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Nov 29th, 2017
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  1. I'm mainly writing this for the friends that I made over the course of my 6 years of speedrunning as I feel like i owe them my side of the story.
  3. Back when I was running SMB my goal was to get it published on SDA which required footage that wasn't just a stream recording however I ran into a lot of trouble recording that footage with FRAPS.
  4. The main issue was that the game and the recording would freeze at random intervals for up to 10 seconds after some minutes due to the awful PC I had at the time.
  5. This lead to me not being able to record full runs of the game I ended up working on almost every day for about a year in total.
  6. Re-starting the recording mid-run wasn't an option as that lead to the game stopping as well, usually for even longer periods of time.
  7. After countless runs being ruined by these random freezes I simply had enough and ended up stopping the game and FRAPS after every chapter just to be able to record a full run.
  8. As soon as I made a mistake that I felt was reset-worthy I stopped the recording and deleted the savegame to start from the beginning, this is of course the critical part where you either believe me or don't and I fully understand the people that choose the latter option.
  9. I'm also aware that not telling anybody about this is a dumb thing to do but it's not like I can change that now.
  11. The thing I want you to think about is that obviously this could've lead to me splicing together a run in a matter of a few days but then i wouldn't have had to ignore some of my best friends for months on end to practice and actually grind out these runs, often in skype calls using my laptop with friends that I met in the speedrun community.
  12. People that visited my stream back when I was still actively speedrunning and streaming my practice and full runs for 5+ hours each day will most likely remember how consistent I was at the various speedruns I worked on.
  13. They also saw me get all of my records live for the ones I didn't intend to submit to SDA (my PC couldn't handle recording lossless and streaming at the same time).
  14. The three runs that were meant to go up on SDA are the ones mentioned in this pastebin.
  15. I guess my achievements on stream are the only argument I have that I'm not a person that actually needs to resort to splicing together a run out of different parts of a game to get records.
  16. I know that this does not justify the dumb shit I did to get around this recording issue to end up with an SDA-submittable run but at the time it felt like the only way of showing more people the runs that I ended up dedicating such a huge portion of my life to.
  18. The same freeze issues occurred when recording with Virtual Dub and the Lagarith lossless codec which is how I recorded my runs done on the Wii VC (Ninja Gaiden 1 and Mega Man 9).
  19. I ended up writing a script that stops and starts the Virtual Dub recording via a hotkey to make sure the recording doesn't freeze up during an attempt since the recording would've been ruined otherwise.
  20. This was a viable option in this case as the gameplay was unaffected by it since it ran on a console.
  21. People who have seen my practice streams before my actual console runs will know that I was capable of getting the runs I posted but of course I understand that my credibility is pretty much non-existent now.
  22. Feel free to remove these runs from any leaderboards as I can't provide any proof of them not being done in one attempt. I will also remove them from my twitch and youtube pages.
  23. In the end the only arguments I have going for me are my performance and records from my live streams, the countless months i spent on skype-calls and ignoring any activities with friends to practice/run these games and the fact that people who know me well enough will know that I wouldn't use an opportunity like this to cheat since putting my credibility on the line simply wasn't necessary.
  25. My reasoning behind hiding all this was that my runs would simply be ignored if I mentioned the actual way I had to record them as they'd be written off as spliced from the start even though I put so much work into them.
  26. There is no excuse for keeping this a secret though and for what it's worth, I'm sorry.
  28. To the people I actually care about: Sorry you had to find out about this in such a way. In the end I don't care what side you decide to pick. I just hope you can look past this eventually.
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