The Other Monsters Attack Concluded

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  1. Welcome to the core of all our madness! Welcome, welcome, welcome!
  2. 7:21
  3. Gallibon the Destroyer
  4. I am back
  5.  o/
  6. Tengen Toppa Lazengann has just entered the core of all our madness!
  7. 7:22
  8. Krazar77
  9.  o/
  10. 7:22
  11. Gallibon the Destroyer
  12.  o/
  13. StrongestPotato has just entered the core of all our madness!
  14. 7:27
  15. StrongestPotato
  16.  o/
  17. 7:27
  18. Gallibon the Destroyer
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  20. 7:33
  21. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  22.  o/
  23. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  24. Tengen Toppa Lazengann has just entered the core of all our madness!
  25. 7:37
  26. Gallibon the Destroyer
  27. wb
  28. 7:37
  29. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  30. (KREVLB)
  31. ...
  32. (KREVB)
  33. ...
  34.  (KREV4)
  35. there we go
  36. 7:39
  37. Gallibon the Destroyer
  38. Cool
  39. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  40. Tengen Toppa Lazengann has just entered the core of all our madness!
  41. 7:45
  42. Gallibon the Destroyer
  43. wb
  44. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  45. 7:54
  46. Gallibon the Destroyer
  47. Anyone there
  48. Whatcha guys wanna do now
  49. Tengen Toppa Lazengann has just entered the core of all our madness!
  50. 7:55
  51. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  52. am here
  53. 7:56
  54. Gallibon the Destroyer
  55. Krazar
  56. Potato
  57. You guys there
  58. 7:57
  59. Krazar77
  60. yeye
  61. 7:58
  62. Gallibon the Destroyer
  63. *Meanwhile...*
  64. *IN LONDON*
  65. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *leaps across at the dead of the night, looking around for "prey"* <(Been a while since I've last done this.)
  66. (TiddalikMask) *follows, using Shadow Manifest in the background to stay hidden*
  67. 8:02
  68. StrongestPotato
  69. (GrendelMask) <(where are we supposed to go anyways?)
  70. (checking an old, worn-out map)
  71. (SilbonMask) <(...) (he looks at the horizon, before opening his sack)
  72. (Anchimayens) (pop out of the bag, eager to hear Silbon's orders)
  73. (SilbonMask) <(buscar enemigo, ahora)
  74. (the Anchimayens nod and run off)
  75. 8:05
  76. Gallibon the Destroyer
  77. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(I smell them. I know their around here somewhere...)
  78. 8:05
  79. StrongestPotato
  80. (GrendelMask) <(...what did he say?)
  81. (SquarefootMask) <(and off they go! we need to focus on where could the others be
  82. 8:07
  83. Gallibon the Destroyer
  84. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *leaps up high, runs onto the rooftops of several buildings*
  85. 8:08
  86. StrongestPotato
  87. (SquarefootMask) (using his sledgehammer, he breaks through a cafeteria's wall)
  88. (he exits by breaking another wall, with a big bacon sandwich on his arms)
  89. (SilbonMask) (looks at him, sarcastically)
  90. (SquarefootMask) <(Oy, oy! even us Nocturnes need some food!)
  91. (he starts eating)
  92. (GrendelMask) <(anything yet, Jack?)
  93. 8:09
  94. Gallibon the Destroyer
  95. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *his mustache twitches* <(Getting warmer...)
  96. 8:10
  97. StrongestPotato
  98. (SilbonMask) <(...)
  99. (he snaps his fingers, as a "ding!" is heard)
  100. (SquarefootMask) <(hey! Silent Boy's got 'imself a good idea!)
  101. (SilbonMask) (he, by hand gestures, tells the guys to come close to him)
  102. 8:11
  103. Gallibon the Destroyer
  104. (TiddalikMask) *comes over to SilbonMask* <(Yeah?)
  105. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *leaps down*
  106. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(Make it quick; I got it a good track on them and I'm not sure how long this youth beam SirenMask gave us will last.)
  107. 8:16
  108. StrongestPotato
  109. (SquarefootMask) <(from what I gathered, surprise tactics, methinks)
  110. <('course I don't expect you to get it, showoff)
  111. 8:17
  112. Gallibon the Destroyer
  113. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(Are you kidding me? I'm Spring-Heeled Jack; I'm practically the KING of surprise attacks. I'm also one of the few to get away with it.)
