Comfy Stories (Celestia and Twilight_

May 13th, 2016
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  1. Celestia
  3. >Your sister's moon hung lazily in the sky as you made your way back to your chambers
  4. >Your pacek was slow and your steps were measured, as they always were, but the usual aura of majesty that you casted around yourself was gone
  5. >Usually, when it was time to lower your sun so that Luna could bring about her night you would have bounded toward your room, excited to take a load off and just RELAX
  6. >But today, sadly, you had not been given the luxury of an evening to yourself
  7. >The yaks had come once again, making demands and flinging threats as they were known to do
  8. >This time it was about a land dispute--which was over fifteen hundred years old by the way--with the Crystal Empire over a section of snow-ladened mountains
  9. >Why the yaks would need such mountains were beyond both you and Cadence, who had asked you to mediate, but, as the hours had gone by, your headache and grown and grown until you were ready to fly north yourself and just blow the silly things to rubble
  10. >Prince, Rutherford, ever the drama king, had made demand after silly demand, furthering your headache
  11. >War was, of course, threatened, and what had turned into a land squabble had then turned into the Prince "casually" saying that a marriage proposal would be the only thing that would stave his wrath
  12. >Hump, "wrath"
  13. >Nevermind that you could crush the Prince's so-called "army" with a single battalion of your own forces
  14. >You, of course, had steered the conversation back to safer waters, moreso for the fact that Cadence had looked like she was going to burst out laughing, all the while remembering the Prince's mother
  15. >Queen Eotteon had been a wonderful ruler; a bit prideful, but you had been glad to call her not only ally but friend
  16. >If she had seen what her son had become, or more importantly what her husband had turned him into before he had also passed on, there would have been Tartarus to pay...
  17. >A gentle sigh escaped your lips as you turned the corner, nodding at a pair of statue-still guards
  19. >Even with you mediating the entire thing, the "talks" had still gone on for, far, far too long
  20. >You were tired, your rump was sore from sitting for hours on end and you could FEEL the sweat and dirt on your coat
  21. >You had had a VERY long day and you not only wanted but you NEEDED to rest
  22. >Partly because the negotiations STILL weren't over and you wanted to come back to them NOT wanting to throttle the annoying, whiny prince and partly because there was somepony waiting for you in your chambers that you hadn't gotten to see today and who you greatly missed
  23. >You nodded at another pair of guards, who in turn saluted, as you made your way into the royal wing of the castle
  24. >You were almost there; you could see your bedroom doors beckoning at the end of the hall
  25. >The day was almost over; the moment that you were behind those doors you could just sit back and relax
  26. >The thought immediately perked you up, and with a small smile on your face you began to pick up your pace
  27. >Twenty steps
  28. >Fifteen
  29. >Eight
  30. >Three
  31. >Your horn glowed, and with a thought your doors were opened and you stepped into your room without slowing, quickly closing the door behind you lest somepony try to stop you with some concern or message or report
  32. >At that moment you were no longer Princess Celestia, the mare who carried the weight of a nation on her withers
  33. >You were simply Celestia, the mare that needed to try to get some sleep since she needed to get up extra early for work tomorrow
  34. >As with the rest of the castle, your bedroom was aglow with the gentle light of Luna's moon
  35. >It's pale, almost hypnotizing glow bathed every inch of your room, from the door that you were standing near to your balcony outside
  36. >You sigh again, though this was a far happier one
  37. >Your horn glowed once again and your crown, your shoes and your peytral were gone, leaving you naked
  38. >You stretch, grunting as you hear bones pop back into place
  39. >As you did this your eyes wandered toward your bed
  41. >While this particular piece of furniture had been something slightly bittersweet to come back to every night now, because of the person that was currently lying on it, it brought a smile to your face
  42. >For years, longer than even you could remember, that bed had been cold, barren, a space shared by you and you alone
  43. >...Alone...
