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  1. ;AutoHotkey script for Slave Matrix auto-scrolling
  2. ;Download and install AutoHotkey, then copy-paste this code into new file with ".ahk" extension
  3. ;press the key (default: s) to start the scrolling action, press it again to stop
  4. pressKey := false
  5. #ifwinactive Slave Matrix
  6. #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
  7. s:: ;this can be changed to whatever key you want
  8.     pressKey := ! pressKey
  9.     loop
  10.     {
  11.         if (!pressKey || !WinActive("Slave Matrix"))
  12.             return
  13.         click WheelUp
  14.         click WheelDown
  15.         sleep 50 ;this can be removed for hyper-speed
  16.     }
  17. return
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