  114. 8:18
  115. StrongestPotato
  116. (SquarefootMask) < (yeah, real smooth camouflage with the moosetash
  117. 8:20
  118. Gallibon the Destroyer
  119. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(Feh...)
  120. *Meanwhile....*
  121.  (FLM) *comes back from a flight, lands down, regroups*
  122. 8:22
  123. StrongestPotato
  124.  (PGM) <(any trails yet, Sensei?)
  125. 8:24
  126. Gallibon the Destroyer
  127.  (FLM) <(Nope, I see nothing.)
  128. (Phoney Bone) *runs back, regroups with the rest*
  129. (Phoney Bone) <(Alright, I got some good news---for those who can't fly already, i got us passports to get us the heck out of here and take the last Crystal Skull with us, that way those Monsters can't get us.)
  130. (Phoney Bone) <(Where to is up to you guys.)
  131. 8:26
  132. StrongestPotato
  133.  (PGM) <(I still don't get why we team up with them
  134. 8:26
  135. Gallibon the Destroyer
  136.  (FLM) <(The Bones?)
  137.  (FLM) <(SaberMask and the Nocturne Renegades? Be specific here.)
  138. 8:27
  139. StrongestPotato
  140.  (PGM) <(the Bones, how can they help us in any way?)
  141. <(I need enlightenment)
  142. 8:28
  143. Gallibon the Destroyer
  144.  (FLM) <(I just got here, so I'm not the best one to ask.)
  145. (Fone Bone) *ehem* <(We found the Crystal Skulls first and we've also gone on many grand adventures like this before. Even worse ones than this too.)
  146. (Fone Bone) <(We admittedly kind of roped ourselves into this one.)
  147. 8:30
  148. StrongestPotato
  149.  (PGM) <(I understand perfectly where this goes to)
  150. 8:30
  151. Gallibon the Destroyer
  152. (Phoney Bone) <(You could say THAT again.) *lies down* <(All I wanted was to find the Crystal Skulls and then get rich. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO---it had to get so complicated and convoluted.)
  153. 8:30
  154. StrongestPotato
  155. <(you know the skulls better than I had expected it)
  156. 8:30
  157. Gallibon the Destroyer
  158. (Fone Bone) *to Phoney Bone* <(I warned you so many times, yet you persisted...)
  159. (Smiley Bone) <(YEP!) *making some sandwiches* <(Now we got mini-kaiju to deal with. Hey, at least we get to go a cool world tour though.)
  160. (Phoney Bone) *huffs* <(Say where is those other four Nocturnes anyways...and SaberMask?)
  161. 8:34
  162. StrongestPotato
  163. (wait a minute)
  164. (ignore PEgasusMask)
  165. 8:34
  166. Gallibon the Destroyer
  167. (Fone Bone) <(SaberMask might be out of it for a while, due to his fight with ScorpionMask.)
  168. 8:34
  169. StrongestPotato
  170. (now I realized he should be in Vegas getting aid)
  171. (retconning appearance by Pegasus)
  172. Gojiratheking couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  173. 8:34
  174. Gallibon the Destroyer
  175. (Phoney Bone) <(Oh....)
  176. (Fone Bone) <(As for the rest; I can assume they went off for now. Their always someplace else.)
  177. (Phoney Bone) <(Seems like it....)
  178. (Smiley Bone) <(YEP! Guess it's just the four of us for now!)
  179.  (FLM) <(Pretty much, yeah. Once again no less.)
  180. (Smiley Bone) *takes out a tray, reveals what he's baked* <(Welp! Dig in everyone! I made blank sandwiches for tonight!)
  181. (Smiley Bone) <(Bon Appetit!)
  182. 8:37
  183. StrongestPotato
  184. (he seems to be working on something)
  185. 8:37
  186. Gallibon the Destroyer
  187.  (FLM) , (Phoney Bone) and (Fone Bone) *just look at their blank sandwiches rather, well, blankly*
  188. (Phoney Bone) <(So if the last Skull is with SaberMask, we should be in the clear now, right?)
  189. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  190. 8:40
  191. Gallibon the Destroyer
  192. (Fone Bone) <(Not quite.)
  193. (Fone Bone) <(We're not going to throw SaberMask under the bus for this.)
  194. (Phoney Bone) <(Well, I wasn't suggesting that we did, I'm just saying, so far from what I've seen he can handle them.)
  195.  (FLM) <(I can handle more than a few I'm sure.)
  196. (Fone Bone) <(Yeah.)
