NERV Hawaii: Episode One - School

Feb 21st, 2017
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  1. Darkling: The limo door closed behind the newcomer and a moment later the engine started up and began to cheauffuer the five people away.
  2. Stella Lacroix: "So what did the rest of you do to end up here?" Stella asks in a voice as somber as her all black clothes. The girl is pale, though not so much as Astrid, eyes downcast.
  3. Kaimana: "I was part of some NERV experiments before this." Kaimana offers a shrug, doing her best to look relaxed. She's clearly a pacific islander and by the looks of her she's also the sporty type. Boys her age might kill for abs like that.
  4. Leon: Still though, what a flaunting of wealth. It wasn't enough to have an entire island facility, but to also transport a limo to drive around it? They probably even had the place designed around driving the thing, to a degree anyways. "Personally, nothing as far as I know. Other people involved? I think I might have been sold into being a... well, I guess technically they called it adoption, but it seems more like Test Subject." Leon says as he settles himself into his seat, placing his backpack on his lap. He appeared about average height, had short, black messy looking hair just long enough to be unbrushable, and seemed fairly fit. Overall, not someone who tended to stand out, as he preferred.
  5. Darkling: Astrid for her part was just brushing her hair and seemed to be humming twinkle twinkle little star.
  6. Stella Lacroix: Stella lets out a prolonged, frustrated sigh. A lab rat, a probable future lab rat, and a possible victim of a lobotomy as her fellow passengers. She starts to lapse into a thousand yard stare, quietly muttering. "Do any of you have special powers?"
  7. Darkling: Erika Jackson decides to interrupt. "You've all been selected as top ranking subjects from your groups. I realize all this seems odd, and maybe like you're in some sort of science fiction movie, but you aren't. You have abright future ahead of all of you." She didn't really smile while saying this or make it pleasant, it was much more metter of fact. "I also realize you likely have plenty of questions about what is going on, and everyone is being tight lipped. You'll have to get used to that."
  8. Kaimana: "Not a one, sorry to disappoint. The others I was with, they seemed interested in getting us to move balls with our minds." She made a thumbs down to indicate it had been a failure all around.
  9. Leon: "As far as I can tell my only special power is bad luck. Or being in the wrong places at the wrong time. " Leon says with a shrug. "So Miss Boss Lady, do we at least get to know how long until we get to where we're going?"
  10. Darkling: "Approximately twenty minutes."
  11. Darkling: The limo was speeding along at quite a good pace on what seemd to be private roads.
  12. Kaimana: "At least the scenery is nice."
  13. Stella Lacroix: Stella seems to slip into deep thought for a moment or two, then goes back to sulking. She responds to Kaimana, her tone rather empty. "It's a nightmare."
  14. Darkling: "No, these aren't the nightmares." Astrid says, still staring at no one.
  15. Kaimana: "This got cheerful quick. So I'm Kaimana. Kaimana Opunui. Just call me Kai."
  16. Darkling: Jackson pulls out her phone, tapping away at some notifications on it.
  17. Stella Lacroix: "Stella Lacroix." Her lack of cheer is evident. She opens her mouth for a moment to say something else, but seems to think better of it.
  18. Leon: "I'm Leon... hmm... just Leon I guess? I haven't actually been told my new last name. Or even met whoever NERV had adopt me."
  19. Kaimana: "Starting to sound like we've all been 'adopted' by NERV. Guess that makes us family brah." She grins and gives her two new companions the shaka.
  20. Stella Lacroix: Stella's mood seems to sink a little further. Almost looks like she shrunk a tiny bit.
  21. Leon: "I suppose, for now anyways. I'm going to guess that none of you know where we're going either? Just to get that question out of the way."
  22. Kaimana: "Nah. I have a feeling that Astrid knows, but..." She shrugs helplessly and motions to the albino girl.
  23. Darkling: The limo jostles a bit as it hits a bump in the road.
  24. Leon: "She seems fairly quiet and to herself."
  25. Darkling: In that moment she seems to be looking at the rest of you, but is still quiet.
  26. Darkling: "Don't mind her." Jackson pipes up as she taps on her phone. "She is of very few words, but just as important as the rest of you."
  27. Stella Lacroix: "I have no idea where."
  28. Leon: "Well it was less that and more an attempt to try and get her to say something. Most people would typically say something if being talked about in the same room."
  29. Darkling: Astrid just smiles and continues brushing her hair.
  30. Darkling: "To answer your question however, you are all going to a new home. You'll be living with Astrid now."
  31. Kaimana: "Maybe she just likes being the topic of conversation?"
  32. Stella Lacroix: "If she's really that shy I don't see the need to prod her."
  33. Leon: "Perhaps. And yes, the driver did mention that Miss Boss Lady, but will it be the same type of home, I suppose, as where I was just transfered from?"
  34. Darkling: "Similar enough. You'll see."
  35. Stella Lacroix: "Will we get to see the nightmares as well?"
  36. Darkling: "I'm told you have enough frequent nightmares of your own."
  37. Stella Lacroix: "Touche."
  38. Darkling: A moment later the limo comes to a halt.
  39. Leon: "So Miss Boss Lady. Considering the trouble they've taken to move us, I take it our previous lifestyles won't match our new ones?"
  40. Kaimana: "You could try sleeping with me for a night, might get rid of those nightmares." She winked before turning to look fully out the window.
