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  1. **Jongbeom:** one proactive moment (his convo w dongmin) wasn't particularly anything because it didn't work. I don't like him any less but I don't like him any more either. No thanks.
  2. **Yongsuk:** his motivation seems to be entirely "have fun while my kids watch". I like Yongsuk more this week bc he naiped the deathmatch (accidentally, but he negotiated well short-term and kept his lead). I also like him less, bc he's a moron who lost his team the main match, and he's still a huge dick. Already no one likes him (not even Hweejong or Dongmin), so I doubt he'll last.
  3. **Dongmin:** pretty funny before they start playing, magnetizing when they do. His macro strat this week sucked, but he almost pulled it off. He's smart and people like him. Watch out for Junghoon tho.
  4. **Ahyoung:** I am so, so sorry about this week. Ahyoung seems to have enjoyed titty god? I dunno how much of that is social pressure vs genuine. She played average but I like her social dynamics with most folks. Hopeful that ahyoung has a better time and plays better with her stalker gone.
  5. Junghoon: WHAT A MORON. His rivalry with Dongmin is one-sided given: Dongmin doesn't know that's happening, Junghoon is bad at The Genius.
  6. **Yoohyun:** did okay. He was the criminals' strategist but his strategy didn't work in a boring way. I can't fault him much for getting played, but godDAMN did he get played.
  7. **Hyunmin:** hell yeah. This kid rules. Chai described ep2 as two revelations: one about hyunmin, one about titty god. The main match was played at 10% and I felt smug calling bullshit from the peanut gallery. Then hyunmin's reveal had me shook cuz I only saw up to 20% while our boy was at 100. Only weird thing yet: he still thinks he had a chance when he asked Yongsuk that favor in ep1. Easily my fav and most obviously smart so far.
  8. **Yeonjoo:* only part this ep was confusing people when she left the booth acting. Okay I guess. I'm a little disappointed.
  9. **Kyunghoon:** hoooooooly shit. Once the shoe dropped, I walked back all his dumb-but-interesting plays. I have a lot of trouble enjoying him ironically now, bc it all goes back to him being a high-key creep. The montage that showed him playing this whole time as a dating show? Hilarious until I realized it was sincere. I still enjoy his blundered convo with Dongmin, which I hope is all we get when he returns in s4. Glad he's gone. Yuck.
  10. **Hweejong:** absent this ep, trying to avoid attention. He had maybe 5 lines on camera and still fucked up socially. Hell yeaaaaaaaaaah
  11. **Sujin:** still smart, still boring (or maybe just ignored by the editors). Quiet people don't make good tv so I hope she's more active next week.
  12. **Yeonseung:** also barely in this episode. He blundered his only non-foreperson convo.
  14. ###
  16. Shitlist: Jongbeom, Junghoon, hweejong, sujin, yeonseung
  17. Meh: yeonjoo, yongsuk, yoohyun
  18. Faves: hyunmin, Dongmin, ahyoung
  19. Mess of strong feelings, mostly negative but he made interesting tv: kyunghoon
  21. ###
  23. ```He hasn't done anything BAD, the gamer in me is somewhat distressed that he's done the "correct" action by pure accident a couple times
  24. (Gamers hate this, a lot, because they spend a lot of time learning how to do the correct action and don't like to be reminded how close what they do is to what a casual does)```
  26. This is about half of why I find d&d boring. It's a terrible game system that also has such high variance that the difference between the optimal and the obvious play is usually 5% to 10%. I don't engage d&d with strategy because it's Not Worth The Effort.
  28. I still rarely play d&d bc I can find fun in a shitty game. I like not playing to win, I can make plays that most folk avoid. I get more creative.
  30. I'm definitely projecting but Yongsuk is off my shitlist.
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