cunt! Please, don't, master!"
  137. "You're pathetic."
  138. >"Yes, a pathetic cunt! Master's cunt!"
  139. "And you think that you deserve mercy?"
  140. >Trixie could only blubber senselessly in response
  141. "Completely worthless..."
  142. >Again you apply pressure to the clippers
  143. >"Nooo! No, master, please! Please, I'll do anything! Anything you want!"
  144. "And why will you do anything I want?"
  145. >"B-because I'm your pathetic cunt... I'll do anything..."
  146. >You slowly release her horn and move the clippers away
  147. "Yes, you will."
  148. >You place the clippers back to her horn, halfway between the base and tip
  149. >With a sickening crack, you cleave the top half of Trixie's horn from her
  150. >The guard couldn't help but turn away
  151. >Trixie screamed as loudly as she could muster and struggled uselessly against her bonds
  152. >You hand your clippers to the guard and instruct him to return it to your room where he found it
  153. >He seemed relieved to be given leave
  154. >You undo Trixie's restraints once again
  155. >She simply writhes on the cold floor letting out something between a wheeze and a cry with each breath
  156. "Cunt, stand up."
  157. >Trixie continues to squirm
  158. "There's nothing stopping me from taking more of your horn. Now."
  159. >Trixie shakily gets on her hooves, her cheeks stained with tears
  160. "I am nothing if not fair, cunt."
  161. >You place your hand under Trixie's chin and pull her face up
  162. "Even to a pony as worthless as you."
  163. >You let Trixie's head fall and you take a seat on the bed at the opposite end of the chamber
  164. >You pat the bed next to your lap
  165. "Take a seat."
  166. >Trixie barely hesitates before clambering over to the bed
  167. >Her body seems weak from the pain she was still feeling and she struggles to climb up on the bed
  168. "You may rest your head on my lap."
  169. >She places her head on your legs, but remains tense, not letting her put her weight on you
  170. >You gently stroke her mane and brush her cheek, wiping away her tears
  171. >She resists for a moment, but eventually relaxes, allowing her eyes to drift shut
  172. >She still sobs, but her breathing becomes normal
  173. "That's a good girl."
  174. >You allow Trixie to rest as you stroke her
  175. >You massage her shoulders and back
  176. >In a near whisper, you talk to her
  177. "When you're a good little cunt for master, I can make you feel good."
  178. >Trixie remains silent
  179. "Do you want master to make you feel good?"
  180. >Trixie sniffles
  181. "You will always answer me, cunt."
  182. >You dig a finger into the raw stump of her horn
  183. >She yelps and reels back
  184. >There was no blood, but you could see the sensitive core was exposed
  185. "And if you're a bad cunt and cause master problems, I'll have to hurt you."
  186. >She chokes back a sob and looks up at you, her eyes reddened from crying
  187. "Do you want master to have to hurt you?"
  188. >She stops her quivering lip before speaking
  189. >"No..."
  190. "No, what?"
  191. >"No, master..."
  192. >You smile at her and she lays her head back down.
  193. "See? It's not too hard... Maybe you're not completely worthless after all."
  194. >You bend down and gently kiss her forehead next to her stump of a horn
  195. >Trixie quivers slightly as you do
  196. "That feel good?"
  197. >Trixie turned away in response before remembering
  198. >"Y-yes... master..."
  199. >You stroke her mane once more, letting your hand move down to her back then over her haunch and to her slit
  200. >"Nh!"
  201. >Trixie tenses up at your touch
  202. "I can make you feel very good, my little cunt"
  203. >Trixie looks back up to you, her red eyes pleading
  204. >"No..."
  205. "You don't want me to make you feel good?"
  206. >Trixie looked away
  207. >"Not like this..."
  208. "Nonsense. You've been very good, all things considered. You deserve a little treat."
  209. >You move your fingers up and down the length of Trixie's slit
  210. >You allow your fingertips to slid between her lips and wriggle them gently as you continue to move along
  211. >Trixie twitches and her breath is heavy, but she does her best to stay silent
  212. "It's okay to enjoy this."
  213. >You take her face in your other hand, pulling her gaze to your's
  214. "Trying to resist won't help anyone, will it?"
  215. >She tries to turn away but you hold her still
  216. >"No... master..."
  217. "Such a good girl"
  218. >You lean down and kiss the base of her horn
  219. >She gasps and spasms
  220. >"It still hurts..."
  221. "It should stop hurting in a day or two. For now, just try to focus on the pleasure, okay?"
  222. >"Yes, masterAH!"
  223. >As she finishes the last word you push two fingers inside of her
  224. >You work your fingers in and our of her wet marehood, massaging her insides carefully
  225. >Trixie buries her face in your lap as moans escape her
  226. >You push your fingers deeper inside until you reach some resistance
  227. "A hymen?"
  228. >Trixie looks up at you from your lap with a furrowed brow
  229. >"It's... no, of course not... you must be confused..."
  230. >You remove your fingers and once again jab her broken horn
  231. "Don't lie to your master, you cunt"
  232. >She pulls away in pain and then buries her face in your lap again
  233. >"I'm sorry... I'm... I never..."
  234. "It's no matter. You can keep enjoying yourself"
  235. >"Yes, master"
  236. "Such a good girl"
  237. >You replace your fingers and Trixie sighs contentedly
  238. >You want to save her hymen for later, so you take to rubbing her clit to pleasure her
  239. >Trixie shudders and moans at your touch
  240. >Her breath is heavy against your lap
  241. >The sounds of her arousal and her hot breath make your heart beat faster
  242. >Soon your member is erect in your pants and presses against Trixie's face
  243. >She moves her head off of your lap and turns to you, still moaning from your fingers, but with an unsure look on her face
  244. "Undo my pants"
  245. >"But-"
  246. >She stops when you get her a harsh glare
  247. >She looks down to the bulge in your pants and takes a deep breath
  248. >A faint sparkle of magic emanates from her horn briefly before she winces with pain
  249. >"I-... I can't..."
  250. "Use your mouth."
  251. >She swallows and nods
  252. >She continues to grunt as you rub her wet clit as she sets off to work
  253. >Clearly not used to using her mouth, it takes her a few attempts to undo your pant's button
  254. "So pitiful... you're lucky I'm willing to put up with you."
