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  1. {
  2.     "thumbnail":{
  3.         "url":"https:\/\/\/icons\/png\/512\/130\/130304.png",
  4.         "width":512,
  5.         "proxy_url":"https:\/\/\/external\/DQigGe70R6z29lJdkl-GVoh_DqmgKXCUDn659NhSEkU\/https\/\/icons\/png\/512\/130\/130304.png",
  6.         "height":512
  7.     },
  8.     "fields":[
  9.         {
  10.             "inline":false,
  11.             "name":"**1. Keep SFW Spaces SFW!**",
  12.             "value":"*-Unless it's in one of the designated NSFW channels, please keep your content in the other channels SFW\/PG13! In order to gain the role to view NSFW content, PM an admin or @Wolfy's World Security member with a photo of your ID for proof of age.\n\n-Most of the members in the SFW chats are underage, so please do not be overtly sexual\/predatory towards them! Just keep it in the NSFW spaces.*"
  13.         },
  14.         {
  15.             "inline":false,
  16.             "name":"**2. Cursing is allowed, but certain terms are viewed as offensive. Please ask a Security member if you are unsure as to what kind of language is seen as offensive.**",
  17.             "value":"*Please no bullying! It's not that hard to be nice, We promise.\n\n-This server is a safespace! If somebody here requests that you use certain pronouns please do not purposefully use the incorrect ones, and do not use language that is offensive to minorities.\n\n-If a member asks you to refrain from using certain terminology that is deemed as offensive or inappropriate, please respect their wishes.*"
  18.         },
  19.         {
  20.             "inline":false,
  21.             "name":"**3. No spamming, period. Text, images, We don\u2019t care, just don\u2019t spam it.**",
  22.             "value":"*-Watch your capsing and spacing in your messages. \n\n-The @ here and everyone commands are disabled, and otherwise off limits (nice try)!*"
  23.         },
  24.         {
  25.             "inline":false,
  26.             "name":"**4. Respect ALL levels of Staff!**",
  27.             "value":"*Just because one is placed higher than another, doesn't mean one deserves respect more than the other. All of our staff are equal in the respect they deserve!\n\n-The secret phrase you'll need for verification is 'FluffyBottom'.*"
  28.         },
  29.         {
  30.             "inline":false,
  31.             "name":"**5.  Don't feed the trolls!**",
  32.             "value":"*Please don't provoke any user who appears to be a troll! If a troll manages to get verified, simply tab the Security to nab their attention, and they will take care of it ASAP!\n\n-Friendly reminder that wasting your time by responding to the trolls with \u201cwitty\u201d remarks doesn\u2019t make you cool, and doesn\u2019t show that you \u201caren\u2019t bothered by them\u201d... you clearly are if you are giving them your time. Just block, report, and move on.*"
  33.         },
  34.         {
  35.             "inline":false,
  36.             "name":"**6. Don\u2019t advertise other servers here!**",
  37.             "value":"*If you have a server you would like to partner with Wolfy's World, Please visit our Wolfy's World Submission forms to apply for a partnership, but do not post join links in the server chats themselves.*"
  38.         },
  39.         {
  40.             "inline":false,
  41.             "name":"**7. Don\u2019t attention-whore.**",
  42.             "value":"*Wolfy's World is all about promoting an environment where people are able to chat freely without discussion interruptions, random interjections not pertaining to the topic at hand, or toxic behavior that can be seen as outright bothersome. We have the right to determine when users are creating a toxic environment and when we can step in to stop it. Staff hold the discretion to judge your positive or negative contributions in the community, and hold the right to base decisions off of this judgement.*\n\n*We have vents channels to let out the occasional rant or blow off some steam, but refrain some abusing them. Likewise, don\u2019t go complain about how no one is listening to you if your message happens to get buried. We promise you no one is intentionally trying to ignore you.*"
  43.         },
  44.         {
  45.             "inline":false,
  46.             "name":"**8. Leave your drama with other people in PMs. Please, just don\u2019t make your personal matters with another member of the server a public issue.**",
  47.             "value":"*If a staff member asks you to refrain from continuing the argument and you do not comply, your account will receive an immediate warning.*"
  48.         },
  49.         {
  50.             "inline":false,
  51.             "name":"**9. Do not use Alts (Alternate Accounts) to circumvent a ban!**",
  52.             "value":"*If you've been banned, you've been banned, no if's, and's, or but's about it. You can always visit the Wolfy's World Submission forms to submit a ban appeal, but joining with an alternate account will result in a perma-ban of both accounts, with no ability to be appealed.*"
  53.         },
  54.         {
  55.             "inline":false,
  56.             "name":"**10. Have fun! Be active within the chat, and don't be afraid to make new friends.**",
  57.             "value":"*Also PLEASE ask any of the members of @Wolfy's World Security for assistance if you need it. All levels of staff are meant to HELP YOU. :)\n\n-Don't play moderator, please! If there is an issue with a specific user, let the mods and admin deal with it! Telling them off yourself will do little to nothing.\n\n-Please only tab a moderator if there is something they need to step in for. Tabbing them simply to get their attention is a violation of the rules.\n\n-Please try not to lurk\/linger. We strive to build a happy, active community here!*"
  58.         }
  59.     ],
  60.     "color":4886754,
  61.     "type":"rich",
  62.     "title":"SERVER RULES"
  63. }
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