  197. *Then, a breeze could be heard by the four, giving them cold chills*
  198.  (FLM) *senses something off*
  199. *The four then got up and searched, looking for what could have made that noise. As they look around some more, then out from nowhere a giant tongue lashed in.*
  200. (Phoney Bone) <(Aaaaagh!) *takes out knife, slashes it near the tongue*
  201. *The tongue simply reels back*
  202. 8:46
  203. Krazar77
  204.  (Sabermask) *enters through a door* <( Im fine.
  205. 8:46
  206. Gallibon the Destroyer
  207. *Then blue flames are shot near the four, sending them staggering back*
  208.  (FLM) <(What the----
  209. 8:47
  210. Krazar77
  211. *wait no nvm he doesnt show up yet*
  212. 8:47
  213. Gallibon the Destroyer
  214. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *lands down, shows up in front of four* <Ello.)
  215. Gojiratheking has just entered the core of all our madness!
  216. 8:49
  217. Gallibon the Destroyer
  218. (Phoney Bone) *observes Spring-Heeled Jack* <(Who the heck are you?)
  219. test
  220. 8:50
  221. StrongestPotato
  222. (Someone breaks through a wall)
  223. (SquarefootMask) <(OH YEAH!)
  224. <(I still got it)
  225. (GrendelMask arrives behind the duo, heaving his club)
  226. 8:50
  227. Gallibon the Destroyer
  228. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *eyes flash like glowing fireballs* <(The name's Spring-Heeled Jack! One of London's most notorious monsters and will be the last person you'll ever meet.)
  229.  (FLM) <(Spring-Heeled Jack? THE Spring-Heeled Jack?) *then sees SqurefootMask come in*
  230. (Phoney Bone) *sees SqurefootMask come in* <(OH MY GOODNESS!)
  231. (Smiley Bone) *raises up fists* <(Look on the bright side, there's only two of 'em at least.)
  232. 8:52
  233. StrongestPotato
  234. (GrendelMask runs in, late as usual, deploying his club)
  235. <(make that three)
  236. 8:52
  237. Gallibon the Destroyer
  238. (TiddalikMask) *then also bursts through a wall, flicks his tongue around at them* <(YOU SPOKE TOO SOON! ALALALALALA! *keeps flicking tongue*
  239. 8:52
  240. StrongestPotato
  241. (someone jumps from above the quartet)
  242. (SilbonMask) <(...)
  243. (he loosens his stitches a little)
  244. <(ustedes no vivir)
  245. (he tightens them back)
  246. 8:54
  247. Gallibon the Destroyer
  248. (Fone Bone) *takes out sword* <(This might get ugly...)
  249. Tengen Toppa Lazengann has just entered the core of all our madness!
  250. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  251. 8:54
  252. StrongestPotato
  253. (SquarefootMask) (cracks his knuckles, steam starts coming from him)
  254. 8:54
  255. Gallibon the Destroyer
  256.  (FLM) <(I'll know what to stop these guys with.)
  257. 8:55
  258. StrongestPotato
  259. <(BEGORRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!) (he dashes forth, engulfed in flames)
  260. (he strikes the Bones like bowling pins)
  261. 8:55
  262. Gallibon the Destroyer
  263.  (FLM) *activates belt, changes form* <(PHOENIX!)
  264.  (PHFLM) *rises, then flies towards SquarefootMask, hitting at him with his flaming feet*
  265. *The Bones fly up*
  266. (Fone Bone), (Smiley Bone) and (Phoney Bone) <(WHOAAAAA!)
  267. (Phoney Bone) <(HOW CAN THIS GET ANY WORSE!?)
  268. *TiddalikMask then lashed his tongue onto Phoney Bone and then reeled him in, then swallowing him whole*
  269. (TiddalikMask) *burps* <(Mhmmm, tasty.)
  270. (Fone Bone) <(PHONEY!)
  271. (Phoney Bone) *is hanging down inside TiddalikMask* <(This. It can't get any worse than this.) *looks to try to find a way to get out*
  272. 8:58
  273. StrongestPotato
  274. (GrendelMask slams Fone like he was a Wack-A-Mole machine with his club)
  275. 8:58
  276. Gallibon the Destroyer
  277. (Fone Bone) *dodges as best as he can, then slashes his sword at GrendelMask's legs*
  278. (Fone Bone) <(Begone, demon!)
