Kemono Friends Game Story Summary

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  1. Kemono Friends Game Story Summary
  3. Prologue(tutorial): The player found themselves in Japari Park with no previous memories. There, the player met the rookie park guide, Mirai, and Serval, and they explain to you that Japari Park is a giant park where visitors can play with Friends, but it's closed now because the Ceruleans are running wild everywhere. By the end of the chapter, a Cerulean who looks just like Serval, aka Cerval appears.
  5. Chapter 1: The party met Caracal, who claims that Serval stole her Japari Buns. Eventually, they found the real culprit, Cerval. After they fought, Cerval mumbles about something going back to the Queen. Afraid of Cerval will do something bad and Serval will have to take the blame again, the party follows Cerval. Serval also thinks the Cerval isn't really a bad kid either and Caracal joins the party.
  7. Chpater 2: To catch Cerval, the party seek help from "Wiseman". On their way they met Crested Ibis, who enjoys singing, but was troubled that not only her singing was bad, it also attracts Cerulean. The party suggested that the "Wiseman" might be able to help her, so she tagged along. Afterward, they finally met the "Wiseman", the two owls (aka Professor Konoha and Assistant Mimi-chan). Professor gave a medicine to Crested Ibis that can make her voice better, but not only it doesn't work, it attracts even more Ceruleans. As Crested Ibis decided to give up not sing again for the rest of her life, the party encouraged her to not give up. Afterward, Crested Ibis gains the ability to heal in combat with her singing (still terrible though). As it turns out, the reason why her singing attracts Cerulean was because her singing was so bad that the Cerulean couldn't bear it and tried to stop her by force. But since now it has healing ability, the effect reduces, happy ending. Afterward, Professor told the party that she saw Cerval headed to the desert area.
  9. Chapter 3: As the party arrives at the desert area, they found all the oasis gone, and that's bad, so they set out to find out what's going on. There they met Arabian Oryx, who was looking for her friend Thomson's Gazelle (Lulu). It turns out Lulu was worried that Oryx was always the one who takes care of her, and she want to prove herself useful as well but solving the oasis problem. Eventually, Lulu found a Cerulean that drank all the water in the desert, and Cerval came to save her. Cerval got away, but Lulu came back safely and joins the party.
  11. Chapter 4: As the journey continues, Serval caught the sickness that loses the ability to talk and can only talks in cat. They then met White Rhino, who was investigating the cause and believes that Cerval was the causes. But after they found Cerval, she claims that it has nothing to do with her. They then found out that the giant snail Cerulean was the cause of the plague. As they were fighting it, Silver Fox came out and helped Serval gaining back her ability to talk, but also got attacked by the Cerulean and pass out. After everything was over, White Rhino joins the party, and they brought the fainted Silver Fox with them as well. Meanwhile, Cerval went to the snow mountain area, still searching for the Queen.
  13. Chapter 5: As Silver Fox woke up, the party went to the snow mountain as well. However, Silver Fox forgot why she was tailing the party in the first place. Conveniently, Capybara, the hot spring owner told them that there is a hot spring that helps regain memories in the area, so they search for it. Serval found a hot spring called Super Secret Hot Spring, and both Serval and Silver Fox jumped into it without a second thought, only to realize that it was just iced water. Anyway, Silver Fox regain her memories, and she explains she was here because Oinari-sama, a godly Friend who's currently staying in Park Central ordered her to protect the player's party from the shadow. After this and that, Mirai explain to the player about what Cerulean it. Ceruleans have the ability to steal "Sparkles". A "Sparkle" is basically an intangible good thing, like friendship, hope, etc, "the ability to speak" is also one of them. After stealing Sparkles, they can also assume the form of the original owner and proceed to evolve in their own way. However, Cerval, who looks almost exactly like the original, seem to be a rare case. Afterward, Cerval was controlled by the Queen and ran away after she created a giant Cerulean. After defeating the Cerulean, Serval, who wants to be friends with Cerval, realized how dangerous Cerval can be, and begins to wonder what she should do with her.
  15. Chapter 6: The party arrives at the sky area, where the bird Friends are hosting a sky race event. The party decides to join the race as a little change of mood, and the Professor who happens to be here as well, help the player by modifying the Japari Park into a flying vehicle. During the race, one of the racer has her Sparkle stolen and gave birth to a giant bird Cerulean, which Cerval attempts to use to fly to where the Queen is. As they defeated the bird Cerulean, Cerval got away again. Meanwhile, they heard that Margay was planning some kind of event.