  41. Darkling: You can hear a gate opening, then the limo proceeds onto a property through them. After another minute or two of navigating it coems to another stop and the engine turns off. "We're here."
  42. Darkling: The door opens, the driver Filipe standing outside.(edited)
  43. Leon: Well, guess we'll find that out with time then. Leon picks up his backpack and gets up and out of the limo.
  44. Kaimana: Kaimana is out next, stretching once she hits the open air again.
  45. Darkling: Filipe is already unloading your belongings from the trunk of the car when you emerge. A large home, matching the style of the ones you all just came from, sprawls out before you.
  46. Stella Lacroix: Stella steps out of the limo, giving the house a skeptical look and wondering just how long it will be before they move her elsewhere. Again.
  47. Leon: "Are you positive we aren't in a movie, Miss Boss Lady? Considering the same looking Coats, Suits, and Buildings, it kind of looks like a Dystopian to me."
  48. Darkling: Astrid emerges fro mthe limo in front of Jackson, looking even whiter and paler in the sunlight, almost glowing. "Positive." Jackson says.
  49. Darkling: The front door of the house opens and closes, another woman in a suit similar to Jackson's approaching you. "Welcome!" She shouted as she approached.
  50. Kaimana: "Lots of suits."
  51. Stella Lacroix: "Hello." Stella says in a detached but suitably polite voice, making eye contact.
  52. Darkling: Astrid almost runs forward, the first activity you've really seen from the girl, and into the arms of the approaching woman.
  53. Leon: "Hi there." Leon replies with a slight nod.
  54. Darkling: After giving the girl a hug she finishes approaching. She looks fairly young, despite the suit, with blonde hair cropped short around her face. "My name is Elle Frost, and I'll be taking care of you for, well, and indefinite amount of time."
  55. Darkling: "You can take it from here?" Jackson says, already halfway back in the limo. A nod from Elle and the other woman is gone, the Limo pulling away.
  56. Stella Lacroix: Indefinite amount of time. Yeah, might as well forget about getting attached to anything here. Stella nods to Elle. "I'm Stella."
  57. Kaimana: "Kai." Theres the shaka, hand shaking lazily.
  58. Leon: The good old- correction, bad old status quo. "Leon."
  59. Darkling: "First things first, I want you all to get settled, then we'll talk more. So grab your things that you can, the maid will get the rest, and let's head inside." She waits a moment to see that they're doing so before heading towards the house.
  60. Darkling: The house itself is just as nice and overly expensive looking as the previous ones. Giant double doors at the front surrounded by large white columns. An immaculate looiking garden, everything clean and tidy.
  61. Stella Lacroix: Stella complies, though she lags a bit in doing so and with moving in general. After getting her things she trudges into the house as if they weighed far more than they did.
  62. Kaimana: Kai balances her two whole boxed in one arm easily enough.
  63. Leon: Leon shrugs and slings the backpack over his back. Supposedly the rest of his things would be transported over soon, considering the rush they made to get them here. With that done he headed on inside.
  64. Darkling: Inside the foyer Elle was talking to a metal spere about the size of a medicine ball that had four clawlike appendages hanging from it. "Would you get the rest of their belongings from the outside PAM?"
  65. Darkling: "Affirmative mum." The sphere spoke back in a brassy woman's voice, something the a synthesizer appearing on it as it did so. The sphere suddenly picked up speed and flew past the kids. "Excuse me, pardon me," it spoke as it went past.
  66. Kaimana: Kaimana stares, mouth slightly agape, as PAM goes by.
  67. Stella Lacroix: Stella blinks, tiltsher head, and watches the sphere go off. She says nothing, but the look on her face says it all. What the hell?
  68. Leon: "Wow. Miss Boss Lady is doing a horrible job at this not science fiction thing..."
  69. Darkling: "That," Elle points at the sphere floating away through the door. "Is PAM. your Personal Automated Maid. Top of the line technology you won't find in any of those vending bots down at the market."
  70. Leon: "That would imply we're allowed to go down to the market though."
  71. Stella Lacroix: "PAM. Kind of cute." And then after a pause Stella goes on with a question. "So what's to be done about our schooling?"
  72. Darkling: "Well, if you want to go to the market we can plan an outing. As for school, you start tomorrow, I hope you're excited."
  73. Stella Lacroix: "I'll cross the excited bridge when it comes." Stella says, managing a shortlived smile.
  74. Leon: "Wait, you're actually letting us leave the facility daily, to go to school?"
  75. Darkling: "In a way." She starts to say something else and then takes a moment to rethink it. "You have to understand that NERV doesn't quite do things to what most people consider normal, and they certainly don't know what someone your age wants."
  76. Darkling: "So yes, you are going to school, but you'll be driven there by Filipe, and it will be a private facility."
  77. Stella Lacroix: Stella nods, mulling over that information. Definitely food for thought.
  78. Leon: "So a private school within the facility? Suppose that makes sense. Will the Coats and Suits be watching us as usual?"
  79. Kaimana: "What about surfing?"
  80. Darkling: "Well, we don't have beach access from here, as it is a little too far down the mountainside. And no, no labcoats or scientists, for the most part. We will have to have some scheduled tests and checkuups to ensure your health, but you won't be followed every waking moment."
  81. Leon: "So, let's get to the big question then. Why exactly were all of us moved here?"
  82. Darkling: "That's not really something I can explain. It is complicated, I promise you'll find out soon." She shrugs. "Sorry. I know that answers nothing."