  279. (Smiley Bone) *punches repeatedly at TiddalikMas's fat gut* <(SPIT OUT MY COUSIN, YOU GIANT FAT FROG!)
  280. (TiddalikMask) *stands there, arms folded, doesn't even flinch, just giving Smiley Bone a blank stare*
  281. 9:01
  282. StrongestPotato
  283. (GrendelMask) <(that's cute)
  284. (he kicks Fone like a ball)
  285. (SilbonMask) (loosens his stitcehs)
  287. (he stitches back and starts whistling)
  288. (he starts becoming invisible)
  289. 9:02
  290. Gallibon the Destroyer
  291. (Smiley Bone) *keeps punching at TiddalikMask's stomach* <(UNHAND HIM!)
  292. (Fone Bone) *is sent flying back, hits against a trash can*
  293.  (PHFLM) <(Phoenix Fire!) *shoots down a stream of flames at SquarefootMask*
  294. 9:04
  295. Krazar77
  296. hmm
  297. whos a human sized character I havent played in a while
  298. oh
  299. right
  300. 9:05
  301. StrongestPotato
  302. (SquarefootMask) (tanks the flames)
  303. <(the joke's on you! I've dealt with worse!)
  304. 9:05
  305. Krazar77
  306. *suddenly a gunshot is heard, a metal bullet flying forwards in the air before meeting its target, hitting Tiddalkimask in his shoulder*
  307. 9:05
  308. StrongestPotato
  309. (he gives an uppercut to FlamingoMask)
  310. <(Jackson, ya better gimme a hand
  311. 9:06
  312. Gallibon the Destroyer
  313.  (PHFLM) *is sent rolling back*
  314. 9:06
  315. Krazar77
  316. *suddenly a gunshot is heard, a metal bullet flying forwards in the air before meeting its target, hitting Tiddalkimask in his shoulder*
  317. 9:07
  318. Gallibon the Destroyer
  319. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *stands by, watching the four fight* <(Need help already? I think you got this. Do you?)
  320.  (PHFLM) *rises back up, shakes head*
  321. (TiddalikMask) *is hit, staggers back* <(AAAAG-BURRRRRRP!)
  322. (TiddalikMask) <(Who shot me?)
  323. 9:08
  324. StrongestPotato
  325. (SquarefootMask) <(not only do I, I could do it without you, you moosestashed vermin!)
  326. (SilbonMask) (appears from behind FlamingoMask before pinning him on the floor)
  327. 9:08
  328. Krazar77
  329. *from a rooftop near them, a gun is currently smoking away as the owner holsters it, his eyes looking down upon Tiddiakmask*
  330. 9:08
  331. StrongestPotato
  332. <(Eh pajarraco! oye como va mi ritmo)
  333. <( )
  334. (SquarefootMask) <(Hey! get your hands off of my target, José!)
  335. (SilbonMask) (jumps off) <(todo tuyo)
  336. 9:10
  337. Krazar77
  338.  (The Hunter) *stands tall, gripping his saw cleaver a bit more. Beasts, if there was one man at killing those, it was him.*
  339. 9:10
  340. Gallibon the Destroyer
  341. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(Ohhh, can you?) *grins*
  342. 9:10
  343. Krazar77
  344.  (The Hunter) *Jumps off the rooftop, landing on the ground with a thud, rising back up, as he marches slowly towards Tiddalikmask*
  345. 9:10
  346. StrongestPotato
  347. (SquarefootMask pushes Jack) <(yes I could've without Whistle Boy's help)
  348. (GrendelMask) <(now now, you two, calm down, we have an enemy at hand)
  349. 9:11
  350. Krazar77
  351. *Everyone gets an eerie feeling, like the hunter might be human but something about him.*
  352. 9:11
  353. Gallibon the Destroyer
  354. (TiddalikMask) *glares at  (The Hunter) * <(You you might taste like black licorice.)
  355. 9:11
  356. Krazar77
  357.  (The Hunter) * flicks his wrist, the saw cleaver configuring into its second mode*
  358. *The Hunter does not respond, only moving forwards*
  359. 9:12
  360. Gallibon the Destroyer
  361.  (PHFLM) *slides back, shoots Phoenix Fireballs at both SquarefootMask and SilbonMask* <(Strike two!)
  362. 9:12
  363. StrongestPotato
  364. Galli, PM
  365. 9:12
  366. Gallibon the Destroyer
  367. (Phoney Bone) *tries to get his way out, bashing at TiddalikMask's stomach*
  368. 9:13
  369. StrongestPotato
  370. (SquarefootMask) (gets hit) <(oi! careful where ya aim yer matchsticks at!)
