MG roulette (Dark mage)

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  1. “What?”  Henry was thrown off his train of thought as he stared at his computer screen.
  3. The MG roulette had emailed him, just like many before. He didn't think he would be eligible for such a thing. But then came a thought, `what did make a person eligible?`
  5. Was it bad luck with women? A lonely souls sort of thing, or maybe whoever is running the show is just picking random single men, could be that. After all the roulette is called a `game` by 3M.
  7. But still, monster girls was a weird direction to take a romance service, granted it was one with little to no problems despite the mystery of it all.
  9. He thought at least it was good that these monsters are beautiful women, he shuddered when he thought about the monsters in the games he played, he sure as hell didn't want those kinds of creatures.
  11. `Well if it doesn't work out, at least I can say I tried` he thought with a shrug as he pressed the button.
  13. *Dark mage*
  15. Henry was confused, that didn't sound very monstrous. Maybe it could be a succubus variant, like those demonic nuns. That sounded likely as he had heard that succubus power ran in all the monsters due to some demon lord... or something like that.
  17. He was distracted by his thoughts by a purple glow, looking over his laptop he sore that some sort of runic circle full of symbols was drawing itself onto his living room floor. Henry stood up in shock as the runes kept forming Itself. When it was complete the entire room rumpled as a woman appeared to rise out from the circle.
  19. Her body could best be described as tall and curvy with wild black hair, dressed as a dark blue witch (well, more like a witch in a sexy Halloween party) complete with pointy hat and staff. She didn't look that out there.
  21. But something felt off about this woman, some abnormal chill when down his spine as she fully emerged from the rune circle, a feeling that only increased when she opened her eyes and glowing, golden eyes stared into his own, no way were those the eyes of a human.
  23. The mage broke the stare first, glancing up and down henry's bode like she was inspecting it before smiling. “Hello, are you the one who received the wizards message.” she greeted. Her voice was smooth and sultry and that henry almost didn't reply.
  25. “Ah! er... yeah I guess I am”  He said. “My names Henry.”
  27. “You may call me Ruth.” The Mage said as she walked past Henry and glanced around the place, lingering on the window. “Interesting.”
  29. “What is?” Henry asked
  31. “Oh, many things, the fact that this house or the land around it feels devoid of spiritual power, the shape of those buildings out there. The fact you've been staring at me for some time now...” she turned to henry and grinned at his now embarrassed face. “Don't be that way, I would be insulted if you gazed anywhere else.”
  33. “Uh... really?” Henry sounded confused.
  35. “Of course, you called me through the game, I should be the thing you pay attention to.” she said as she continued to look around.
  37. “I guess that makes sense.” he said to himself as the tip of the mage's staff lit up and started glowing light blue.“What are you doing?”
  39. “Just a harmless examine spell, nothing more. Tell me, what do you know about magic?” she asked as she waved her glowing staff around everything, including him and her own body.
  41. “Until recently, magic only really was a fantasy. Fairy tails and stuff,” he said. His answer made her smile in a way that made him uncomfortable.
  43. “That's fine, that just means you've got something to learn from me as I learn from you.” She said as she stopped waving the staff around and the glow stopped.
  45. “Learn from me? What could you learn from me?” Henry asked trying to suppress the chills.
  47. “You are the first ma- person I have come across in a long time, I have a wide selection of research material but I need a... partner in my research. That combined with your knowledge of this world, you will be very helpful as we get to know each other,” she said.
  49. Henry was more than a bit suspicious. “you're not going to turn me into a toad or anything. Right?”
  51. Ruth looked confused. “...No? Whatever gave you that idea?”
  53. “Well it's just that witches in the stories have a tendency to do that sort of...” henry stopped explaining when he noticed her shaking with anger. “What did I say?”
  55. Ruth calmed herself down before she talked. “I dislike being called a witch, I and many others in my way of life prefer the term mage.” She told him. “As for the toad thing, there is no need for something along those lines, changing your body like that would be a waste...” she said she looked him over again and let out a weird exhale. “indeed, a waste,” she said licking her lips.