  83. Leon: "Alright then. Next question. Considering this place seems like a carbon copy of the last one... is there an Archery Range?"
  84. Darkling: "Ah, no. But I am sure we can improvise something." Suddenly PAM busts throug hte front door, a bag in each of her four claw hands, and she sets them down on the ground. "Anything else mum?"
  85. Darkling: "Not at the moment PAM."
  86. Darkling: "I shall prepare some lunch then for the children." PAM says before floating away.
  87. Stella Lacroix: Mum. That gets a giggle out of Stella.
  88. Darkling: "Alright, how about you guys head on upstairs and find a room. Mine and Astrid's will be labelled already, there should be an empty one for each of you though."(edited)
  89. Kaimana: "So, like, how far away is the nearest beach?"
  90. Stella Lacroix: "Labelled rooms. Cute." Stella takes her bags and then she's off to check out her room.
  91. Darkling: "It's around a half hour drive to the beach dear."
  92. Kaimana: "Oh c'mon! Surfing is my life! What am I supposed to do?"
  93. Leon: "Maybe ask them to build you a surfing section in the facility. I'd wager they could if they wanted to."
  94. Darkling: "We'll make sure you get time to go to the beach. This is new to everyone and we're all going to have to get used to it together."
  95. Darkling: During this time Astrid has moved away to a large indoor courtyard that appears to be a giant aquarium for a variety of different animals.
  96. Stella Lacroix: Stella is relatively quick to drop her bags somewhere in the room and start poking around, testing the quality of the bed, looking for points of interest, and subjecting the wallpaper to a close scrutiny.
  97. Leon: "Trust me. Moving isn't going to be hard to get used to. I suppose I'll go claim a room and poke around it briefly... You said we were going to be having lunch soon?"
  98. Kaimana: Looking rather dejected the islander hangs her head and goes off to find a bedroom for herself.
  99. Darkling: "I'm sure lunch will be only a few moments away. Take your time though."
  100. Leon: "Right then." Leon says before heading up to inspect his new room.
  101. Darkling: The upstairs of the house and the bedrooms are just as nice as the prvious houses again. Each bedroom having its own bathroom and the bedroom s Tella chose having a balcony that looks ov er the backyard which appears to have a decent sized pool and hot tub.
  102. Stella Lacroix: Definitely going to have to improve the decor, but that can wait. Stella gives the bed a poke, then flops down on it, lying down on her back. Then she's off to investigate the balcony. then the bathroom. Overall she seems content with it and goes back downstairs.
  103. Kaimana: Kai decides to flop down onto her new bed and stay there, no doubt mourning the loss of her amateur surfing career.
  104. Leon: Bed, that's standard. Closet, check. TV... Suppose that's standard for the rich if they want you to feel welcome. A bathroom as well, probably one in each room. An outside terrace? A shared outside terrace... hopefully these sliding door lock, not that they wouldn't have keys anyways though. Overall, exceedingly showy. Expected though.
  105. Darkling: After a short time of being settled in your rooms, a blue led strip encircling the room right at the edge of where the walls meet the ceiling lights up in each of them and you hear the brassy voice of PAM. "Lunch is served in the family dining room."
  106. Leon: Hmm... Time to test something. "But where is the family dining room?" Leon says to the body-less voice coming from his ceiling.
  107. Darkling: No response Leon.
  108. Kaimana: Kai nearly jumps out of bed with a start, not expecting a talking ceiling.
  109. Stella Lacroix: Stella starts wandering. How hard could it be to find the dining room?
  110. Leon: Well, if they've bugged the rooms at least they're not stupid enough to reveal it right away. Time to locate the dining room then.
  111. Kaimana: Soon enough Kaimana joins in the search for the family dining room.
  112. Darkling: The dining room isn't too hard to find, though it is is just part of one of the giant sprawling open styled rooms in the house. You can see PAM floating back and forth, arranging platters of different foods. There appears to be a variety of different sanwiches, vegetables, fruits, juices and water set out. Astrid is already at the table eating some pineapple chunks.
  113. Stella Lacroix: Stella takes a seat after looking over the food. She takes a modest serving and some water, but waits until everyone else is present before eating.
  114. Leon: Leon takes a seat and plates himself some food, albeit waiting for their new guardian to arrive and make opening statements before starting.
  115. Darkling: Elle enters the room and sits down on a stool by the kitchen counter sipping a cup of coffee. "Grab whatever you want to eat, don't be shy."
  116. Kaimana: Kai sits down last, piling her plate high before digging in.
  117. Leon: "I'd hope not, or at least I'd hope we aren't expected to have any real results."
  118. Darkling: Siiiip. "Mmn, no. Nothing like that here."
  119. Stella Lacroix: Stella looks mildly disappointed.
  120. Leon: "Bringing that up though, what will you be having us do aside from school?"
  121. Darkling: "Enjoy yourselves?" She shrugs again. "Like I said, this is new to everyone. So we'll wing it and see how it goes." PAM floats by her dropping a plate down with some veggies on it, then floats away out of the room.
  122. Stella Lacroix: "Well, thank you. I'll try, but no promises." Stella says before munching on a sandwich.
  123. Leon: There is no way they paid all that money to watch me enjoy myself... but pressing the matter is a dead end. "Alright then." Leon says before starting to eat Lunch.