  371. (SilbonMask isn't even fazed)
  372. 9:13
  373. Gallibon the Destroyer
  374. (TiddalikMask) <(I hate it when my food disagrees with me!) *punches at his own stomach, also then lashes his tongue hard against  (The Hunter) *
  375. 9:13
  376. StrongestPotato
  377. (as if he illusion)
  378. 9:15
  379. Gallibon the Destroyer
  380.  (PHFLM) *is about to respond....then asks* <(What?)
  381. 9:16
  382. StrongestPotato
  383. (SquarefootMask) (turns to the Hunter) <(who is this?)
  384. 9:16
  385. Krazar77
  386.  (The Hunter) *expertly slides to the right, twisting on his heel and then rising his saw cleaver up, then bringing down upon the tongue and slashing into it, before then pressing down and cutting a part of it off*
  387. 9:16
  388. StrongestPotato
  389. (GrendelMask) <(....well, someone who we don't want to fight with)
  390. 9:17
  391. Gallibon the Destroyer
  392. (TiddalikMask) <(AAAAAGH!) *reels his tongue back, hisses in pain*
  393. *TiddalikMask then also vomits Phoney Bone back out, shooting him near  (The Hunter) 's area*
  394.  (NIGEL) *also flies out* <(Thanks man! I've been stuck in there for two weeks!)
  395. 9:18
  396. StrongestPotato
  397. (GrendelMask) <(what the hell...
  398. (he grabs Nigel)
  399. 9:18
  400. Krazar77
  401.  (The Hunter) *takes out some bottle of oil and then throws it at Tidalililmask*
  402. 9:18
  403. StrongestPotato
  404. <(are you some sort of calculator from the future?)
  405. 9:18
  406. Krazar77
  407. *When the bottle makes its mark, the nocturne is then covered in oil*
  408. 9:19
  409. Gallibon the Destroyer
  411. 9:19
  412. StrongestPotato
  413. (GrendelMask) <(I have heard better music from BansheeMask at the bathroom)
  414. <(OFF WE GO!) (he flings Nigel at FlamingoMask)
  415. 9:19
  416. Gallibon the Destroyer
  417.  (NIGEL) *keeps on dreadfully singing, before then hitting  (FLM) *
  418.  (PHFLM) *lands down, rolls over*
  419.  (NIGEL) *is hit by the flames, dies* <(DAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!)
  420. 9:20
  421. StrongestPotato
  422. (GrendelMask) <(well then, that was awkward)
  423. <(Tiddalik, you go back to the base, I'll handle this cowboy wannabe)
  424. (he swings his club at the Hunter)
  425. 9:20
  426. Gallibon the Destroyer
  427. (TiddalikMask) *rushes, performs a rushing attack against the Hunter* <(TIDDALIK DESTRUCTION!)
  428. (TiddalikMask) <(Oh really now?)
  429. StrongestPotato
  430. (GrendelMask) <(well then, that was awkward)
  431. <(Tiddalik, you go back to the base, I'll handle this cowboy wannabe)
  432. (he swings his club at the Hunter)
  433. 9:20
  434. Gallibon the Destroyer
  435. (TiddalikMask) *rushes, performs a rushing attack against the Hunter* <(TIDDALIK DESTRUCTION!)
  436. (TiddalikMask) <(Oh really now?)
  437. 9:22
  438. Krazar77
  439.  (The Hunter) * is hit by the rushing attack, sliding back but he stops himself. He then takes out a mulatove and throws it at Tiddalkismask*
  440. *setting him on fire*
  441. *plus the oil he is drenched in makes it worse*
  442. 9:22
  443. StrongestPotato
  444. (GrendelMask) <(...Alright, that's quite enough, Tidds, I'll handle this)
  445. (he clotheslines the Hunter)
  446. Welcome to the core of all our madness! Welcome, welcome, welcome!
  447. 9:26
  448. Gallibon the Destroyer
  449. (TiddalikMask) <(AAAAAAAAGH!) *staggers back, falls into a water fountain, then Shadow Manifests aways*
  450. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *stands by, his grin now fading*
  451. 9:27
  452. StrongestPotato
  453. (SquarefootMask) <(oh, not so hot now, are we?
  454. (GrendelMask) <(you think you're so hot, huh?)
  455. (he swings his club at the Hunter) <(DORIYAH!)