  255. >You apply pressure to her clit, eliciting a loud moan right into your crotch
  256. "You should be thankful."
  257. >"Yes, master... I am"
  258. >You pull your underwear down and pull out your member
  259. "Then show me how thankful you are."
  260. >Trixie stares at your erection, frozen
  261. >Slowly she brings one of her hooves up to it and brushes against it
  262. >It sent a wave of pleasure through you, but you restrain yourself
  263. >You do your best to sound annoyed
  264. "Is that really how you show your appreciation?"
  265. >She looks up at you worriedly
  266. "Use your mouth."
  267. >Trixie's face screws into a grimace
  268. >You stop moving your fingers around her, waiting for her to continue
  269. "My pleasure is your pleasure, little cunt"
  270. >She lets out a whine and grinds herself against your fingers
  271. >You remove yourself from her and instead bring your hand down hard against her
  272. >"Ow! Why?"
  273. "You will only receive pleasure with my say-so."
  274. >Another strike yields another cry
  275. "I want to make you feel good, but I can only do so if you behave properly."
  276. >Trixie looks bad up at you with pleading eyes
  277. "And if you make things hard for me, I will make them hard for you."
  278. >One last smack causes only a whimper
  279. >Trixie looks back down to your stiff member
  280. "You'll like it. Trust me."
  281. >She swallows hard and takes a deep breath
  282. >She quickly shoves her head down, taking over half your length
  283. >As she does, you replace your fingers inside her, reaching deep enough to hit her hymen
  284. >You both let out moans as ripples of pleasure overtake your bodies
  285. >Trixie's moan is stifled by your cock, an incredible sensation
  286. >You continue to work your fingers in and out of Trixie, being careful not to penetrate her hymen
  287. >Trixie simply holds her position on your member
  288. >The warmth of her mouth isn't unpleasant, but you want more
  289. >With your free hand you push her head down, forcing more of your length into her mouth
  290. >You push her down until she gags slightly and then allow her to raise back up
  291. >Still she doesn't move much on her own, letting you guide her with your hand
  292. >Your fingers are soaked from her arousal, and her moans are less restrained
  293. >You slow your action, you can't let her cum until you have
  294. >She seems to notice and lets out a stifled whine
  295. >Suddenly she begins bobbing her head rapidly
  296. >The pleasure is overwhelming, you lose sense of yourself for a moment
  297. >Remembering yourself you reward her with the addition of your third finger inside her
  298. >Between a moan you speak
  299. "Swallow and you can cum."
  300. >As soon as you finish the word 'cum', Trixie hilts your cock
  301. >The sensation of her throat is too much to handle
  302. >You moan loudly as you shoot your load directly into her throat
  303. >As you do you work your fingers furiously around Trixie's clit
  304. >By your second spurt Trixie's body spasms
  305. >She gags loudly on your cock as she attempts to moan, pulling off instinctively
  306. >She coughs and groans as her orgasm rocks her
  307. >The remainder of your load oozes from your member, dripping down your shaft
  308. >You both pant as you recover
  309. >Trixie sighs as she closes her eyes
  310. >After a moment you compose yourself
  311. "You missed some, you worthless cunt"
  312. >Trixie's eyes shoot open and she quickly laps up the cum left on your member
  313. >You're over-sensitive after your orgasm, her tongue is somewhat unpleasant
  314. >Unceremoniously you stand, pushing Trixie off your lap
  316. >"Quit teasing me"
  317. >Moon plants kisses along your neck as she straddles your body
  318. >She trails down to your chest before looking up to you with a mischievous grin
  319. >"Tell me how you took her virginity"
  320. "Oh I didn't."
  321. >Moon cocks a brow
  322. >"No?"
  323. "Not personally. No, I needed to illustrate just how worthless she was."
  324. >Moon chuckled darkly and continued her path down your stomach
  325. >As she reaches your member, she rips your pants off with her sharp fangs
  326. >She lightly grazes against your shaft with her pearly-white canines
  327. >The dangerous sensation sends a shiver down your shine
  328. >She then climbs back up to meet you for a powerful kiss
  329. >"Go on."
  330. >As she commands, you begin to continue your story
  331. "Well, the next day I-ah!"
  332. >Suddenly Moon lowers herself onto your erect member
  333. >Her marehood is tight and her muscles strong
  334. >"Is there a problem, dear?"
  335. >Her voice was breathy
  336. >She liked seeing you squirm
  337. "Mmh, not at all... Now, as I was s-Aying."
  338. >Moon's muscles squeeze your cock, eliciting a lilt in your speech
  339. >"Don't - unf - mind me..."
  340. >You might have to hurry this story along
  342. >Next day
  343. >You arrive at Trixie's chamber
  344. >Today will be the day you have her virginity destroyed
  345. >You open the door
  346. >Trixie stiffens as you enter, glaring at you from her bed
  347. >She makes no effort to hide her disgust with you
  348. >It will be fun wiping that insolent look off of her face
  349. "Good evening, cunt."
  350. >Anger flashes on her face as you speak her new name, but otherwise she doesn't react
  351. >You pause for a moment before chastising her
  352. "Must I explain everything to you?"
  353. >Trixie is silent
  354. >You sigh
  355. "When your master greets you, you shall respond appropriately..."
  356. >You glare at her
  357. "Or else there will be consequences"
  358. >She holds her eyes on your's before casting them down to glare at the floor
  359. >"Greetings... master"
  360. >You soften your expression then approach her
  361. >You place your hand under her chin and raise her face
  362. >Trixie now refuses to meet your gaze
  363. "Now that's a good girl."
  364. >You plant a kiss on her stump of a horn eliciting a wince
  365. >You take a step back and remove the first item from your back pocket: a collar and leash
  366. "Today you're going out."
  367. >You affix the collar around Trixie's neck
  368. >A slight tug and Trixie is immobile, so you give an abrupt yank that pulls her off the bed
  369. >Shock overtakes anger briefly before she returns an even harsher glare
  370. >You turn to walk out of the door, your pet in tow
  371. >On the floor you notice something you had almost forgotten: Trixie's horn
  372. >It should have been disposed of by the staff by now
  373. >You turn to face Trixie again, extending a finger to point at the tip
  374. "Why is that still here? A maid should have thrown out the garbage sometime this morning."
  375. >More silent treatment
  376. >You strike her cheek
  377. "Answer."