  124. Kaimana: "I'll enjoy myself when I can surf," Kai complains before shoving half of a sandwich into her mouth.
  125. Darkling: Elle just pops a baby carrot in her mouth and crunches it.
  126. Stella Lacroix: "Are there any art supplies in the house? And thumb tacks. I think I'll need a lot of those."
  127. Darkling: "Not that I'm aware of, but if you all give me a list of things you want for yourselves and your room I can have them picked up."
  128. Stella Lacroix: "Okay." Stella says just short of cheerfully.
  129. Darkling: "We've got nothing else planned for you for today, since moving is usually a big hassle and stressful, so feel free to explore the property, house, go for a swim, whatever you want."
  130. Darkling: "Tomorrow though is your first day at school, there's some uniforms that PAM should have delivered into each of your rooms. You'll have to be ready by eight in the morning."
  131. Stella Lacroix: "I'll go to bed suitably early then."
  132. Leon: "Noted."
  133. Kaimana: "I'll be up."
  134. Stella Lacroix: "So why the big attraction to surfing? Did a relative get you into it?"
  135. Kaimana: "Nah, its in my blood. My people's blood. Its not just a sport, its a spiritual bond with the planet and all life on it. I mean ripping a gnarlatious pounder is pretty boss too."(edited)
  136. Leon: "Huh, you must be pretty good at it then. I've never actually had the chance to ever try it, personally."
  137. Stella Lacroix: "But you do shoot stuff with arrows, right? I remember you asked about an archery range."
  138. Darkling: PAM comes floating back into the room and starts cleaning up anything dirty.
  139. Kaimana: "I like to think I'm pretty wicked on my gun cuz."
  140. Leon: "Ah, yeah. I just started archery before I got moved over here to NERV. And considering they coincidently had an archery range in the last facility, I decided to keep up with it."(edited)
  141. Stella Lacroix: "I write music when I feel like it. Anyway I've never surfed before. I don't think I could, given how strong the big cancer ball in the sky is here."
  142. Kaimana: "You don't look albino."
  143. Stella Lacroix: "I still burn easy and don't trust the sun."
  144. Darkling: If Astrid took any offense to the albino comment she didn't show it.
  145. Kaimana: "The sun is your friend! Sunlight gives vitamins and improves the mood."
  146. Leon: "Music huh? That must be interesting. How hard is it to come up with a unique tune or melody?"
  147. Stella Lacroix: She looks briefly horrified by Kaimana. "I don't usually find it that hard if I'm energetic to do it. I bet a lot of people could come up with decent music in their heads. They just lack the ability to make it happen since most don't know how to play or don't know how to translate what's in their head into notes."
  148. Leon: "I guess so, so do you play an instrument then?"
  149. Stella Lacroix: "I've tried a few out before. I mostly just write."
  150. Leon: "That's about my experience, minus the writing. Different families have had different tastes in enforced music classes."
  151. Darkling: ~~~~~~
  152. Darkling: The next morning, if you weren't already up, that blue led stripe in your rooms would be waking you up as it flashed on and PAM's voice broadcast into the rooms. "The time is 6:45 AM. Please proceed to the dining room for breakfast."
  153. Stella Lacroix: Stella is up and seems nervous. She walks down to the dining room after doing some basic morning presentation work, washing her face and brushing her hair.
  154. Leon: Well, back to uniforms and private school again. At least this seems like a lax, maximum security prison for the moment. Leon gets himself dressed and heads down to partake in breakfast.
  155. Darkling: The uniforms for the girls consist of navy blue plaid skirts to their knees and a white blouse. For Leon, the only boy in the house, it's navy blue dress pants, a white dress shirt and simple black tie.
  156. Kaimana: Kaimana is already up and not entirely dressed. Looks like she went for a run around the outdoor garden to start her morning.
  157. Stella Lacroix: "It could be worse." Stella says after seating herself at the table, looking down at her skirt.
  158. Leon: "Just wait until you get to school and realize everyone else is all dressed the same." Leon says as he takes his seat.
  159. Darkling: There's a hearty looking breakfast spread o nthe table, reading for you to dive in. PAM can be seen floating about cleaning and moving various things around.
  160. Darkling: Elle is having another coffee and eating a muffin. Astrid appears to be absent.
  161. Kaimana: Kai decides not to sit and, in a repeat of lunch, starts packing away food with gusto.
  162. Stella Lacroix: Stella does go for a repeat of lunch, munching small portions.
  163. Leon: Leon begins to eat his breakfast, fitting in a question once finished. "So, how long is the drive to school?"
  164. Darkling: In between sips of coffee and mouthfuls of muffin Elle explains to them. "So, school is about a fifteen minute drive away, down towards Kahului." munch "Filipe will drive you there and pick yo up when it is over, bringing you back here."
  165. Stella Lacroix: "Okay. Not that I expect one on our first day of school, but what if there's an emergency situation?"
  166. Darkling: "The school is fully equiped to deal with most anything short of a nuclear bomb being dropped on it." sip
  167. Kaimana: "Well thats uh...fantastic."
  168. Stella Lacroix: Stella stares silently for a while before looking to Kai and Leon in disbelief.
  169. Leon: "Huh..." Leon says, taking a moment to pause. "Does NERV run this school too?"
  170. Kaimana: Kai chugs a full glass of milk to wash down her meal before rushing off and soon enough up the stairs.
  171. Darkling: "Not directly." munch "We do completely fund them though, so in a way we do own them I guess."
  172. Stella Lacroix: "I'm sure it will be interesting." Stella says, her tone ambiguous.
  173. Leon: "Yeah, interesting is definitely the right word."
  174. Darkling: "Enough of that though, time to get going, can't be late your first day!"
  175. Stella Lacroix: A nod from Stella and one last bite. Then she's off!
  176. Leon: "Right, to school then."
  177. Darkling: Once Kaimana joins you, you head to the limo and are driven off to sc hool. The view is pretty nice along the way, though very secluded. You don't see another house or pass another car. And soon enough you are pulling up to another gated property.