  456. 9:29
  457. Gallibon the Destroyer
  458.  (PHFLM) *then changes*
  459.  (Stymphalian Bird FLM) <(STYMPHALIAN BIRD DARTS!) *shoots a barrage at SquarefootMask*
  460. 9:30
  461. StrongestPotato
  462. (they all can this be!?)
  463. (SquarefootMask) <(good aim there, buddy)
  464. <(Jack, ten euro I can take him down faster than you)
  465. (he runs towards FlamingoMask)
  466. 9:32
  467. Gallibon the Destroyer
  468. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(Alright.) *leaps down, slashes his metallic claws at  (Stymphalian Bird FLM) *
  469. 9:32
  470. StrongestPotato
  471. (SquarefootMask delivers a painful uppercut at him)
  472. 9:33
  473. Gallibon the Destroyer
  474.  (Stymphalian Bird FLM) *takes on the hits, then uses his blade beak to slash at the two*
  475. 9:34
  476. StrongestPotato
  477. (this he does strike, Squarefoot staggers back)
  478. 9:36
  479. Gallibon the Destroyer
  480. *The Bones then regroup and charge at SilbonMask*
  481. (Fone Bone) *swings his sword around*
  482. (Smiley Bone) *turns, sees SquarefootMask however, then throws rocks at him*
  483. 9:37
  484. StrongestPotato
  485. (SquarefootMask gets hit) <(oy! who did that!?)
  486. 9:40
  487. Krazar77
  488. ACK
  489. 9:40
  490. Gallibon the Destroyer
  491. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *spits blue flames at  (FLM) *
  492. *Smiley Bone the throws a rock at SpringHeel*
  493. 9:40
  494. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  495. well
  496. 9:40
  497. Krazar77
  498.  (The hunter) *suddenly charges forwards and switches to the hunter axe, before then smashing it down into Spring Heeled jacks back, cutting into him*
  499. 9:41
  500. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  501. next week is the last episode of zi-o
  502. 9:41
  503. Gallibon the Destroyer
  504. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(AAAAGH!) *covers head, then turns to SquarefootMask* <(What gives?) *only then to be hit*
  505. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *spites blue flames from his mouth at The Hunter*
  506. 9:41
  507. StrongestPotato
  508. (SquarefootMask) <(oy! who told ya to intervene!)
  509. (swings his sledgehammer at The Hunter)
  510. (GrendelMask) (realizes the Hunter basically ignored him)
  511. <( respect! no respect at all, I tell you!) (he Shadow Manifests in anger9
  512. (SquarefootMask) <(...well there goes Cranky McWhinypants)
  513. 9:43
  514. Gallibon the Destroyer
  515.  (Stymphalian Bird FLM) <(Something isn't right here...) *then changes form*
  516. 9:43
  517. StrongestPotato
  518. <(Springheel, let's bury the hatchet, and show this edgy bloke how we do it in the 1800s!)
  519. 9:43
  520. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  521. so two things now
  522. 9:43
  523. Gallibon the Destroyer
  524.  (GGBFLM) *transforms, then looks, sees what he can see*
  525. 9:43
  526. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  527. A new Kamen Rider will appear on Zi-O, and we should finally get some stats for Oma Zi-O FINALLY
  528. 9:44
  529. StrongestPotato
  530. (despite being under the effects of the Silbido del Condenado...FlamingoMask can see without the hallucinations)
  531. (and what's more, he can see a silhouette hiding on a window)
  532. (the silhouette jumps off to attack Flamingo, as SilbonMask reveals himself)
  533. 9:44
  534. Krazar77
  535.  (The Hunter) *is hit by the flames, staggering back. He then runs up again and slashes the spring heeled man again, doing a horizontal slash before than an uppercut slash*
  536. 9:45
  537. StrongestPotato
  538. (SquarefootMask runs inbetween the duo, before hitting The Hunter with his tusks)
  539. 9:45
  540. Gallibon the Destroyer
  541. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *staggers back* <(This guy is messing up my flow!)