  378. >Again she glares at you
  379. >Your face betrays a slight smile
  380. >Trixie huffs defiantly
  381. >"I don't know."
  382. >Another strike
  383. "I won't tolerate lying."
  384. >"Maybe they didn't notice it. I said I don't know."
  385. >You know your staff. They wouldn't make such an oversight
  386. >You heave a sigh and reach into your back pocket
  387. >You present to Trixie a metal pin
  388. >There is a flicker of fear in her eyes
  389. >You grip the base of her horn and raise the nail
  390. >Her eyes widen and she yelps before clamoring away, only to be stopped a few feet away by your hold on the leash
  391. >"What are you doing? I already told you that I don't know!"
  392. "I told you that I won't tolerate lying."
  393. >You pull the leash and drag her back towards you
  394. >Trixie looks frantic as she tries to resist your pull
  395. >You grip her collar tightly and bring the nail back up to her face
  396. >"O-okay, fine! I'll tell you!"
  397. >You stare at her
  398. >"I-I told the maid that you wanted her to leave it."
  399. "Why?"
  400. >"...I don't want it to be thrown away"
  401. >You grunt
  402. "It is garbage, cunt."
  403. >You continue to move the metal splinter up
  404. >"W-wait, what are you doing?"
  405. >"I told you what you wanted!"
  406. >Trixie tries to turn her head away
  407. >You release her collar and instead grip her mane
  408. >She yelps in protest, but you pull her hair to hold her in position
  409. >Finally you bring the nail to her stump, placing the sharp end to the soft tissue of her horn's core
  410. >A shock ripples through Trixie and she squeals
  411. >You have to pull her mane tight to keep her head from moving too much
  412. >"No, no, no! Please, I told you! I told you!"
  413. >You slowly press the nail into her horn
  414. >Trixie flails her limbs about, and even with a tight grip on her mane, it is difficult to hold the nail in position
  415. "Moving too much will only make this hurt worse, you stupid cunt."
  416. >The point is the lodge the nail in her horn, if she thrashes about too much it will be loose and fall out, no good
  417. >She seems to try to remain more still, but her instinctual reaction is still to resist
  418. >You give the nail a forceful push and drive it an inch into her
  419. >The job done you release her mane and stand, giving her a swift kick to the side
  420. >She collapses and writhes in pain
  421. >She moves a hoof up to her horn
  422. "If you remove that, I'll replace it, deeper, and with a larger nail."
  423. >Trixie sobs and clutches her hooves to her chest, stopping them from acting on instinct
  424. >You allow her a moment to blubber
  425. >Cutting her lamentation short, you jerk her leash, pulling her up to a standing position
  426. "Now, if you will behave... Let's go for a walk, shall we?"
  427. >Trixie chokes back sobs and gives a weak nod
  428. >Trixie follows your lead with little resistance
  429. >On the way out of the castle you catch a maid
  430. "Make another round for this one's chamber. Leave it spotless."
  431. >Trixie weeps openly as the maid acknowledges your command
  432. >A light jerk and she moves with you again
  433. "I hope that you understand better now."
  434. >You spoke loudly as you strode down the streets, Trixie in tow
  435. "Misbehavior will result in punishment."
  436. >There weren't many ponies in the dark streets, but those that were there avoided you as you walked
  437. >Still, you were sure Trixie felt her exposure
  438. "You may not understand yet, but I am doing this for your own good."
  439. >Trixie simply silently followed behind you
  440. "The quicker you learn your place, the sooner you'll be able to enjoy it."
  441. >It was a rather long walk, but eventually you arrived at your destination
  442. >Away from the castle, on the lower parts of the city
  443. >Here the low-class citizens lived
  444. >Many were those with menial jobs, others were foreigners who couldn't properly assimilate into Equestria properly
  445. >Your work rarely took you to this part of the city, as these ponies were more likely to keep themselves down, they hardly need oppressors
  446. >You pull Trixie along until you reach a sort of plaza
  447. "You might be wondering why you're here."
  448. >Trixie looks up to you, eyes red from crying
  449. "I think it's time you learned what you're good for."
  450. >Trixie gave a look of slight confusion before you call out
  451. "Everyone! Please gather around!"
  452. >The few ponies around look uneasily in your direction
  453. "Come on now! Out of your houses, and line up in front of me!"
  454. >You bellow loudly, trying to attract as many as you could
  455. >Ponies of all sorts step out of their hovels and from alleyways nearby
  456. >They were all clearly frightened of you, but more frightened of what would happen in they disobeyed
  457. >After a minute there was about two dozen standing in disorderly line in front of you and Trixie
  458. "I'm only interested in stallions. If you are a female, you will leave."
  459. >They didn't have to be told twice. The mares all quickly returned to their homes
  460. >A little over a dozen males remain
  461. >A few are mules, one is a donkey, another a zebra, a couple pegasi with crippled wings, the rest are earth ponies
  462. >All of them looked downtrodden and homely, some of them were downright filthy
  463. "Today I have a treat for you all."
  464. >You motion to your leashed mare
  465. "You may all take turns using this mare."
  466. >The crowd shifts and murmurs
  467. >Trixie looks up at you with eyes wide
  468. "Come now, no need to hesitate!"
  469. >You scan the line-up
  470. "You there!"
  471. >You point at one of the mules, his fur was matted with dirt and his face was asymmetrical and bulbous
  472. >"Hu-what?"
  473. "Come forward, you shall go first."
  474. >The mule blinks dumbly for a moment before the pony next to him pushes him forward
  475. >He stands in front of Trixie, who wrinkles her nose with disgust at him
  476. "Cunt, turn around."
  477. >Trixie hesitates only briefly before turning, keeping her tail clamped down
  478. "Present yourself."
  479. >Trixie doesn't move, keeping her tail down
  480. "Now. Cunt."
  481. >Trixie heaves a sob, but otherwise does not respond
  482. >You press firmly on the nail sticking from her horn, driving it another centimeter deeper
  483. >Trixie wails and collapses on the ground, covering her head with her front hooves
  484. "Sorry for the slow start, folks"
  485. >You smile at the crowd, who looks on with a sort of horror and morbid curiosity
  486. >You hiss down to Trixie
  487. "Any more misbehavior and you won't have to worry about your horn hurting. I'll remove it completely."
