Best programming language compiler

Apr 26th, 2017
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  1. An esoteric programming language compiler on LLVM based on Brainfuck
  2. link for download file:
  3. Brain wants to improve the performance of the Brainfuck programming language and extend it as well, as Brainfuck itself has a lack of flexibility and does not perform great control over complex computations. Brain is open to new model represetantion and allows programmers to extend its capability by attaching LLVM IR to its code.
  5. One of the main ideas of Brain is saving some operations in machine language, creating an instruction optmizer due to the excess of instructions that Brainfuck would generate. Brain aims to implement it by using current technology (LLVM).
  7. In spite of implementing new commands and features, Brain is completely compatible with Brainfuck (but the opposite is not true).
  8.  and good luck for all
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