  44. >Shaking away such melancholy thoughts you took a step toward your bed, weariness forgotten
  45. >You could hear his breathing from here, slow and gentle
  46. >Your ears perked up
  47. >As slow and as gentle as it appeared to be it was still too quick for him to be sleeping
  48. >He was awake; no doubt ready to surprise you as you climb into bed with him
  49. >Your heart flutters at the thought, and a smile comes to your face as you quietly made your way forward
  50. >Time for the hunt-ee to become the hunter
  51. >Since it was rather warm out tonight he had forgone your blanket
  52. >You could see every inch of his naked body as he laid there splayed out, with those beautiful eyes of his closed
  53. >You drank in every inch of him, wondering for the millionth time how you managed to acquire a "stallion" such as this
  54. >One who was not only beautiful on the outside but who had made your days such a joy since the moment that you had met him
  55. >It was the little things he did
  56. >Bringing you fresh, warm cookies and milk to a long, stressful meeting--not only embarrassing you but also everypony in that meeting in the process--, the hugs and kisses on the cheek after a difficult day, the way that he moved and talked and the way that those green eyes of his lit up as he smiled
  57. >Sunshine
  58. >He was your sunshine; your sunshine that managed to brighten your day no matter what had happened or how sour your mood
  59. >Your bed creaks slightly under your weight as you carefully climb into it
  60. >Still your little human, your love, your sunshine, does not move, though you think you see his head move to the side slightly
  62. >Now grinning, you began to make your way up your little human's body, rubbing yourself against thim all the while
  63. >It was so wonderful feeling the heat of his body, the way that his skin rubbed against your fur
  64. >Not able to help it, you stopped your upward advance to kiss your human's belly
  65. >Your nostrils flared, inhaling the scent of vanilla, metal, baked goods and even your own scent
  66. >It was your sunshine's scent, and it didn't matter if he had just bathed or if he had spent the whole day sweating and working like a dog---as he was known to do-- you still loved it beyond words
  67. >You love him beyond words
  68. >The warm, tingly feeling in your belly grew as you kissed him again
  69. >If you weren't so exhausted you would have aimed your kisses a little lower
  70. >You would have hummed in delight as you heard your little human's gasp, his hands finding your mane as his hips bucked
  71. >You would have then embraced him and become one in every sense of the word
  72. >But there was no time for lovemaking tonight
  73. >That would have to be on another day; right now you needed to simply show your love
  74. >You once again continued your journey upward, though your kisses didn't cease
  75. >Belly, chest, neck, chin, cheeks, forehead, you let your lips travel where they will as you pressed yourself more firmly down onto your lover
  76. >If you would have done this with a stallion you would have enveloped them
  77. >The stallion, already uncomfortable lying on his back, would have whimpered in pain from your weight and you would have had to have gotten off him
  78. >The rest of the night thereafter would have been left in tense discomfort until either the stallion quietly left himself or you ordered him to leave
  79. >You'd have then been all by yourself in a cold, cold bed
  80. >Alone
  81. >Lonely
  82. >But, from the way that your lover's hands found themselves against your hips, you'd say that he liked your weight
  83. >He liked feeling your fur brush up against his gorgeous, mostly hairless naked body
  85. >You pressed your lips against his neck, hoping with all of your might that he could feel the love in each peck
  86. >Every time that you saw him, every time that you felt his touch or heard his laugh, you were so full of the emotion that your heart ached
  87. >Sunshine
  88. >YOUR sunshine
  89. >You squirmed on top of him as his hands traveled up and down your sides, his fingers digging slightly into your fur
  90. >With a whimper, one formed out of exhaustion, want and love, you pressed your lips against his
  91. >Your wings unfurled, encasing you both in a feathery cocoon where nothing else mattered other than THIS
  92. >You loved this man
  93. >You loved him so much that you wanted to scream it to the heavens
  94. >Only when your dear, dear sister had returned and the two of you had embraced as sisters once more had you felt like this
  95. >This happiness, this joy, this... fullness
  96. >And, to your joy, he felt the exact same way
  97. >You broke the kiss as his hands found themselves cupping your face
  98. >His fingers began rubbing against your cheeks in a circular motion, making you hum in delight
  99. >One of his eyes opened, and he smiled
  100. >You smiled back, your tail swishing back and forth happily
  101. >"There you are," he muttered
  102. >You smiled
  103. "Hello my sunshine."
  104. >You kissed him again, as any wife should kiss her husband
  105. "Sorry I'm late."