  488. >Trixie begins to sob again
  489. >You grab hold of Trixie's tail and hoist her upwards
  490. >She catches herself on her hindlegs, but keeps her head down and buried in her hooves
  491. "I have binding that will keep your tail up."
  492. >Trixie peeks up at you, her vision blurred behind tears
  493. "Don't make me use it."
  494. >You release Trixie's tail and it remains raised high
  495. >Turning back to the dirty mule you motion towards Trixie's raised rear
  496. "Please, go on ahead."
  497. >The mule still looks confused
  498. >"Well, uh, I dunno..."
  499. "Come now, there's no need to worry. She won't resist; she has no say in the matter."
  500. >You glare at the crowd
  501. "Neither do you, really."
  502. >It's clear the threat is lost on some of the more slow ponies, but some grimace knowingly
  503. "So please, enjoy yourselves!"
  504. >The mule takes a step towards Trixie and grunts
  505. >Clumsily he climbs over her, placing his muddy hooves on her withers
  506. "Step up, everyone. Get a good view now!"
  507. >The mob gathers closer and forms a small circle around the three of you
  508. >Trixie fails to contain her sorrow and cries into the ground
  509. >Her voice is muffled and choked with sobs
  510. >"P-please... Not - hic - not like t-this..."
  511. >The stupid mule either ignored or didn't understand Trixie's mourning and continued his oafish motions
  512. >With a series of ugly grunts and snorts, the mule aroused himself to the point of erection
  513. >"Don't... Please j - hic - just stop..."
  514. >After poking her backside a few times, the mule hits home and is able to push his cock into Trixie's hole
  515. >She whimpers weakly and continues to cry
  516. >A ripple goes through the crowd, who have become enthralled with the display
  517. >You bend down to reach for Trixie's face
  518. >From this distance, the smell of the mule is apparent
  519. >He smells of rotten fruit and dung
  520. >The mule bumbles forward, inserting himself further into her
  521. >You pull Trixie's face off the ground
  522. >Her eyes are shot red and her face stained with tears
  523. >"I don't - hic - don't want this..."
  524. >The mule grunts and thrusts his hips
  525. >A look of horror overtakes Trixie's face, her virginity now gone conclusively
  526. "Yes you do, cunt. This is what you're good for."
  527. >Trixie opens her mouth to speak, but can't seem to find words
  528. >The mule dumbly slams himself into her and groans like a beast
  529. >Trixie stares blankly at you, now crying silently
  530. >It only takes another moment for the mule to begin grunting louder
  531. >You stand and announce
  532. "Feel free to finish inside."
  533. >You're unsure if the mule can register what you said, his dull mind occupied by only one thing, but it matters not
  534. >After another moment of clumsy thrusts, he begins to seize, groaning loudly and spilling his seed into her
  535. >His breath heavy and uneven, he roughly dismounts
  536. >Trixie allows her hind legs to collapse, but you quickly grab her tail and force her back up
  537. >You turn to the mule
  538. "I trust you enjoyed yourself?"
  539. >The mule blinks and looks to you, taking a moment to recognize you
  540. >"Oh, uh, yeah. It was good."
  541. >Amazing stupidity
  542. "Good to hear. Cunt, thank the man"
  543. >She still stares blankly forward
  544. >You put your finger to the head of the nail, making her flinch
  545. >"Th-... thank you..."
  546. >Her voice is mechanical and distant
  547. >Things seem to be going well
  548. "Now! Who will be next?"
  549. >The circle stirs before one of the earth ponies comes forward
  550. "Ah, excellent, please, make use of this worthless cunt."
  551. >"Um, yessir."
  552. >With significantly more grace, the pony mounts Trixie
  553. >He penetrates her with his cock, letting out a moan of pleasure as he does
  554. >His motion is rhythmic and balanced
  555. >It's obvious that he was more experienced than the mule
  556. >It doesn't take long for his motion to increase in pace
  557. >"Ugh, mh, sir, would you, hmph, mind if I, umh, came in her mane?"
  558. >You look at Trixie, who is still staring ahead and smile
  559. >You chuckle
  560. "Of course not, go right ahead."
  561. >Almost on cue, the stallion pulls out and steps to Trixie's side
  562. >He rubs his length with a hoof and spurts a jet of thick cum over the back of Trixie's mane
  563. >Trixie jumps as she feels it hit her
  564. >The sensation briefly snaps her out of her stupor
  565. >After a couple more sobs she is back to her numb expression
  566. "Come on, let's get the next one up!"
  567. >The next pony is a pegasus, one with a malformed wing
  568. >He mounts her and thrusts into her
  569. >Tears no longer ran down her face, as if she had simply ran out
  570. >His motion is rough, and each thrust pushes Trixie's body into the ground
  571. >Trixie grunts as he slams against her
  572. >"It...ugh, you're hurting me!"
  573. >The pegasus seems taken aback
  574. >"O-oh, I'm sorry"
  575. >He slows down significantly, allowing
  576. "No."
  577. >The pegasus looks to you, confused and a little worried
  578. "I said, no resistance. Now continue as you were."
  579. >The pegasus looked uncomfortable, but after a moment's hesitation he continued as he was before
  580. >Trixie bites down on her hoof, trying to take her mind off the pain
  581. >You once again kneel close to Trixie and whisper to her.
  582. "You know, if you want to get through this faster, and with less pain, you can."
  583. >Her eyes flash over to you
  584. >She holds her hoof in her mouth as the pony continued to painfully crash into her
  585. >She pleads with you with her eyes
  586. >You chuckle at the sight of her desperation, recalling her defiant mood earlier today
  587. "I'm sure if you were to beg loudly enough, some of these men would use your mouth."
  588. >Clearly not the answer she wanted, Trixie looks away
  589. >A moment later the pegasus finishes inside her
  590. >You stand and survey the circle
  591. >You find the largest stallion is a rather burly earth pony
  592. "You there, you can be next."
  593. >He steps up and takes his place behind Trixie
  594. >Again you breathe down to her
  595. "Anytime, just beg. You'll get done nearly twice as fast."