  178. Darkling: Filipe opens the door for you and announces "We arrived." with a smile.
  179. Darkling: The school itself doesn't look quite as nice as the houses you've been in, in fact it looks much more like a normal school.
  180. Leon: "Huh, I was honestly expecting something much fancier and expensive looking... This is a pleasent surprise." Leon says as he steps out and takes a good look at the school.
  181. Stella Lacroix: "Funny. So was I. Or a lab of horrors." Stella says quietly, almost disappointed.
  182. Kaimana: "Easier to fortify something that already looks like a prison."
  183. Leon: "Well, we've still got a chance of the latter. I'm sure they've got a lab in there somewhere."
  184. Darkling: The limo takes off back off the property and you can see another one pulling up to you.
  185. Stella Lacroix: Stella stares at the new limo. "Here's hoping this isn't where we get creepy bodyguards that follow us around everywhere, even to the bathroom."
  186. Kaimana: "I'm sure they have cameras for that."(edited)
  187. Leon: "Yeah, whole school and house is likely bugged and rigged with cameras."
  188. Darkling: The limo stops and a driver gets out, much gruffer looking than Filipe and he heads around to open the door, the whole time scowling in your direction.
  189. Kaimana: "Well he's a friendly guy."
  190. Stella Lacroix: Stella keeps on staring anyway, nodding to Kaimana.
  191. Darkling: Once the door opens you can hear chattering within anda head pops out with brown hair on it. Stella would recognize the cheerful face of Iris.
  192. Darkling: Soon after she's followed by the more faces, all of which Stella would again recognize as her old housemates, Darrel, Alevtina, Satoshi and Seo-yun.
  193. Stella Lacroix: Stella practically bounces, waving to Seo-yun. Though the others sort of get waved at as well by virtue of proximity.
  194. Kaimana: "You sure cheered up quick." She leans in close and grins. "She your squeeze?"
  195. Darkling: Seo-yun kinda bounces and squeals and runs up to Stella to hug the girl.
  196. Leon: "I take it friends of yours?"
  197. Stella Lacroix: "An oasis in the desert." Stella is quick to return the hug. "Didn't expect to see you here. They kept me local."
  198. Darkling: "I didn't think I'd see you either!" She seems so happy. The others in the group not so much as the limo pulls away. Satoshi clings to a manga he has across his chest, Alevtina seems to be sizing each of you up.
  199. Stella Lacroix: "Good to see you anyway. Maybe we'll get to visit outside of school sometime. The place I moved to is kind of weird. Anyway, Seo-yun, these two are Leon and Kaimana. So far they haven't turned into zombies and tried to eat my brain."
  200. Leon: "I give no guarantees though if it turns out that's what all these tests have been about."
  201. Kaimana: "Just Kai is fine." She smiles at Seo-yun and gives her the shaka treatment.
  202. Leon: "But yes, nice to meet you Seo-yun."
  203. Darkling: "I think Satoshi might be some form of zombie." Seo-yun adds. For his part, Satoshi is looking a little out of his element and zombie like as he staggers towards the school.
  204. Darkling: "Pleasure to meet you both!" She says, bouncing. You might notice she has managed to wear cat ears on her head in addition to her school uniform.
  205. Stella Lacroix: "He always did seem a little off to me." She remarks as she watches Satoshi.
  206. Leon: "Huh, kind of reminds me of one of my old roommates, except with less sleepwalking."
  207. Darkling: Soon enough another limo has pulled up to replace the last one, a new driver looking more chipper than the last, though that wasn't exactly hard to do. They open the door and more students pile out, these ones familiar to Kai, Rhys' face being the first to appear.
  208. Kaimana: "You gotta be kiddin' me."
  209. Stella Lacroix: "Someone you know?"
  210. Darkling: Following Rhys is Tilde, Abioye and then Kayla.
  211. Darkling: "Oh, hey." Rhys says as he walks past, almost shoving his way towards the school.
  212. Kaimana: "Yeah, my former housemates as well." She still smiles at them, even Rhys, and offers high fives.
  213. Leon: "Huh, guess that means mine will probably be showing up too."
  214. Darkling: Kayla gives you a high five, a wink and a bit of a booty bump as she walks past. "Good to see ya hun."
  215. Stella Lacroix: "Weird. If this turns out to be some weird experiment where we have to fight each other, my loyalties are with the cat spirit." Stella almost sounds like she's seriously worried about the prospect.
  216. Leon: "Hmm... I'd want to at least think we're worth more than that to them after all they've invested in us... Sorta anyways."
  217. Darkling: Afte awhile, another limo hasn't arrived. Seo-yun has clung to Stella's side, but most the other students have headed in.
  218. Stella Lacroix: "Guess we should move on now." She heads on to class with Seo-yun.
  219. Kaimana: "Maybe they're already here," Kaimana says as she pats Leon on the shoulder. Then she's following after Stella.