  542. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(I'm putting a stop to this!) *generates demonic ice energy from hands*
  543. 9:46
  544. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  545. we also already have a picture of kamen rider tsukuyomi
  546. 9:46
  547. Gallibon the Destroyer
  548.  (GGBFLM) *sees him coming in time* <(GEE GEE GAS!) *sprays it at SilbonMask*
  549. 9:46
  550. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  552. 9:46
  553. StrongestPotato
  554. (SilbonMask) <(HIJO DE LA MADRE!) (he gets hit)
  555. (he falls back, and goes invisible)
  556. (SquarefootMask) <(let's make that two) (he generates fire from his hands)
  557. 9:48
  558. Krazar77
  559.  (The Hunter) * takes out his blunderbuss and points it at Spring Heeled Jack, before firing at him*
  560. *The shotgun blast of bullets hitting him hard and causing him to fall to the ground*
  561. 9:48
  562. StrongestPotato
  563. (SquarefootMask fires a wave of hellfire at The Hunter)
  564. 9:49
  565. Gallibon the Destroyer
  566. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *shoots out a barrage of demonic ice balls at  (The Hunter) *
  567. 9:49
  568. StrongestPotato
  569. (the attacks merge, turning into a beam of hellish energy)
  570. 9:52
  571. Gallibon the Destroyer
  572. TEST
  573.  (GGBFLM) *spray Gee-Gee Gas again, for good measure*
  574. Gallibon the Destroyer
  575. KRAZAR77
  576. 10:07
  577. Krazar77
  578. ACK
  579.  (The hunter) *cuts the ice balls in half, before spinning around and throwing his axe at Spring heeledjack*
  580. 10:08
  581. Gallibon the Destroyer
  582. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *slashes his claws at the axe, preventing it from hitting him this time*
  583. 10:09
  584. StrongestPotato
  585. (SquarefootMask delivers a kick at the Hunter's skull)
  586. well then
  587. 10:13
  588. Krazar77
  589. rip
  590. 10:13
  591. StrongestPotato
  592. anyone saved this on Pastebin
  593. 10:13
  594. Krazar77
  595. he'll be back
  596.  (The hunter) *grunts, getting back out his saw cleaver, getting back into a fighting stance*
  597. Welcome to the core of all our madness! Welcome, welcome, welcome!
  598. 10:14
  599. Gallibon the Destroyer
  600. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *shoots a barrage of demonic icicles at  (The Hunter) *
  601. 10:15
  602. StrongestPotato
  603. (SquarefootMask slams his sledgehammer on the Hunter)
  604. 10:16
  605. Krazar77
  606.  (The Hunter) *block the sledgehammer with his forearm, grunting as he uppercut slashes Squarefootmask, sending him up into the air and causing blood to trinkle from his open wound*
  607. *The savior of yharniam is hit by the icicles though, they stabbing into his body, he grunts, ripping one out and throwing it non chalantly*
  608. 10:17
  609. Tengen Toppa Lazengann
  612. 10:19
  613. Gallibon the Destroyer
  614. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *laughs, then slashes his metallic claws at  (The Hunter) *
  615. 10:19
  616. StrongestPotato
  617. (SquarefootMask crashes down, before running to deliver an elbow)
  618. 10:21
  619. Krazar77
  620.  (The Hunter) *is slashed, staggering, he then spins around and slashes his blade across spring heeled jacks face, causing sparks and blood to go flying. *
  621.  (The Hunter) *grabs the elbow, and then punches Squarefootmask in his face, causing a small crack in his mask and giving what essentially is a bloody nose*
  622. 10:25
  623. Gallibon the Destroyer
  624. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *leaps, climbs up from a pole* <(FROZEN HELL!)
  625. *SpringHeel then shoots out a stream of demonic ice from his mouth, sweeps it towards  (The Hunter) *
  626. 10:25
  627. StrongestPotato
  628. (SquarefootMask) (crashes down) <(gnh...alright, I'll pay you the 10 Euros later)
  629. (he Shadow Manifests out)
  630. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  631. Tengen Toppa Lazengann has just entered the core of all our madness!
  632. Tengen Toppa Lazengann couldn't take our spark of madness. Farewell and godspeed. (just kidding, we know you're coming back.)