  596. >The large pony mounts Trixie and slips his erect cock into her
  597. >She stifles a cry as the large protrusion splits her
  598. >Without even trying, the stallion is rough with her
  599. >His strides are long and powerful, causing Trixie's body to slide against the rough ground
  600. >Trixie removes the hoof from her mouth and grits her teeth, still trying to resist the pain
  601. >After one more mighty slam, Trixie cries out
  602. >Choking back a sob, she shouts
  603. >"U-use my mouth!"
  604. >The burly stallion is confused by her outburst and slows his motion
  605. >You shot him a look and he continues as he was
  606. >Trixie continues to yell
  607. >"Please, just..."
  608. >She screws her eyes shut as she raises her upper body and opens her mouth
  609. >Her tongue lolls out and she stands silently, waiting for a cock to violate her face
  610. >Absolutely perfect
  611. "Well, how about it?"
  612. >You motion to the circle of ponies
  613. "Someone want to fuck her face?"
  614. >Trixie's brow furrows for a moment at your vulgarity
  615. >The zebra in the crowd comes forward
  616. "Very good. Do what you will. Don't worry about choking her, I'll let you know if she's about to pass out."
  617. >"...Alright.."
  618. >The zebra hikes himself up and places his front hooves on Trixie's shoulders
  619. >Trixie opens her eyes and closes her mouth, startled
  620. "Now, now, cunt."
  621. >You reach beneath the zebra to flick her horn
  622. >With a sharp wince she closes her eyes
  623. >Taking a deep breath, she slowly reopens her mouth
  624. >The zebra brings his length towards Trixie's face
  625. >The burly pony riding Trixie groans loudly as he pumps her with his cum
  626. >As he fills her, the zebra slides his cock into Trixie's mouth, moaning himself
  627. "Let's not doddle, folks. Next up for the cunt!"
  628. >The next up was another mule, similarly clumsy and slow
  629. >Trixie struggles and gags as the zebra services himself with her mouth
  630. >Bubbles of saliva spill out of her mouth as he pumps in and out
  631. >Ponies and the like clearly don't have the stamina of humans, as the zebra finishes after only another couple minutes
  632. >Trixie trashes slightly has he moans loudly and cums down her throat
  633. >As he pulls off, she coughs and breathes heavily
  634. "Next!"
  635. >She gasps for air as an earth pony positions himself where the zebra was a moment before
  636. >With only a few seconds respite a new cock replaces the old, pumping in and out of her face
  637. >The clumsy thrusts of the mule force Trixie's head to move along with the earth pony's thrusts into her face
  638. >Another load of cum spurts into both her occupied holes
  639. >A milky cream drips from her overflowing pussy, and spatters to the ground
  640. "Let's get a another couple going!"
  642. >"Oh my, dearest. This is so depraved..."
  643. >Nightmare continues to grind herself
  644. >You pant heavily, the sensation is nearly overpowering
  645. >"She was still so innocent, but you took that away quickly, didn't you?"
  646. "I had to. Ah, all about humbling her."
  647. >Her wet insides were milking you, bringing you near completion
  648. >Moon could clearly sense that you were close as she slowed to a near halt
  649. >"So... tell me more..."
  650. >You let out a frustrated groan
  651. >It's typical for you to be the one denying orgasm
  652. >You gain a better grasp of what you've been doing to some of these ponies
  653. "Ugh, well, after humiliating her, I didn't want her getting too comfortable."
  654. >Nightmare sat still on your cock, much to your displeasure and simply rubbed herself with a hoof
  655. >You groan and attempt to move your hips into her, but she puts her weight down on you, preventing your movement
  656. >"Go on."
  657. >With a huff, you continue your retelling
  659. >It didn't take long for each of the remaining stallions to take Trixie
  660. >You allowed those that wanted, or had it in them, to take another round
  661. >Most of the crowd finished inside of her, but there were still a few loads that covered her mane and body
  662. >The crowd dispersed as each pony finished that didn't stick around to watch, and then eventually after everyone had finished
  663. >The last to finish is the donkey, who is taking his second take at Trixie's mouth
  664. >His load spurts out over her face, forcing her to close her left eye as he covers it in sticky cum
  665. >Trixie gasps for air and collapses to the ground
  666. >The donkey trots off like the others
  667. >Trixie wallows in a stinky pool of the fluids of herself and numerous peasants
  668. "Finally you do something worthwhile."
  669. >Trixie has no noticeable reaction to your words
  670. >You yank the leash and she stands
  671. "You see, cunt..."
  672. >You begin to walk back the way that you came, Trixie walking silently behind you, once again
  673. "your talent lies in pleasing a crowd. Not magic."
  674. >Suddenly you turn around and face her
  675. "Do you want me to fuck you, cunt?"
  676. >She raises her head and looks to you with her one open eye
  677. >"...yes..."
  678. >Her voice is lifeless and cold
  679. >You laugh loudly
  680. "Ha! I wouldn't fuck something as disgusting as you!"
  681. >Trixie's eye wells up with tears once again
  682. "I mean look at you... you might be good for pleasing a bunch of dirty beggars, but you'd never be good enough for a respectable pony, let alone me."
  683. >Without waiting for a reaction you turn and continue on
  684. >You again walk through the streets
  685. >This time the ponies nearly gawk at Trixie, their stares barely masked
  686. >Behind you, Trixie's sobs become louder
  687. >After a minute her wails are rather irritating
  688. >You wheel around
  689. "Cunt, I hope you're learning that caring what these ponies think is pointless."
  690. >Trixie sniffs
  691. >"Yes, master..."
  692. >Interesting
  693. >You stare her down
  694. >She holds your gaze, but there is only a light sorrow in her eyes
  695. >The cum was starting to run down her face and drip off
  696. >She didn't seem to pay attention to it
  697. >You grunt and continue walking
  698. >You reach the castle and find the entrance to your section of the complex
  699. >Affixing her leash to a column you turn to Trixie
  700. "You're too disgusting to come indoors. You can stay here while you dry out."
  701. >"O-okay, master."
  702. >You may have finally broken her
  703. >You enter the castle complex and leave Trixie be
  704. >Tonight you play with one of your other pets, leaving Trixie to sleep outside
  705. >In the morning you find her, fur matted with cum stains, still asleep
  706. >You wake her with a kick to the stomach
  707. >"Oomph, ow - ah! G-good morning... master..."
  708. >No sarcasm or anger in her voice
  709. "Do you know what you are doing today?"
  710. >"No, master... It's up to you."
