White Victims of Multiculturalism - 1018 - Diane Tilly

Sep 8th, 2019 (edited)
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  1. 1018
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  4. November 22, 2004
  6. Location: San Antonio,TX
  8. Victim(s): Diane Allison Tilly 58
  10. Attacker(s): Ronnie Joe Neal, Pearl Ann Cruz 15
  12. Description: Cruz knocked on Diane’s door and asked to use the phone. Once Diane opened the door, Cruz pulled a gun, then opened the side door to let her father Neal in. Neal tied up Diane’s hands with one of her shoelaces, before stealing her .357 magnum and ATM card. Neal then took a drink of Diane’s scotch, before demanding her PIN. While Cruz held Diane at gunpoint, Neal went to use her card to withdraw money from her account, before discovering she gave him the wrong one. He then threatened to kill her cat unless she gave him the correct one. After she gave him the correct one, he ransacked her home and packed her belongings in her car, before r*ping her. They then drove to an ATM, where Cruz withdrew $400, before driving to a rural area in Bexar County, where Neal shot her six times. Her car was found in a separate location, engulfed in flames.
  14. Link(s):
  15. Neal, who was sentenced to death, is found dead in his cell 6-12-2010.
  16. Neal’s death is ruled a suicide. Cruz was released on parole in Austin, TX in 2010.
  17. Neal’s murderpedia entry.
  19. Diane’s find a grave memorial.
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  22. Please note: I've had to censor some words using *s because of pastebin's new rules. If you wish to see the uncensored version, please see the downloads link to download the original casefile.
  24. Tilly surname info
  25. Tilly surname info house of names.
  26. Tilly surname info surname database.
  28. A story on the search for a possible 3rd suspect.
  29. An interview with detective Al Damiani.
  30. A time line of events.
  31. A thread on a Redskins message board talking about the case, with a quote from an article that is no longer available on the original website.
  32. A thread on prison talk that has a quote from another article.
  33. A webpage about the case.
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