Anon - [Nameless] [Virgo/Meisa/others/silly/sfw]

Feb 27th, 2018
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  1. Full tags: Virgo, Meisa, Golden Corral, Moon Dust, Hexferry, Anonymous, Minty, Caramel, Gemini, Sepia, Reverie, Lucid, silly, upbeat, mildly suggestive, sfw
  3. *CRASH!*
  4. >Without warning, the door bursts open.
  5. From outside, a voice calls, "Hmf! I'm sure *I* could've done better."
  6. >It seems speaker has no respect for the dead, or the attendees of this late wake whatsoever.
  7. >Goldie seems to recognize the voice, and flies out of the door to whomever it is, followed by Caramel.
  8. >"And don't you dare," Golden Corral's voice carries sharply back into the room. "This isn't that kind of hug and you know it."
  9. >The correctly-positioned observer might have noticed a hoof which had floated about halfway down to the golden moth's butt. It isn't clear whether she knew it was moving or had simply planned to say it with a certain timing.
  10. >After a bit of jostling, a white moth stallion waltzes in confidently.
  11. "I didn't wanna interrupt your little story..."
  12. >He follows up with his classic smirk. For those who knew him before, there isn't a shadow of a doubt left that it's anyone but him now.
  13. "So I figured I'd let you finish. But you got one detail wrong."
  14. >As he spoke, he recognized his sling, which was brought along with one or two other belongings for want of a body to bury.
  15. >He now holds it in hoof, and twirls it cooly.
  16. "The part where I- hm... 'Died,' shall we say?"
  17. >He enjoys the captive audience more than he should, but clears his throat now, and moves to the point, knowing it can't last forever.
  18. "I didn't actually make my way back to the village - not until now, anyway. You must've found my sling after I dropped it flying by. Heh. It was my first time riding a dragon, but it wouldn't be my last, if you know what I mean."
  19. >This last part brings confused expressions to the faces of many fillies and colts in the room...
  20. >...Not to mention to a few of the adults' as well, though for them it is more out of disbelief in his implication; it's a stretch even for Virgo.
  21. >And yet, here he is.
  22. >He throws his forehooves behind his head and looks about the room, realizing his delivery hasn't precisely been swift thus far.
  23. "Ah, alright, so it's late..."
  24. >He proceeds shruggingly.
  25. "But, long story short - you know that dragon migration that everyone was talking about? Well, it turned out Lilac was still minus one partner, and she thought I was available, and uhhhh-yada yada yada, am I right?"
  26. >Moon Dust chimes in, "You went with her all that way? That's really romantic, Virgo!"
  27. "She even put me in h-"
  28. >"VIRGO! *Not* in front of Sepia," Meisa warns sharply.
  29. "Anyway- did you know that dragons do their thing for like... 5 months before they go back? Yeah, that's why I've been gone all this time."
  30. >Many of the parents start herding their mothlings out of the building to go home. It's coming up on four in the morning, and the subject matter is indeed getting lewd.
  31. >"F-five MONTHS?" Hexferry asks, beginning to get red, as often coincides with her going off of her daily schedule.
  32. "Well not nonstop, I mean. But yeah- OFTEN!"
  33. >A few moths still stand in general disbelief, looking around as if they possibly went to bed and are presently just dreaming all of this.
  34. >Catching the eyes of others who are in the same state however tells them they are indeed still awake.
  35. "So, if you ever need a lesson in dragon anatomy..."
  36. >Virgo tugs at invisible suspenders.
  37. "I'm your guy. Like, I did not know the MEANING of stamina until-"
  38. >"VIRGO..." Meisa reminds again.
  39. "... r-right now," he finishes.
  40. >Not having moved since the door first opened, Anon sits, still in the rocking chair from which he read the story - with an unplaceable expression on his face. He had been toiling away endlessly at the chapters of the book since the stallion had vanished...
  41. >Many moths are making their way off now, probably figuring they will hear the full story later through the grapevine,
  42. >none leave thinking it's been a boring evening.
  43. >As if Virgo might be a ghost and could still disappear if the wrong thing were said, Minty offers in an slightly hushed tone, "Do we still have his bed?"
  44. >Caramel nods. "OH, we have a BED from him, alright," she says, in what might be faux anger.
  45. >She hovers behind him, and pushes him toward the door.
  46. >A number of other mares follow, including Reverie - looking on curiously, Lucid - wearing a faint-but-knowing smile, Gemini - looking excited, and Goldie - who wears the vague, neutral look of an impromptu chaperone.
  47. >Outside, there is a bit more jostling, and some wings fluttering.
  48. >Their voices sound from outside.
  49. "Hey, put me down!"
  50. >"Let's go, stringbean! You're coming with us!"
  51. >"Wh-what are w-we doing?"
  52. >"You'll found out soon enough, hun."
  53. >"I swear to Saturn, you guys have GOT to go easy on him."
  54. >"We'll SEE about that..."
  55. >And off into the night they flew, the noble hero's legend being far, FAR from over just yet.
  57. Would-be spoilers: dragon, crashing your own funeral
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