  711. >Is that so?
  712. "So what if I want you to fuck twice the number of ponies are yesterday?"
  713. >"If... if that will make you happy..."
  714. "What if I want to cut off the rest of your horn?"
  715. >She winces at the idea
  716. >"T-then... I'd let you..."
  717. >She's is your's
  718. "What if I asked you what you wanted to do?"
  719. >She pauses for a moment before responding
  720. >"I want to do what you want me to do."
  721. "No, cunt. Tell me what you want."
  722. >Trixie swallows and croaks
  723. >"I-I want you to use me..."
  724. "Is that all?"
  725. >"I want you to tell me that I'm not worthless..."
  726. >You kneel down and hold your hand under her chin
  727. >You give her a reassuring smile before saying
  728. "Oh, you worthless cunt. That could never happen."
  729. >You stand and let Trixie's face fall
  730. "If I remember, I'll bring you inside after I'm done working."
  732. >Another day of darkness
  733. >Now-a-days your job was simple check-ups and flexes of power
  734. >You go around and instill a little fear, making sure the public knows who's still in control
  735. >Today is as uneventful as most others
  736. >Returning to the castle, you find Trixie curled up against the column
  737. >Her body is still coated in day-old cum
  738. >As you approach her ears perk up and she lifts her head
  739. >She stands, her legs stiffened from a day of laying in the fetal position
  740. >In a moment she's adjusted herself and stands proudly
  741. >"Welcome home, master."
  742. >You stand over her, glaring down at her
  743. >Her resolve wavers, but still she gives you a meek smile
  744. >Time to have some fun with her
  745. "Take off my pants."
  746. >Her eyes widen before her smile widens
  747. >"Y-yes, master!"
  748. >She quickly moves her mouth up to your zipper and clumsily works it
  749. >Trixie breathes heavily as she pulls your pants off
  750. >You lift each foot in turn, letting her remove each leg of your pants
  751. "Now the boxers, cunt."
  752. >Yes, mh, master."
  753. >She uses her mouth to pull the band of your boxers down, exposing your manhood
  754. >You stand for a moment, allowing her to breath in your scent
  755. >"Please use me, master..."
  756. >You laugh haughtily
  757. >Her look of arousal fades to a disheartened frown
  758. "I already told you, something as worthless as you will never get someone as great as me."
  759. >Trixie's face screws into a grimace
  760. >"But... but I-"
  761. "I'm going to go fuck a pet worthy of me. I'll have a maid bathe you. You're starting to stick, filthy cunt."
  762. >You begin to walk off
  763. >"Wa-wait!"
  764. >You stop
  765. >Trying to hide your smile, you force a stern look of annoyance before you turn around
  766. >Trixie realizes her mistake and casts her eyes down
  767. >"I-I'm sorry..."
  768. >You heave a sigh
  769. >You stride over to her and deliver a kick to her side
  770. >Trixie recoils from the pain
  771. "You've already wasted my time, might as well be out with it."
  772. >Trixie sniffles
  773. >"I... I thought that I was doing was I was supposed to..."
  774. "And?"
  775. >Trixie swallows
  776. >"And I thought... I thought it would make you want..."
  777. "Make me want... you?"
  778. >You snarl
  779. >Trixie just hangs her head
  780. >"Please..."
  781. "Absolutely pathetic."
  782. >"I'll do anything..."
  783. >You grunt
  784. "Anything?"
  785. >Trixie chokes back a sob
  786. >"Yes, master."
  787. >You pretend to ponder for a moment
  788. "There is one thing that I value more than anything else..."
  789. >Trixie looks up to you, pleading with her eyes
  790. "Loyalty."
  791. >Trixie becomes reinvigorated
  792. >"Ah-of course! Of course, I'll be loyal to you!"
  793. "Prove it."
  794. >"Tell me what to do."
  795. >Again you wait a moment, pretending to think of something
  796. "Come."
  797. >You remove the leash from the column and lead her into the castle
  798. >She puts up no resistance
  799. >You take her to your quarters, where you keep your tools when not in use
  800. >You tell her to sit in the center of the room and you rummage through your supply
  801. >You feel Trixie's eyes on you
  802. >She's still afraid despite her resolve
  803. >You purposefully take longer then necessary, until you finally take out a tool Trixie has seen once already
  804. >With a bit of a flourish, you present the horn clipper to Trixie
  805. >Trixie lets out a reactionary hiss at the sight of it
  806. "You can prove your loyalty with this."
  807. >You toss the instrument
  808. >It lands on the floor near her
  809. >"W-what?"
  810. "It's simple. Remove the rest of your horn for me."
  811. >Trixie's eyes go wide and they dart about the room
  812. >"I-I..."
  813. "I won't give you another chance, cunt."
  814. >She holds her tongue
  815. "Show me that you can be loyal."
  816. >Trixie tries not to sob as she grips the metal tool
  817. >You simply watch in silence
  818. >It seems to take her an eternity, but eventually she brings the jaws to the stump of her horn
  819. >Her breath is heavy and panicked
  820. >Tears well in her eyes as she anticipates the pain
  821. >She begins to hyperventilate, charging herself up
  822. >She screws her eyes shut and screams
  823. >Trixie suddenly brings her head to the floor, one of the arms of the tool rests against the floor
  824. >She places a hoof on the other arm and slam down on it with all her might
  825. >A sickening crack echoes through the room, but is quickly replaced with a bloody howl
  826. >Trixie writhes on the ground and screams in agony
  827. >Her wails give way to dry heaves
  828. "You've done well."
  829. >Trixie begins to calm down
  830. >You can see a trickle of blood ooze from her forehead
  831. >She shakily stands
  832. >"M-master... use me..."
  833. >You watch as the dark fluid from her horn leaves a trail down her face, mixing with the dried cum from yesterday
  834. >"Use me now."
  835. "You're disgusting... Go have a maid bathe you, cunt."
  836. >Trixie pants in a panic
  837. >"N-no... You... Use me."
  838. >You glare at her
  839. >She chokes on her words
  840. >"I-... use me... please, tell me - hic - I'm not worth - worthless."
  841. >Now tears mix with the other fluids on her face
  842. >You watch in silence as she begs
  843. >"I'm loyal... I'm not worthless."
  844. >She lowers her head and sobs
  845. >"Please use your cunt..."