  633. 10:29
  634. Gallibon the Destroyer
  635. Krazar
  636. COME ON
  637. 10:32
  638. Krazar77
  639. BRUH
  640. your home boy
  641. is laggin
  642. so hard
  643. 10:33
  644. Gallibon the Destroyer
  645. fine
  646. *The Frozen Hell beam then sweeps across, not hitting the Hunter...but instead hitting the Bones and FlamingoMask's legs, freezing him there in place.*
  647. 10:34
  648. Krazar77
  649.  (The Hunter) * jumps up into the air, dodging out of the way of the frozen ice. He reaches into a pocket and then takes out four purple tipped posion knives, before throwing all four in a small arc at the spring heeled jack*
  650. 10:35
  651. Gallibon the Destroyer
  652. (Spring-Heeled Jack) <(HA!-HA! VI----*then is hit by The Hunter's attack, sending flares and sparks to fly off of him* <(NYAAAAAAAAARGH!) *falls over*
  653. (Spring-Heeled Jack) *gets back up slowly, then glares at The Hunter* <(You may have beaten me...but I know this city well. I'll be back for your blood later...and I mean it.) *then leaps off, taking aways*
  654.  (FLM) <(Well, there's that.)
  655. 10:36
  656. StrongestPotato
  657. (SilbonMask) <(olvidarte de yo!)
  658. (he pounces on FlamingoMask before slamming his sack on him repeated times)
  659. 10:36
  660. Gallibon the Destroyer
  663. 10:37
  664. StrongestPotato
  665. Silbon's a master in the art of disguise
  666. 10:37
  667. Gallibon the Destroyer
  668.  (FLM) *can't fall over necessarily due to frozen legs, but to deal with him for now, he then fires Flamingo Beam at SilbonMask*
  669. That he is indeed
  670. 10:38
  671. StrongestPotato
  672. (SilbonMask gets hit)
  674. (he falls down)
  675. (he looks at him, and vanishes out)
  676. (yeah, now he's defeated)
  677. 10:40
  678. Gallibon the Destroyer
  679.  (FLM) <(Alright, now to thaw.) *arms glow with light energy, shoots his ray down at his feet*
  680. *The demonic ice explodes, freeing  (FLM) *
  681.  (FLM) <(Alright! Now to free the Bones!) *walks up*
  682. 10:40
  683. Krazar77
  684.  (The Hunter) * he looks to sibonmask, and puts his hunters blunderbuss away, he reaches behind him...
  685. *and gets out a fucking gatling gun*
  686.  (The hunter) *turns to Flamingomask, uttering two words*<(Stay back.
  687. oh wait
  688. hes defeated
  689. *nvm*
  690.  (The Hunter) * grunts, part of his clothing swaying in the wind. he puts his hunters blunderbuss away and puts his saw cleaver on his back*
  691. 10:42
  692. Gallibon the Destroyer
  693. *Only then however for the demonic ice to reform back onto  (FLM) 's legs*
  694.  (FLM) <(What the...) *observes* <(Guess there has to be a specific way of breaking the ice here...)
  695. 10:43
  696. Krazar77
  697.  (The Hunter) *walks up to the ice, cocking his head to the side. He grunts, digging through his pockets*
  698. 10:43
  699. Gallibon the Destroyer
  700.  (FLM) <(I'll figure out something here....hopefully soon.)
  701. 10:44
  702. Krazar77
  703.  (The Hunter) *gets out some oil, and starts pouring it on the ice, making sure to drench it. He then grunts, turning his attention to flamingomask*<( This may hurt.
  704. *he then ignites the oil with a match, in an attempt to burn the ice away*
  705. 10:46
  706. Gallibon the Destroyer
  707.  (FLM) <(ACK!) *leaps, the demonic ice then breaking*
  708.  (FLM) *lands down*
  709. *The Frozen Bones also are in need of thawing*
  710. Krazar
  711. 10:50
  712. StrongestPotato
  713. should we leave it there?
  714. 10:50
  715. Gallibon the Destroyer
  716. KRAZAR
  717. WAKE UP
  718. 10:50
  719. StrongestPotato
  720. dunno how much tiem I got left
  721. 10:50
  722. Gallibon the Destroyer
  723. WAKE UP
  724. WAKE UP
  725. You know what, nvm, the Bones didn't get frozen then.
  726. Just undo that part then
  727.  (FLM) *then thanks The Hunter for his help, bowing, before then regrouping with the Bones*
  728.  (FLM) <(Thank you.) *nods, then flies off*
  729. *Our heroes are saved...for now...*
  730. *end of rp*
  731. 10:52
  732. StrongestPotato
  733. you saved it?
  734. 10:52
  735. Gallibon the Destroyer
  736. So thoughts on that
  737. Yes, hold on, but thoughts
  738. 10:53
  739. StrongestPotato
  740. it was a great 5V5
  741. 10:53
  742. Gallibon the Destroyer
  743. I gtg soon too, so sorry if the ending was rushed
  744. 10:53
  745. StrongestPotato
  746. np
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