Glitchless Route with Child Gate Skip

dannyb21892 Jun 14th, 2017 81 Never
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  1. -Normal up to the end of Deku
  2. -probly get 99 rupees + hylian shield early for RNG safety (you'll see why)
  3. -Magic after getting the Ruby
  4. -Owl down to kak (i think thats faster than walking down the trail?)
  5. -Leave kak to field
  6. -Here's where I'm not totally sure. I think market segment should come now. The segment would go:
  7.     -20-40 chain rupees for safety, unnecessary though. (you'd have 40 from earlier chains and the red
  8.     rupee in DC but you still need some for diving game later.)
  9.     -spend 20 on bombchu bowling, hope for good rng for bombchus as the prize
  10.     -Dins fire
  11.     -Caught by guards, then through market to field
  12. -zora's river (skip owl by targeting bombchus) and jabu as normal
  13. -get fw after sapphire then go to domain, then dive shortcut to lake hylia
  14. -walk to gerudo from lake hylia, cucco jump, gate skip, wasteland, get requiem and child spirit as normal
  15. -savewarp to links house after silver gaunts, ocarina, master sword
  16. -I think adult 1 is the same up to water medallion except for maybe some bombchus instead of bombs for speed in dungeons.
  17. -after water medallion cs, requiem to adult spirit and complete as normal
  18. -savewarp to ToT, go to kak, learn nocturne, immediately play it and do shadow
  19. -normal to end
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