[RGRE] something something a gym

Nov 14th, 2020
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  1. >>36152764
  2. "H-Hey, there!"
  3. >You feel your face contort into a facsimile of a grin as your mind goes blank and you forget how to make a smile.
  4. >It's like thinking about how your legs moved when you walked, and how that would make you stumble and look like a stupid jackass.
  5. >...which is also something that happened to you on your way here.
  6. >But this cute gym bunny doesn't seem to care (if he noticed at all), and that gives you a little burst of hot confidence in your stomach.
  7. >"Hello."
  8. "Hi! Hey, I was just n-noticing that you were, uh..."
  9. >Oh, shit.
  10. >Your mind is going blank again.
  11. "...l-lifting weights..."
  14. >oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS
  15. "A-A-And I thought that m-maybe I c-c-c-could..."
  16. >'Give you a hand.'
  17. >Say it, Rainbow Dash.
  18. >'I thought that I could give you a hand'.
  19. >Be smooth with a boy for once in your fucking life.
  20. >You've bragged about it plenty in the past, so why can't you live up to your own hype?
  21. >Didn't you once say you ARE the hype?
  22. >You swallow thickly, your tongue feeling too big for your mouth.
  23. >You're suddenly aware of how much you're sweating, and how the back of your shirt is sticking to your skin.
  24. >God, you must stink.
  25. "Y-Y'know, g-give you-"
  26. >A hand?
  27. >Because that's exactly what slams down on the gym bunny's shoulder, and you jump embarrassingly at the sudden intrusion.
  28. >You stand eye-to-stomach with a fucking GIANT.
  29. >>"Anon, sweet thing," the chiseled stomach and rockin' pair of tits says, "Is this girl bothering you?"
  30. >Sweet thing?
  31. >Aw, shit; is he taken?
  32. >Well, maybe not for long.
  33. >Not if The Dash is on the case, anyway.
  34. >The gym bunny - Anon, you guess - playfully shoves the terrifying stone golem.
  35. >"Easy, Gil. We were just talking."
  36. >Gil?
  37. >As in...?
  38. >You look up.
  39. >Waaaaaay up.
  40. >[spoiler]But nobody called Rusty.[/spoiler]
  41. > that fucking-
  42. "-Gilda?"
  43. >The woman peers down at you, puzzled.
  44. >But recognition dawns on her face, and she leans forward (insultingly leaning her hands on her knees) to get down to your level.
  45. >tfw 5'11 womanlette
  46. >>"Rainbow Dash!" she shouts happily, "I can't fuckin' believe it! The fuck are YOU doin' here, midget?!"
  47. >Before you can do anything (namely, if you felt like being honest with yourself, making an ass of yourself in front of this qt3.14), your old childhood friend reaches out her tree-trunk arms and pulls you into a hug.
  48. >You are lifted right off the fucking ground, and your face is mashed between her sweaty tits
  49. >Force of habit has you muttering "no homo".
  50. >"Do you know each other?" you hear Anon asked, muffled to your ears through tit-flesh.
  51. >>"Yeah!" you feel Gilda respond, chest rumbling, "We used to be best buds back when we were kids!"
  52. >Gilda - now terrifyingly huge - finally puts you down, and you stand there in a bit of a daze.
  53. >Dazed and happy to see your old friend, you give Anon kind of a dopey grin, which he returns.
  54. >"Hey, a friend if Gilda's is a friend of mine. The name's Anon."
  55. >He holds out a hand; your heartrate spikes.
  56. "R-Rainbow Dash," you mutter, giving him a jerky handshake.
  57. >You shook it more times than he did, and you were still jerking your hand up and down when he started to pull away.
  58. >Fuck.
  59. >Gilda seems oblivious to your distress.
  60. >>"You wanna chill sometime, girl? It's been forever since we hung out."
  61. >You nod excitedly, remembering little forgotten details of your childhood with Gilda.
  62. "Yeah, absolutely!"
  63. >Gilda grins.
  64. >>"Sick."
  65. >You muster up your courage and jab a thumb at Anon in what you hope is a casual gesture.
  66. "Is your friend here coming too? I don't think I've ever seen a guy who could ride with either one of us, back in the day."
  67. >C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
  68. >You wanna see what this boy looks like in clothes that aren't baggy!
  69. >Gilda's grin falters, and her eyes dart down to Anon.
  70. >>"Well... I dunno, Dash. I don't think he wants to see a pair of girls do girl stuff, y'know?"
  71. >Shit, she's onto you; you recognize that sort of excuse.
  72. >Anon, however, scoffs and crosses his arms.
  73. >"This again, Gil? I told you before, I'm not one of those delicate little shits you girls flirt with."
  74. >You watch wide-eyed as built-like-a-brick-shithouse Gilda cowers away from sweet, precious Anon, hands out in a placating gesture.
  75. >>"Easy, sweet thing, I didn't mean it like that."
  76. >"Because I've SEEN the 'girl stuff' you gals do. And I know it's watching cheesy 80s movies, eating pizza, and talking about which boys you wanna fuck."
  77. >Gilda looks a little it like a bear-sized deer stuck in headlights.
  78. >>"No, no! I mean, I just didn't think you'd want to! You've got other stuff you like doing, and I didn't think-"
  79. >"And that sounds fun as shit."
  80. >Anon grins at you, looking excited; Gilda looks relieved, but confused.
  81. >Maybe they just hooked up, and she doesn't know this about him yet?
  82. >"Seriously, I used to do that all the time back home. C'mon, I know a pizza place that'll only charge half-price if I flash'em my balls."
  83. >You nudge Gil with your shoulder; you really only jab her upper thigh.
  84. >FUCK, she's huge.
  85. >Like seriously, what the fuck?
  86. "Sounds like fun to me. What'ya say, Gil?"
  87. >This boy sounds like fun!
  88. >Gilda looks back and forth between you and Anon, and a smile slowly slides onto her face.
  89. >>"...I guess I can't say 'no' to half-off pizza."
  90. >Anon holds up a hand towards you, and it takes a second to realize he's expecting a high-five.
  91. >And girl?
  92. >You've never left a sister hanging.
  93. >...or a brother, you guess.
  94. >SLAP!
  95. >Whatever.
  96. >Anon points at you.
  97. >"It's 'Rainbow Dash', right?"
  98. >You nod dumbly.
  99. >"Cool. Gil and I usually finish our shit here early on Friday. Meet you here at 4?"
  100. "S-Sure."
  101. >"Rad."
  102. >>"Hey, babe, could you do me a favor? I think I forgot my towel down over at the deadlift area. Mind grabbin' it for me?"
  103. >Anon nods and, like the meek, helpful husbando he is, he jogs away towards a distant part of the gym.
  104. >Naturally, you get a nice view of that ass.
  105. >You hate to see him go, but you love to watch him lea-
  106. >>"So, hey."
  107. >A hand lands on your shoulder much in the same way that it did on Anon just a few moments ago.
  108. >>"I meant what I said about hanging out, y'know? But if I catch you trying anything with my greenbean-"
  109. >You feel Gilda's hand tighten painfully on your shoulder.
  110. >>"-I'm going to use you as a towel when I do my speed-screeches. You got it?"
  111. >You just nod your head.
  112. >Looks like you'll have to be extra sneaky if you want a chance with this cute gym bunny.
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