  17. Chapter 7: And art contest among Friends has hosted, Margay, who was trying to film a movie, lost inspiration because both her script and her inspiration Sparkle was stolen by a Cerulean. Serval manages find the script back, but it was all teared up, so they decided to film the movie to cheer Margay up, with the unreadable part in the script being improv. The movie turns out to be a pirate story, and as they were filming, Cerval along with the Cerulean that ate the script, which appeared as a ghost ship, join in the fun. As they fought, Margay was fired up and continued filming. And the end, Serval helps Cerval remembers that they are supposed to be friends and stop fighting, with Cerval calling Serval her friend, giving the movie an happy ending. Just as the Queen attempts to control Cerval again, she refuses the Queen's thought for the first time and begins to gain her own consciousness. The Cerulean then swallow Cerval up by force and spit her all the way to somewhere else. In this chapter, they also met Fennec, who said that she actually met Serval in hospital before. Apparently, during a Cerulean attack Serval was leading the Friends to fight back even though she injured, and she triggered something called "Kemo Harmony", which strengthened all the Friends around her, and Cerval most likely had stole that Sparkle that allows Serval to cause the Kemo Harmony. They also learned that Oinari-sama is fighting the Ceruleans in Park Central, so they decided to head there.
  19. Chapter 8: On their way to Park Central, they met another two godly Friends, two Shisa, who told them their thought about what the Queen tried to do with Cerval: The Queens wants to create a Cerulean version of Kemo Harmony, the Ceru Harmony, making all Cerulean evolves together, and that power resides in Cerval, which was stolen from Serval. To stop that, they have to takes back Cerval's Sparkle, but that also mean killing Cerval, which Serval immediately rejects. Other Friends begin to think that's the only way, but Crested Ibis said that she wants to have Serval decides what to do, as she was once helped by her. Other Friends Serval had once helped begin to agree. The two Shisa then gave Serval some purifying salt, which will kill Cerval if they are sprayed on her, but they also told her that it is up to her to decided whether to use it or not.
  21. Chapter 9: The party reached Park Central, which used to be a crowded place, but now empty. Mirai contacted the staff, and as it turns out Park Central was attacked by Cerulean. While most of the staff got out safely, one of them, Professor Kako, was injured and passed out. Mirai then told everyone that Kako was the one who inspired her to be a park guide in Japari Park and how she has great respect for her. As they were chasing Cerval who entered Central, a barrier prevented the party from going any further. Just then Professor Konoha and Mimi-chan appears and told the party that they found a way to disable the barrier. The barrier was erected by seven different Ceruleans around the Central, to disable the barrier, first they will have to defeat those Cerulean. However, since they don't have time to make another detour around the whole place, they decided to split up, with the player, Mirai and Serval waiting for them in Central. It turns out all the Friends they had helped came to Central to help them, and they fought all the Ceruleans together separately in each area. Crested Ibis, Professor and Mimi-chan went to the sky area and fought a giant bird Cerulean, and Professor then process to said that they have to stay to defend the place to prevent any new Cerulean erecting the barrier, so Crested Ibis was the only one headed back. Professor then said that they best way to defends the place was to have fun and play to their fullest, and other Friends in other area begins to do the same. Afterward, the barrier is destroyed and the party goes to where the Queen is.
  23. Chapter 10: Controlled by the Queen, Cerval continues to move forward. On the way, the party hears the Queen's voice, claiming that all Sparkles will eventually disappear, it's the rule of nature, but if they are consumed and evolved by the Cerulean, they can preserve forever. Mirai recognizes that that's Kako's voice, and thought that maybe the Queen is like Cerval, a Cerulean copy of Kako, and if they talked it out, they might be able to end this without any fighting. As they finally reached the Queen, Mirai told the Queen that Kako loves the park more than anyone, and she will never wish for something like that, but the Queen just keep on repeating the same words over and over again. Serval concluded that the Queen was nothing like Cerval, it's just a mindless Cerulean that evolves more than anyone. The Queen than begins to absorb Cerval while Serval and Mirai couldn't do anything but watch, however, all the other Friends made it in time and came to save Cerval. But everything was too late, majority of Serval's Sparkle was absorbed by the Queen, Cerval became nothing but the Queen's puppet. As her friend Serval decided that there is on last thing she can do for her, to end her misery with the salt, and Cerval thank Serval for everything she had done and bid farewell. Just as Serval was about to use the salt, Margay appears in one of the monitor nearby. She told Serval that she finally finished the movie and she wants them to see it. Though since they don't have time, Racoon fast forward to the climax part where Serval and Cerval finally understood each other and call each other friends. The movie sparks Serval determination to save Cerval no matter what, so she swallow the salt herself. Cerval, also touched by the movie and Serval action, gave birth to the Sparkle of her own, and becomes a complete being. The Queen then claims that it matter not because she has already gotten the Sparkle to use the Ceru Harmony. However, as the everyone in Central was playing, a giant barrier of Sparkle block the Queen's Ceru Harmony, making the Queen's plan ends in failure. The Queen was finally defeated by the party, reduced into a small blob of Cerulean and got away, thus the Park is finally saved.
  25. Afterward, the Park was then reopened, Kako woke up, and the player becomes the new supervisor of the Park. Serval, in the last scene, made a promise with the player that they will continue to have a lot fun adventures from now on.
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