  220. Leon: "I suppose, to class then." Leon says with a slight nod to himself as he follows the others inside.
  221. Darkling: Inside the school doesn't belie the exterior as it looks no fancier. It is however not quite a normal school. You only seem to have one classroom, a gym, auditorium, lunchroom and the the teachers offices and surrounding school grounds.
  222. Darkling: Sure enough Leon, inside the classroom are your old housemates, sitting mostly together. You get a wave from Ju and a not from Isiah.
  223. Kaimana: "This really seems weird now, right? Like, was this place built just for us?"
  224. Stella Lacroix: "Or repurposed. Either way I can live with it."
  225. Leon: "That's probably because it was just built for us, I'd wager." Leon says after returning Ju's wave and Isiah's nod as he takes his seat at a desk.
  226. Kaimana: Kaimana takes a seat too, closest to her old clique as she can get. Nothing against Leon and Stella of course.
  227. Darkling: After about five minutes or so an older woman walks in with grey hair and wearing a suit dress. Behind her is a younger woman with dark curly hair, thick rimmed glasses and a woolen looking sweater.
  228. Darkling: "Settle down please!" The older woman shouts, and waits for everyone to comply.
  229. Stella Lacroix: Naturally Stella sits by Seo. And complies.
  230. Darkling: "My name is Ms. Shakleford. I am your principle and in charge of this school. You are all here to learn and I expect you to do so, despite any free passes you might get from your benefactors."
  231. Darkling: "This here is Miss Hibbs. She will be your homeroom teacher. You will meet your other teachers later on today. When the day is over you will have approximately twenty minutes to collect your things and get to your vehicles. Any questions?"
  232. Darkling: She stands quite strenly, waiting.
  233. Leon: "20 Minutes? What happens if our rides are late, for whatever reason then? Are we to walk back?"
  234. Stella Lacroix: "I have no questions, Ms. Shakleford."
  235. Darkling: "Your rides will not be late."
  236. Kaimana: Kaimana rests her chin in her hand and looks out the window, wondering how far the beach was from the school.
  237. Darkling: ----------------------------------
  238. Kaimana: "They're...quiet. Loners, kinda? I mean I've been pouting because I can't go surf when I want but..." She shrugs and shovels more food into her mouth. "Leon seems kinda chill anyway and Stella is cute. That'll do for now."
  239. Kaimana: "No need to feel jealous though, I haven't sung for either of them." She grins and bumps her shoulder into Kayla's.
  240. Darkling: "Me, worried?" She laughs and ignores her food.
  241. Darkling: Seo also finds her way over towards Stella and lays down in the grass by her.
  242. Darkling: "Sucks you can't surf though. It's nice having access to the beach." Kayla says.
  243. Kaimana: "Its like a mile away from the new place and they shot down my idea of just walking there."
  244. Stella Lacroix: Some more French mumbling from Stella as she downs a few more bites. After Seo comes around she goes back to English. "What's the food like in the Cat Nation?"
  245. Darkling: "We have the best fresh morsels of chicken or fish, served on silver platters."
  246. Stella Lacroix: "When Hawaii is subjugated by the iron paw of the Cat Nation we need to fix this."
  247. Leon: Once finished with lunch, thankfully not as bad as he was expecting, though he had set the bar very low, Leon leaned back against the tree he had picked. A free moment, albeit short and limited.(edited)
  248. Darkling: "This your new roomie then?" Kayla asks, nudging Leon with her foot.
  249. Darkling: "We will correct a lot of thigns when the Cats take over. More naps during the day. Personal groomers for everyone."
  250. Kaimana: "Yup, Leon and Stella, the French girl."
  251. Leon: "Yeah, that should be me." Leon says as he turns to look Kayla over.
  252. Stella Lacroix: "I may work on dispatching agents for the matter of food in the coming days. Can I be the official royal groomer?"
  253. Leon: "You're... Kayla, right?"
  254. Darkling: "That's me." She beams. "From Australia if you couldn't tell fro mthe accent. And you're Leon I gather."
  255. Darkling: "Official Royal Groomer comes with a lot of responsability!"
  256. Leon: "I'd hope so, as I have no experience being a French girl if I'm not. Jests aside, good to meet you Kayla."
  257. Stella Lacroix: "I'll practice my best meow." Stella says as she lays down as well, glaring at the sun before closing her eyes. "We all have to start somewhere." She absently says to Leon.
  258. Darkling: "I can't picture you in a skirt hon." Kayla jokes.
  259. Kaimana: "I hate picturing me in a skirt."
  260. Darkling: "I'm sure most the boys here aren't minding the image too much though."
  261. Leon: "I'll take that as a compliment, especially as I prefer not to picture myself in one either." He says with a chuckle.(edited)
  262. Stella Lacroix: "I already did. Five out of ten, so probably a good first effort."
  263. Kaimana: "Just gotta shave the legs."
  264. Stella Lacroix: Stella opens her eyes, imagining those present with cat ears and cute outfits. She looks at Leon a bit longer, her expression gradually seeming skeptical.
  265. Leon: "I almost want to ask how I got a five out of ten, almost. To change the subject though, I'll go ahead and go with the expected question. How was life in Australia like?"
  266. Stella Lacroix: "Cat ears. They make everything better. Just give it a try and think of the stuffiest person you can imagine with them and tell me it isn't an improvement."
