Dec 20th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. 12-20-20 Updated Paste
  3. My contact info is
  4. email:
  5. wickr: paradoxresearch
  7. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Let me start by saying I've a whole lot of bs happen lately, and my customers shouldn't have to suffer. Ultimately being a one person op, it does hold things up. Just in the past week along, I was crashed into an exit ramp guardrail head-on at 80mph (walked away thank God), then I got picked up on an old warrant, so I had to post bond...needless to say, I'm getting caught up asap. I'm detoxing from suboxone so that doesn't make it any easier, but when all this is said and done, I'll be the reliable vendor I always wanted to deal with and now want to be. Plus, I got some other products coming (3-Meo-PCP, 4-AcO-DMT, possibly metonitazene/etazene [although this may have to be sold from a different pastebin to abide by rc-scene guidelines]
  11. I kept updating my old paste, but it got messy, and a lot has happened. Many announcements to make. I was in an 80nph car accident with minor brain trauma but no broken bones or paralysis and most importantly, I didn't kill anyone. I was sober, but icy roads and running late to work don't work well together. That's all I'll say about my personal life to avoid any more clutter.
  13. There have been some delays with samples going out due to mixups on my end. I had an Express order that didn't move for like two days, so I will no longer offer express...idc what your reason is for needing it tomorrow or the next day, but it looked bad on me, plus I had to refund his shipping, which is valuable time that could've been allocated elsewhere. It's crazy that my first class orders made it before my express shipment which was only two states over.
  15. No more samples, even if you were on the list, for those that haven't gotten back w me by now.
  17. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. {Product List} - Standard $10 Shipping. $5 Shipping through January 31, 2021. No free shipping until I'm fully stocked on benzos (shouldn't be too long)
  21. Bromazolam 8mg/ml
  22. 5ml (40mg) = $35
  23. 10ml (80mg) = $60
  25. Clonazolam 5mg/ml
  26. 5ml (25mg) = $25
  27. 10ml (50mg) = $40
  29. _______________________________________________________
  31. Please order in this format via email (only email me from tutanota, msgsafe, mailfence, proton, countermail).
  33. Subject: MM/DD/YY
  34. Body:
  36. 10ml Bromaz = $60
  37. 5ml Clam = $25
  38. subtotal = $85
  39. Total (incl shipping) = $90
  41. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE follow these ordering guidelines. It makes it much easier for me to get orders shipped out on time and accurately.
  43. Beginning January 1st, 2021, I can either reject the order or upcharge it 10% at my discretion. It adds a lot of time when you have 20 people requiring 20 extra emails. I don't expect verbatim format orders, but include your order, shipping address, and your payment method (zelle, BTC, [XMR soon to come,not yet though]) There are three details needed to order...your order, your shipping address, and your payment method. I don't think I'm asking a lot. I am a one person op and this extra time adds up QUICKLY. Please help me help you get your orders quickly.
  45. ______________________________________________________
  47. Anything below this is for future purposes for customers to have an idea of what is to come. Everything listed is in route however.
  49. Etizolam 10mg/ML (NO STOCK)
  50. 5ml (50mg) = $40
  51. 10ml (100mg) = $70
  53. Flualprazolam 5mg/ML (NO STOCK)
  54. 5ml (25mg) = $25
  55. 10ml (50mg) = $40
  57. Flubromazolam 4mg/ml (NO STOCK)
  58. 5ml (20mg) = $20
  59. 10ml (40mg) = $35
  61. 4-AcO-DMT (NO STOCK)
  62. 100mg - $20
  63. 250mg - $40
  64. 500mg - $70
  65. 1g- $120
  67. 3-MeO-PCP (NO STOCK)
  68. 100mg only - not priced yet
  70. Etazene (NO STOCK or pricing yet)
  71. Metonetazene (NO STOCK or pricing yet)
  72. 4FMAR 4F-Methylaminorex (NO STOCK or pricing yet)
  73. 4BMAR 4B-Methylaminorex (NO STOCK or pricing yet)
  75. Thanks for looking!
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