  57. Not knowing what she meant so didn't know how to feel, Henry decided to move on. “I guess I could help you out. I mean I did call you to this world.”
  59. “Excellent! Now do you have a place I could set up my workshop?” she asked excitedly.
  61. “Workshop? You mean like a place for your magic and stuff?” she nodded. “I think I can clean up the old shed, I don't think I have anything in there.
  63. “Great! I'll grab my things.” she said as she took one more heated look at him “We are going to have a very interesting time together.” she said before the same magic circle formed under her feet and she sank into it.
  65. And just like that, Henry was left alone in his house, wondering what he had gotten into.
  67. ~X~ 2 months later
  69. Henry had spent some time with Ruth, and the experience was weird, to say the least.
  71. A first it was fine with the two of them setting up her workshop in his old shed (more like him setting up her things while she gave directions and took notes.) a large part of the first week was him buying various herbs and flowers as they apparently shared things with plants in the monster world.
  73. Getting to know her had been a blast, Ruth enjoyed both the magical and mundane, finding a new piece of technology usually had her writing notes to incorporate it with magic in some way.
  75. Then it started... the potion taking and spell testing.
  77. Apparently, to make a living in the monster world, Ruth had spent her days as an apothecary. But no one had wanted to try out some of the more exotic potions or spells she had created over the years, and seeing an opportunity, asked henry to try them out.
  79. She also had a deep running trigger to being called a witch. Whenever henry messed up and called her that, she had a `punish spell` that functioned like a sting to the back of the head. When asked why she didn't just slap him or something, she said it was `too much effort`.
  81. It had been some of the weirdest times of Henry's life. From experiencing a potion that that mode his skin hypersensitive to a spell that allowed him to see his own body from a weird, third person perspective, nobody could say Ruth lacked variety.
  83. He enjoyed her work (In more ways than one, he wouldn't say that out loud though he suspected she knew)  so he thought  I would be nice to surprise her with a little potion he made on his own, using her tomes for research when she was busy with other books. and maybe he could get something more out of it.
  85. Which is why he was somewhat wary of the red potion vial glowing in front of him today. Sitting across from him was Ruth with and an expectant smile on her face.  “What is it?” he asked.
  87. “Just I something I put together and if it works, It'll be my greatest achievement.” She said with a smile.
  89. Now, this wouldn't have been a problem if it wasn't for the fact that henry had completed his potion and with some testing had drunk it a few minutes ago, he had no idea if the effects of his potion would mix with hers and do something. Maybe he could ask her about it, but subtlety wasn't a strong point of his, and she'd catch on quick that he had done something.
  91. “What's wrong, why don't you try it?” Her question made him look at her eyes, and he decided then that he might as well, see what happens.
  93. “Nothing, I'll take it,” Henry said as he took up the vial and uncorked it.  `What's the worse that could happen?` he thought as he drank.
  95. That would be Henry's last coherent thought of the entire day.
  97. ~X~ (several hours later.)
  99. Henry's eyes slowly creaked open and as he noticed he was on his living room floor, and that it was dark outside. He was going to lean up in until he noticed the weight on him. Looking to the side he saw that Ruth was asleep and snuggled next to him.
  101. That along with the fact they were both naked made it quite clearly what they had done together, but for the like of him, he couldn't remember, everything from after he drank the potion. Why couldn't he remember? And why was the table smashed?
  103. ...Actually, that was a good question, why was the table smashed? That question made Henry get to his feet and look around. “What the hell happened?” he shouted. The t room looked like it was hit by a typhoon, with his table and bookcase in pieces, the chair were flipped over or broken, dotted around the room were the shredded remains of clothes.
  105. “We happened, Henry,” Ruth said as she got up.
  107. “We did this?” Henry was shocked.
  109. Ruth summoned her staff to her hands and muttered a spell before tapping his head with it. It all came back to him, he had jumped her seconds after he had drunk the potion wanting to show is affection for her though actions, he saw flashes of their time, some of which showed her being held up by ghostly arms. It seems that in all the chaos his potion had worked along with hers
  111. “It was wonderful, it was like you I was the only thing you desired for hours. Though I have to find out what happened to the potion to make you act that way.” Ruth started giggling perversely, no doubt she wanted to try it again.