  846. ""
  847. >Trixie quietly sobs
  848. >She has been destroyed completely
  849. >There is nothing left to her except your ownership of her
  850. "Not yet. Let's get you cleaned up."
  851. >Trixie sniffs and looks back up to you
  852. >"A-and... and then you'll use me?"
  853. "Yes, cunt."
  854. >She smiles weakly as you speak her name
  855. >You lead her out of your room and to the baths
  856. >Drawing a hot bath, you motion for Trixie to get in
  857. >Stress melts off of her body as the steamy water cleanses her fur
  858. >"This... this feels really good..."
  859. >You smile as you dab soap onto a sponge
  860. "I told you. If you're good, you'll feel good."
  861. >Trixie sighs contentedly
  862. >"I understand, master."
  863. >You massage her sticky fur with the soapy sponge
  864. >She coos as you clean her
  865. >You move the loofah over her body, leaving streaks of suds
  866. >You dunk the sponge in the bathwater, rinsing it out
  867. "This might hurt a bit"
  868. >You bring the wet sponge to the top of her head and wring it out
  869. >Water runs over her forehead, clearing the blood from her face
  870. >Trixie hisses, but otherwise holds steady
  871. "Good girl, cunt."
  872. >You dab the sponge around the sensitive wound, and run it down her face gently
  873. >Trixie turns her face to your's
  874. >You hold her cheek with the sponge, gently caressing her face with its warmth
  875. >"Thank you, master."
  876. >It takes another few minutes for you to shampoo and rinse her mane and coat
  877. >You drain the water and fetch a towel
  878. >Once she's dried you take a brush and take it through her mane
  879. >Her expression is of complete bliss
  880. >After her mane is brushed, you move on to her tail
  881. >As you do, Trixie turns to you
  882. >"Master..."
  883. >You continue brushing
  884. "Yes, cunt?"
  885. >Trixie gazes down to your manhood
  886. >"Can I?..."
  887. >You nod
  888. >Trixie wastes no time and takes your soft cock into her mouth
  889. >It's a strange feeling to have our unaroused member enveloped in warm wetness
  890. >By the time that you've finished brushing her tail, you've become hard
  891. >You grunt
  892. >Trixie looks up at you and you nod to motion that she remove herself
  893. "Present yourself, cunt."
  894. >Trixie beams
  895. >"Yes, master!"
  896. >Quickly she turns around and raises her tail high
  897. >"Please use me..."
  898. >She wriggles her hips from side-to-side
  899. >You move to position your cock to her entrance
  900. >It's already lubricated with Trixie's saliva, so it slides into her easily
  901. >Trixie moans loudly, in absolute ecstasy
  902. >She's clearly enjoying herself more than you... normally something you wouldn't allow
  903. >You'll make an exception this time
  904. >After only a handful of thrusts, Trixie's muscles seize around your cock
  905. >Her moans become long, drawn out groans
  906. >You've hardly begun and she's already orgasmed
  907. >Another minute
  908. >Another orgasm
  910. >"Oh please..."
  911. >Nightmare rolls her eyes and lolls out her tongue, mimicking a gag sound
  912. >"Get back to the part where she was writhing in pain."
  913. >Moon's eyes flash with some evil magic, as she speaks the word 'pain'
  914. >You chuckle
  915. "Always the same with you, Nightmare dear... Never wanting to hear the end of my stories."
  916. >She growls at you
  917. >"Don't tease me. Tell me what I want to hear."
  918. "Of course..."
  919. >As you repeat the violent parts of your tale, Moon moans and starts to slide up and down your shaft
  920. >Your voice is breathy and strained, you can both sense that you're both about to finish
  921. "Ah, then, I saw the, mmph, blood running down her, ah, face..."
  922. >Nightmare's pupils dilate and her motion becomes frantic
  923. >She's practically bouncing on your cock
  924. >"More, more, don't you dare stop!"
  925. "It ran down, ah, and coated the, hmm, cum stains in blood."
  926. >It is impossible to hold back any longer
  927. >Both of you climax together
  928. >You grip Nightmare's thick thighs and drive yourself home as best you can
  929. >Stream after stream of your hot cum fires up into Moon's convulsing pussy
  930. >She roars with pleasure as she rides her orgasm
  931. >Even as you cum, you can't help but feel weak when compared to her
  932. >Moon lets out a low moan as she finishes
  933. >"Ooh, very good, human..."
  934. >She lifts herself from you
  935. >Your member flops lifelessly out of her
  936. >You heave a relaxing sigh
  937. >"I look forward to our next... story time..."
  938. >Moon chuckles evilly
  939. >You love your job.
  941. THE END
  945. Epilogue:
  946. >10 months later
  947. >Life is good
  948. >Rebellion is all but unheard of, so nearly all of your energy is focused on your hobbies
  949. >Your harem has expanded to a size beyond what you could have ever imagined
  950. >Breaking mares has become a science
  951. >Sometimes you are purposefully ineffectual, just to drag out the process
  952. >Today there is no new mares to break in
  953. >Today you're revisiting an old favorite
  954. >You reach the quarters of one of your first pets, Twilight Sparkle
  955. >You're not here for her, however
  956. >You enter, finding her reading one of the books you've given her
  957. >Her entire library consists of books on sex and pleasure
  958. >"Hello, master."
  959. >She places a bookmark and sets the book down
  960. "Good morning, Twilight. I'm here for your maid."
  961. >"Oh, okay, master."
  962. >She looks a little disappointed
  963. >"Cunt! Master is here for you!"
  964. >After calling for her maid, she goes back to her reading
  965. >From the bathroom, Trixie waddles into the main room
  966. >Her belly is swollen to the point where it impedes her movement
  967. >It causes her maid skirt to ride up on her body, her stomach poking out
  968. >"Yes, master?"
  969. >She shifts her weight on her hooves
  970. >It's obvious that being up and about is difficult for her and her legs have swollen slightly due to the stress
  971. "It's time for another outing, cunt."
  972. >She perks up and smiles
  973. >"Y-yes, master!"
  974. >Twilight huffs over her book
  975. "Something you'd like to say?"
  976. >Twilight fidgets
  977. >"No, master..."
