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  1. Hey!
  3. The AGDQ 2018 2v2 tournament was won by Solski and Benteezy, in a blazing fast time of less than an hour and ten minutes.
  4. In the past we've done some agdq tournaments but they were always 1v1. That worked, but it was always a little weird. Runners would sit back-to-back and use headphones. They'd collect things, but we as audience couldn't talk about it or discuss who was winning or what to do.
  6. This year, the excellent tournament admins (Clifford, Synack, SakuraTsubasa) opted for a 2v2 tournament this time around. The teams were set up in different parts of the practice room. Plenty of other games were going on around - Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64 Bingo, Diddy Kong Racing. One person even had a setup for playing Super Metroid using a Kinect.
  8. Throughout the race, we moved back and forth, watching both teams. Viewers flitted in and out, asking for updates of where Fire Rod was found or how many crystals Alu had complete
  10. Watching a race on the internet, restreamed, is pretty easy. If you're an experienced viewer, the tracker will help you figure out in 30 seconds roughly how much each runner has completed. It's a lot harder for do that in person. These guys menued like it was the end of the world. If you wanted to see a crystal count, you had to know that Solski was going to hit Start to switch from Bow to Hammer when he went downstairs in PoD. It's a really different experience that made me appreciate the work of the trackers and restreamers and commentators even more.
  12. Alu and VT were a bit later in finding Ice Rod, and hit go mode later. Everyone did the majority of their dungeons in go mode, which was a treat to see. The finals were a real test of execution, and Benteezy and Solski were crowned the champions. Looking forward to further 2v2 tournaments, in all locations.
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