  113. “Yeah... about that, I think that was my fault,” Henry said.
  115. “Oh?” the Mage looked curious. “Could it be your fault?”
  117. “Because I had drunk a potion I had made myself a minute or two before I drank yours,” he said. He expected her to be angry about going behind her back, but if anything the intrigue in her eyes increased.
  119. "I see... so my potion reacted to yours and created that berserker state as a side effect. interesting, I can't say it didn't work out for the better."
  121. Henry had to agree, he didn't pretty much get what he wanted from today. he just wished he remembered more of it.
  123. “So you learned from my books? What one did you make? A strength enhancer? Speed draught? Illness cleaner?” she asked.
  125. “It was a variant of that phantom puppet portion I saw where I would use extra hands. I was going to offer a massage and then surprise you with that.” He explained.
  127. “A variant?... you made your own spell to impress me?” Henry was about to explain more before he was pulled into a deep kiss. When the separated she looked like she was ready for another round right there? “Making your own potions to please me, I couldn't ask for a better familiar.”
  129. “Well thanks, I... wait, familiar?” he hadn't heard her address him like that before.
  131. “Thanks to today, you and I are bonded, mage and familiar, to the end of days,” she said. “Look at your hand.” He looked his hand, and there looked like there was a tattoo of a purple flame. “That is my mark, you will serve as my familiar and husband, and I shall be your wife.
  133. Henry was almost panicking, all he wanted to do was show her he appreciated her and now they were married? Or something deeper than that due to her marriage? He didn't know what to do and just stared at her for some time.
  135. Eventually, he calmed down. He had a wife now, that thought was ringing in his brain. Not only that, his wife was some sort of inhuman mage from another dimension. Is this what the other guys went through with their monster partners?
  137. He would have to look into how this familiar bond works, just in case it made him do things against his will, he would have to find a way of asking about it that didn't look like he was trying to abandon ship at first chance.
  139. “Well this certainly is sudden, but I think I can manage to be your familiar.” his answer brought more hugging and kissing from Ruth. The embraces of her curvy body were making him a little hot and bothered but he needed to focus right now. “Do you have any spells we can use to fix the room?”
  141. “Sure,” she said as she let go of him and re-summoned her staff. In no time the room was like nothing had happened to it, and even their clothes had been reconstructed and back on them. “Now then, do you mind showing me the recipe for that potion you made?” she said as she put her hat back on and approached
  143. “We could talk after dinner, let me just fire up the stove.” He said as he turned around. Only to looked into her eyes as she teleported behind him as he turned.
  145. “Don't be like that, food can wait and knowing that potion would make our time together all that sweeter, we could even work with my spells to improve it. Don't you want to please your mage, my dear familiar?” she said staring him straight in the eyes and pressing her body up against him. “and even if you don't tell me, I want to more of my familiar regardless.” she whispered in his ear.
  147. Henry had sworn if somebody hadn't knocked his door at that point he would have thrown all thought to the wind and taken his new wife up on her offer. But sadly he had to answer the door. Ruth had already broken the embrace and was cursing allowed about `blasted humans ruining her fun.` opening the door, henry was greeted by the sight of his brother.
  149. “What the hell have you been doing? I've been trying to reach you all day!” His brother said as he walked past him and entered the house. “what's going on?”
  151. “I've been busy doing things.” He said as he tried to explain his time with Ruth.
  153. Before he could use his excuse he was interrupted by Ruth entering the hallway. She was looking frustrated and the mere sight of Henry's brother seemed to annoy her. “So you are the one getting in my way,” she said darkly.
  155. Henry's brother stared at Ruth before looking back at him "why is there a woman dressed as witch here?”
  157. Ruth almost growled. “I will warn you only once. I am a mage, not a witch.”
  159. “Then why are you dressed like a witch?” His brother asked.
  161. It took some time before Ruth stopped trying to carry out her threats on Henry's brother. Henry at least used the time to think of an explanation.
  163. He needed it to be better than the straight truth or he would never hear the end of it.
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