Cheer Up

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  1. Doc was looking at her phone, looking a little sad. Kali spotted her and frowned.
  2. “What’s wrong, Doc?”
  3. “Oh, a friend of mine is having a bad day... and I don’t really know what to say to make him feel better.”
  4. Kali thought about it for a moment.
  5. “I don’t know. Do what I do. Send snuggles~ nobody can resist the snuggles of the kitty.”
  6. Doc shrugged and sent a message that read “-snuggles-“. Kali then thought about it some more.
  7. “Mal would probably nuzzle him in her amazing bosom.”
  8. “So... boob snuggles?”
  9. “Yup!”
  10. Doc sent another message: “-snuggles into boobs-“ Kali then laughed.
  11. “Oh! Morra could drown them in cake!”
  12. Kali quickly took the phone and typed: “-drowns you in cake-“.
  13. “And Mari would be nice enough to offer a gentle sitting in the lap.”
  14. Kali typed: “-sits in lap-“. Doc chuckled a little.
  15. “Well, aren’t you a smart kitty... I hope he reads all of this...”
  17. A reply. Then more. Doc smiled.
  18. “Chris has it handled now.”
  19. Kali smiled as well.
  20. “That’s good. I’m glad he feels better.”
  21. “Definitely. Him and Chris are best friends, so I know Chris will cheer him up.”
  22. Kali nuzzled Doc gently, letting Doc kiss her forehead.
  23. “You’re so sweet, Doc~”
  24. “You too, Kali. You helped too. And Mal. And Mari. And Morra.”
  25. “I’ll let them know later. Right now, I wanna spend some alone time with my sweet lady~”
  26. Doc blushed and kissed Kali’s lips, setting the phone aside, knowing that Dae was in good hands...
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