  267. Darkling: "Australia's a beaut. If you don't mind everything trying to kill ya."
  268. Darkling: "I joke though. It's pretty safe if you know what you're doing."
  269. Darkling: Eventually lunch passes, you head back to your classroom where you meet your Art and Music teacher Mrs Galindo. That proves unfruitful, and lastly you move onto phys ed where you meet Mr Jones.
  270. Darkling: "Alright you pieces of shit, scrape yourself off the floor and let's play some fucking dodgeball!"
  271. Darkling: Mr Jones was a big, sweaty and balding man that found yelling was a normal talking voice for him.
  272. Kaimana: Now this, clearly, is Kaimana's subject of choice. She was as likely to fail phys ed as she was to fail lunch.
  273. Darkling: The teams were splitting pretty evenly, and four balls set in the centre of the room. "I want to see some clean, good throws. None of that chickenshit cheating!"
  274. Darkling: Once everyone was lined up, he blew his whistle louder than he was yelling.
  275. Stella Lacroix: Stella ismildly aghast at the fellow, spared from being too obvious in showing thanks to general apathy.
  276. Leon: Dodgeball. Such a cliche, but then again, so was Mr. Jones. Well, at least we're doing something other than sitting all day.
  277. Kaimana: Kai doesn't waste any time and surges forward, taking up a ball in each hand. With a surprisingly innocent smile she launches a red ball of death at a rival student.
  278. Darkling: Iris takes a faceful of rubber ball right to the face, falling backwards in an instant, followed by a whistle.
  279. Darkling: Mr Jones yells. "That is a foul missy! No face shots! Even if they are amazingly accurate."
  280. Stella Lacroix: Stella flinches, looking at Iris. Ow.
  281. Darkling: "Let's try this again!" Some spittle came out of his mouth that time.
  282. Kaimana: "Sorry!" Of course as she yells her apology she's throwing the second ball.
  283. Darkling: At this point Iris has managed to pick herself up off the floor. Her nose isn't bleeding, but her perfect happy face looks dizzy and confused.
  284. Stella Lacroix: If only goggles or some sort of umbrella were part of the uniform. A moment or two after Kaimana throws the second ball she's paying attention to the flying object of pain.
  285. Leon: Note to self. When on an opposing team never lose track of Kai.
  286. Leon: Note to self. When on an opposing team never lose track of Kai.
  287. Darkling: The ball doesn't find a target and then pandemonium starts as everyone gets into the game and balls are flying all over.
  288. Darkling: Sweaty wet balls flung back and forth, and angry bald sweaty man yelling from the sidelines and cheering on violent acts. Nothing odd to see here.
  289. Kaimana: Rather than sweating Kaimana is glowing, laughing as she moves around the gym floor with ease.
  290. Stella Lacroix: Stella swears liberally in French, well aware that her deadpan delivery and the peculiar nature of French profanity make it even less likely that anyone will suspect that she's swearing like a sailor.
  291. Darkling: Seo is pegged by a ball that Kai whipped with deadly accuracy and goes to sit out.
  292. Darkling: Callum, Ju and Tilda are similarly taken out by other balls.
  293. Darkling: A ball whizzes right past Leon's face.
  294. Stella Lacroix: "I'll avenge you. One way or another." Stella says as Seo goes off. It does seem to get her to put a bit more spirit into her throws, at any rate.
  295. Leon: Tch, alright then. Time to actually get serious. Leon decides after that near hit. Putting actual effort now into playing the game.
  296. Darkling: Another ball flies past Kaimana.(edited)
  297. Darkling: "Come you grunts! You call this a dodgeball game?!" Mr Jones yells encouragingly, you think.
  298. Kaimana: Kai, hardly phased by the near-misses, continues her gleeful assault on the opposing team.
  299. Darkling: Abioye takes a ball right to the crotch, doubling over.
  300. Kaimana: "Sorry!"
  301. Darkling: Soon after Rhys takes a ball to the chest right between Kai and Leon.
  302. Stella Lacroix: This sure is tough. Stella gradually seems to be getting worn down, but still goes for the ball when she has the opportunity.
  303. Darkling: The ball streamlines right for Kaimana.
  304. Kaimana: Bap! She takes a solid hit to her shoulder. She looks shocked but does take take her place sitting with the others. Her reign of terror couldn't last forever.
  305. Stella Lacroix: Stella seems satisfied with this. Perhaps now, after having avenged her fallen comrade, she will die an honorable death on the battlefield.
  306. Leon: Well shoot, literally. Leon goes for the ball that just got Kai out and returns the shot.
  307. Darkling: Another ball flies by and takes Rhys out.
  308. Stella Lacroix: Stella takes a solid smack to the gut, getting the breath knocked right out of her. She doubles over a moment, and after regaining her senses she dramatically staggers over to the bench toward the others. "Aaah... I have been vanquished!"
  309. Darkling: "Nooooo!" Cries Seo from the sidelines.(edited)
  310. Darkling: Soon it is down to just Leon and Aveltina.
  311. Darkling: Both holding a ball and waiting for the other to act first.
  312. Darkling: Mr. Jones looks like he might burst a vein at any moment as they bulge out of his neck and forehead, his eyes popping out of his skull intently.
  313. Darkling: Aveltina looses first, her throw going wide.
  314. Leon: Leon takes the chance and throws as well before running towards another ball just in case he misses too,(edited)
  315. Darkling: His throw also goes wide, and just as he is picking up another ball he's smacked in the back with a toss from Aveltina.
