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Oct 7th, 2013
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  1. " Mediastan " - a documentary film made by a small group of journalists and activists WikiLeaks during travels in Central Asia ( Kazakhstan , Tajikistan , Kyrgyzstan , Afghanistan) . Their goal was to find the local media , which have had the courage to analyze and publish the documents submitted by WikiLeaks about these countries . As a result, the authors found a lot of interesting people , but very little freedom of speech. However, this freedom , they also found in London and Washington , which hosted the debate about the fate of WikiLeaks documents with the editors of The Guardian and The New York Times. So " Mediastan " - a film not only about the press in Central Asia, but also , according to the filmmakers , about the world of media as such.
  3. Special screening in conjunction with the magazine " Russian Reporter" .
  4. Simultaneously in several European cities will have its world premiere on WikiLeaks and freedom of speech. In Moscow, the film will be shown at the festival " 2morrow/Zavtra ."
  5. The festival " 2morrow/Zavtra " and the magazine " Russian Reporter" are discussions about the film , freedom of speech and openness of information , which will be attended by representatives of leading Russian mass media , WikiLeaks ( including Julian Assange via video link from London) , as well as some members of the team Central Asian tour - the main film director and journalist Johannes Wahlström Dmitry Velikovsky . Media representatives are invited to attend , students , journalists, as well as all those interested in the issues of freedom of speech, civil society and international politics.
  7. Johannes Wahlström
  8. Swedish scientist, journalist, editor of the cultural magazine Tromb, founder of the Israeli- Palestinian news agency IMEMC, the son of Russian -Israeli writer and translator of Israel Shamir . He worked as a reporter for the Swedish newspaper in Russia , Ukraine and Palestine. Actively engaged in the protection of freedom of speech and criticism of the media.
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