  978. >It had been a while since you last used her
  979. >You make a note to violate her in her sleep
  980. >Like several times before, you lead Trixie through the city, towing her on her leash
  981. >Her heavy belly slows her, but you yank her forward
  982. >She struggles to keep pace, panting heavily and wincing occasionally
  983. >You chide her anytime she seems to whine too loudly
  984. "Is your retarded spawn slowing you down?"
  985. "Move your fat ass, cunt!"
  986. "Be thankful I haven't kicked your rotten fetus to death yet."
  987. >She responds appropriately with either a "Yes, master." or "I'm sorry, master."
  988. >Another outing, another decrepit neighborhood
  989. >You enjoy the idea of Trixie servicing every peasant and vagrant of lower Canterlot
  990. >Realistically it would be difficult to accomplish, but damn it if you didn't try
  991. "You're getting too fat, cunt. You need to exercise more."
  992. >"Yes, master..."
  993. "So today, you'll be rounding up the crowd."
  994. >You unhook Trixie's leash from her collar
  995. >She looks up at you uncertainly
  996. "Go on."
  997. >She waddles away, leaving you to stand and observe
  998. >Outside of the ever growing gangbangs, this would be the first interaction Trixie has had since she became your's
  999. >You watch from a distance as you see her flub and stammer, trying to convince a passing stallion to join the festivities.
  1000. >Even from here you can see his look of repulsion as he rejects her
  1001. >The next pony she talks to she points over to you
  1002. >There is a look of fear in his eyes as he notices you
  1003. >He nods nervously and trots over to you
  1004. >He avoids your gaze and waits next to you
  1005. >With an effective method for rounding up stallions it doesn't take long for Trixie to gather a large group
  1006. >You count 30 participants before you call Trixie back
  1007. "Cunt! Come back!"
  1008. >Trixie comes as she's called
  1009. >She waddles as fast as she can manage
  1010. >She wastes no time in assuming the position
  1011. >She waddles in front of one of the stallions, opens her mouth, and sticks out her tongue
  1012. >Her engorged body makes it difficult, but she wriggles her hindquarters as seductively as she can manage
  1013. "Come now, everyone. Dig in!"
  1014. >The stallion in front of Trixie hikes himself up and into position, flopping his swelling member onto Trixie's tongue
  1015. >Instantly she begins suckling it, bringing it to full attention
  1016. >The crowd circles around and one of the ponies brings himself onto Trixie's back
  1017. >One by one, each stallion is serviced, either by her mouth or pussy
  1018. >Trixie moans are stifled by whatever cock is jammed in her mouth, but still she manages to be audible over the groans of the males
  1019. >Several of the crowd choose to cum outside, coating her face, mane, backside, and skirt with sticky strands
  1020. >With so many to work over, the majority have time to recuperate and take a second round
  1021. >Exhausted from her walk and overcome with pleasure, Trixie rolls onto her back
  1022. >Her pot belly is soon covered with several loads of cum as the stallions have their way with her
  1023. >After nearly an hour the crowd thins out
  1024. >Trixie is left drenched and panting on the ground
  1025. >You reattach her leash and give it a tug
  1026. >She rolls over and stands, though clearly very weak
  1027. >You travel back to the castle
  1028. >You tie her to the same old column as you've always done
  1029. >She starts to nestle down before you speak
  1030. "Stand up."
  1031. >She does so, but looks to you, confused
  1032. "The nursing staff have told me that your pregnancy is nearly complete."
  1033. >She retains her quizzical look
  1034. "If I don't act now, soon you will have given birth to a dirty mule. A male, no less."
  1035. >Trixie casts her eyes down
  1036. >She's known this for a while now
  1037. >You've expressed your displeasure at the news before
  1038. >Instead of giving birth to another pet for your collection, she's producing something worthless to you
  1039. "Worthless."
  1040. >Trixie shudders
  1041. >The word hurt her more than any other
  1042. >"I... I'm sorry, master."
  1043. >You sigh
  1044. >Quickly you reel back and then bring your boot into Trixie's belly
  1045. >Instantly she keels over and howls
  1046. >Trixie doesn't have time to comprehend what's happening before you kick her again
  1047. >The oozing semen on her stomach dirties your foot
  1048. >Instinctively Trixie moves to protect herself
  1049. >It proves ineffectual, as her belly protrudes too far for her to cover it properly
  1050. >She wails in agony as you stomp her infested womb again
  1051. >"Noooooo, m-maaaaster, aaah!"
  1052. >Tears flood her cum-stained cheeks
  1053. >"My baaabyyyy!"
  1054. >One final blow before you finish your assault
  1055. >Trixie sobs in a heap, clutching her stomach, which was already forming bruises
  1056. >You nudge Trixie's face with your cum-covered shoe
  1057. "Clean your mess."
  1058. >She shakes as she obeys, overcome with misery
  1059. >She moves her tongue over your boot, lapping up the fluids that clung to it
  1060. >Sobs choke her, but she eventually cleans it completely
  1061. >Trixie lays her head on the ground and weeps
  1062. "I'll have a maid fetch you once you're dry."
  1063. >One more kick for good measure before you leave her to her sorrow
  1065. >"Ooooh, fuck yes!"
  1066. >A torrent of fluid floods over your cock as Moon cums furiously
  1067. >"Yeeessss, you... you monster!"
  1068. >Moon writhes on top of you as her powerful climax rocks her
  1069. >She roars with pleasure
  1070. >Her vagina spasms and milks your cock
  1071. >The tight squeeze puts you over the edge, sending you into orgasm yourself
  1072. >"Fu~uck, so... dark... so edgy!"
  1073. >She begins to wind down, but still shakes as waves of ecstasy flow through her
  1074. >You finish pumping your load into her, grunting as you give a final thrust up
  1075. >Moon isn't quiet done and still growls
  1076. >"Grrrh, such an evil human..."
  1077. >Finally she seems to have finished
  1078. >She pants heavily, trying to catch her breath
  1079. >"I... I need, ha, to go rest..."
  1080. >She raises herself from you, letting your softening cock slide out of her
  1081. "I'll, ha, join you."
  1082. >Moon plants herself on her large regal bed
  1083. >You collapse next to her
  1084. >A glow highlights the blankets beneath you, and Moon lifts them, causing you to flop over top of her
  1085. >"That's better" she coos
  1086. >You sigh heavily
  1087. >You love your job.
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