  316. Darkling: She looks rather proud of herself, crossing her arms and sticking out her pierced tongue.
  317. Leon: "Well, suppose that means second for today."
  318. Darkling: "Amazing game! And to think, you got your ass kicked by a girl! Ha!" He slaps Leon on the back hard.
  319. Darkling: This prompts Aveltina to spit in his direction.
  320. Stella Lacroix: Stella stares at the coach for a while, wondering how many of Kaimana's balls could he take before begging for mercy.
  321. Darkling: With that thought the bell rings signaling the end of the school day.
  322. Darkling: "Alright you shits, go home!"
  323. Stella Lacroix: "Kaimana didn't get you too hard, did she?" Stella asks as she gets off the bench.
  324. Darkling: "I think I might have a bruise."
  325. Kaimana: Kaimana heads for the locker room, intent on a shower.
  326. Darkling: "I'm going to go shower before I leave." Kayla announces, smacking Kaimana on the butt.
  327. Stella Lacroix: "Then we both lived and can continue our plans of conquest after recovery."(edited)
  328. Darkling: Soon enough everyone was cleaned and changed back into normal uniforms, their limos awaiting them outside.
  329. Leon: That ends school then. Next is... no idea actually. Suppose we'll find out once we get back to the house.
  330. Darkling: Filipe waves at the pilots as he spots them.
  331. Kaimana: Kaimana hesitates before approaching the limo. Looking off into the distance she swears she can hear the call of the beach.
  332. Stella Lacroix: A careful hug for Seo and Stella is off to her limo, looking exhausted.
  333. Leon: Leon heads for the limo as it arrives, getting in after the others.
  334. Darkling: Another short drive and you're back home. Filipe opens the limo door to let you all out.
  335. Kaimana: "A structured and scheduled life just isn't for me, man. I'm used to being...gone."
  336. Leon: "Well so far they haven't actually decided on what we'll be doing, I believe? She said we could even go out somewhere after school, if I remember right."
  337. Stella Lacroix: "Structured and scheduled is the way it's mostly been for me. That part of it hasn't been too bad. Just a shame about the location."
  338. Kaimana: She hooks an arm around Stella's shoulders, pulling her in close. "Should come with me then, going to sneak off to the beach soon if they won't just let me go."
  339. Kaimana: "Stop for some guri-guri before hitting the waves. You can come too Leon."
  340. Stella Lacroix: "They'll probably let you sometime after we're all settled. If they wanted to do something horrible to us they probably would have done it already."
  341. Leon: "Sounds fun, I do actually kind of what to try seeing how well the Suits and Coats are keeping an eye on us by sneaking out, and while they perhaps might not want to do something horrible to us, they are expecting something out of us... just not sure what."
  342. Darkling: As you're talking the front doors of the house open and Elle emerges. "There you are! How was school?"
  343. Stella Lacroix: "I'm not so sure about getting out when there's a dumb cancer ball in the sky that clashes with my personal energies." Stella mumbles.
  344. Kaimana: School? Who cares? She has other things on her mind. "Can I go to the beach now?"
  345. Darkling: "Not right now, sorry. I'll schedule something for the weekend."
  346. Stella Lacroix: "I'll write a full report for you on my school experience after I recover."
  347. Leon: "Well if we can't do that, where can we go?"
  348. Kaimana: She groans audibly.
  349. Darkling: "Right now, nowhere. Filipe is needed elsewhere so we have no vehicle."
  350. Darkling: "You can lounge inside, by the pool, the hot tub, whatever you like. But we can't leave the property."
  351. Stella Lacroix: Stella seems totally alright with this.
  352. Kaimana: Another groan and she goes inside.
  353. Darkling: "PAM will have dinner ready around five."
  354. Stella Lacroix: "I think I'll take refuge indoors." Stella says as she moves along.
  355. Leon: "Well, I'm sure there's something to do." Leon says as he heads inside.
  356. Darkling: Inside you can see Astrid is laying down against the large terrarium in the entrance lobby, a snake on the other side of the glass studying her.
  357. Stella Lacroix: "Don't you go to school?" Stella asks.
  358. Darkling: "I'm not allowed around the other children most of the time." She says, keeping her eyes on the snake as it follows her hand around."
  359. Leon: "That must get lonely at times. What do you get to do instead of school?"
  360. Darkling: She looks at Elle for a moment then back at the snake. "I spend most of the day with Elle."
  361. Stella Lacroix: "Makes sense to me, and I don't think it's that bad. People who don't spend a lot of time around others probably get good at entertaining themselves."
  362. Darkling: "I never really feel lonely."
  363. Leon: "Never thought of it that way, but that's good then. By the way, does this mean we're allowed to have pets?" Leon says as he looks towards the snake.
  364. Kaimana: Kaimana gives Astrid's head a pat as she passes by and goes up the stairs two steps at a time.
  365. Darkling: "Well, if you want a pet we can put it forwards, but I doubt it. This one came with the house as I understand."
  366. Stella Lacroix: "Does it have a name?"
  367. Darkling: "Astrid calls him Kaa. Not sure what the previous owners called him though."
  368. Stella Lacroix: Stella looks to the snake and Astrid, then nods. "Well, I think I'm going to get to work on something. I'll be back for dinner." Stella says as if she isn't sure of it, then she's off to her room.
  369. Leon: "Hmm... well aside from requesting some targets and a bow, I suppose I'll go ahead and find something to do." Leon says before venturing off around the unknown mansion.
  370. ===================END=================
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