  108. Twilight
  110. >You were a pony that loved her books, and over the years you had developed the very useful skill of being able to read in nearly any environment, from the loudest stadiums to the quietest graveyards, but, as you laid in your bed after a LONG day, you couldn't quite... get there
  111. >Not that you weren't READING the book that was floating in front of you, in fact you there tearing through the pages like a fat colt tore through a cake, but you just couldn't get... THERE
  112. >The book didn't absorb you into its world and you weren't able to explore every inch of it like you usually could
  113. >Tonight you were simply reading words that formed into sentences which formed into paragraphs
  114. >But even still you soldiered through the Daring Do book, not because you wanted to read it (you had read this particular book about a dozen times) but because you needed to keep yourself busy
  115. >The mind was a very tricky thing when it wasn't stimulated
  116. >If you weren't careful fears and worries and insecurities that you had buried during the day might go and rear their ugly heads as Luna's moon rose up into the sky
  117. >And, since your noggin had been particularly active these last couple of days, especially around bedtime, you had taken it upon yourself to keep your mind busy, all while ignoring the lingering fear that was clawing at the back of your mind
  118. >It had been another long, long, LONG day
  119. >Your old teacher had asked you to sit in for one of her courts so that you might learn the finer points of governing Equestria, as she had been doing for the past few months
  120. >At first you had been ecstatic
  121. >You were a wet-behind-the-ears Princess of Friendship: Of COURSE you wanted to do all that you could to make the land that you loved a better place
  122. >You had read up on every law book that you could get your hooves on, all the while thinking over all of the ways that you could spread your lessons of harmony and friendship
  124. >But there was no harmony in Canterlot, and there most CERTAINLY wasn't all that much friendship
  125. >Though you had lived in the city all of your life your childhood had been a sheltered one
  126. >Both your parents and Princess Celestia had done everything that they could to keep you out of the city's politics
  127. >So now, to your dismay, you got to see the "game" that the nobility of Canterlot played with each other and the entire city as a whole
  128. >The lying, the backstabbing, juggling ponies lives like they were nothing and meant even less...
  129. >Before you were a princess you had been a nobody
  130. >Somepony that most stallions wouldn't even give a second look
  131. >But now, now that you had a set of wings, which in the nobles eyes meant you had "power", you were the best thing since horn polishers
  132. >Every day stallions were swooning over you, flirting and kissing up to and vying for your attention
  133. >Now you had mares sending you letters trying to get you to join their herds, praising you and all that you've done for Equestria and other such nonsense
  134. >You'll admit that you're a pretty naive pony when it comes to a lot of things, but even you could see the daggers that were hiding behind those ponies backs
  135. >They didn't care about you as a mare, they didn't care about your thoughts or feelings, all they saw was the crown and these wings...
  136. >You sighed as you closed your book, teleporting it onto your shelf before you rolled onto your back, looking up at the ceiling
  137. >When you were little you had always wondered why your old teach didn't have a herd or a special somepony of her own, but now you know
  138. >If you weren't careful the pony that swore up and down that they'd love you always and forever wouldn't be a pony at all
  139. >They'd be a leech; sucking everything out of you and tossing away the empty husk without a second thought...
  140. >Your ears perked up as you heard footsteps coming from down the hall
  141. >You knew those footsteps
  143. >They weren't the light pitter-patter of Spike's claws, and they weren't the clip-clopping of Starlight's hooves
  144. >These footsteps were heavier, a bit faster than your student and assistant
  145. >He came again tonight?
  146. >A smile quickly wormed its way onto your face as you blew a bit of mane out of your face, all of your worries dissipating, replaced with happiness
  147. >He came again tonight...
  148. >The only stallion that you've ever met that you could be YOU around
  149. >Not Twilight: the Princess of Friendship, but Twilight: the bookworm that liked her fast food a little too much and who may or may not have won a national Yu-Pon-Oh title when she was thirteen years old
  150. >...
  151. >You still have the deck in your closet...
  152. >There was a gentle tapping at your door before you heard the doorknob being turned
  153. >You lifted your head up just a bit just as the door was slowly opened
  154. >Though it had been months since he had lived in your castle, but even now he still had the keys that you had given him, and while he usually got just as lost as Starlight did now he knew his way around just enough to make it to your bedroom without much trouble
  155. >...
  156. >Y-You didn't m-mean it like that!
  157. >Just because he lived in y-your house didn't mean you'd EVER t-take advantage of a stallion like that!
  158. >Especially not him...
  159. >He smiles the moment that he sees you, and just like every time that you see him smile you can't help but blush and feel tingly all over
  160. >You then remember that you're in a rather compromising position, what with you lying on your back with your back legs splayed out like they were
  161. >With a NERVOUS/borderline hysterical giggle you rolled onto your tummy, resisting the urge to cover your face with your wings
  162. >There was a reason that you hadn't had a single coltfriend when you were a unicorn, and sadly that reason hadn't went away because you were a princess now
  163. >You just... froze up around stallions
  165. >It wasn't your fault
  166. >...You think
  167. >No matter what you did, no matter if the stallion was a knockout or so ugly that his reflection would crack a mirror, you couldn't help but be a sperg around them
  168. >And a dork and a chubby weirdo and...
  169. >...
  170. >You get the point...
  171. >But, while your behavior would have made most stallion's roll their eyes and walk away in disgust, he just smiled; no matter what you said do did or how stupid or cringy it was he just smiled
  172. >And it wasn't a cruel smile that stallions could do so well either; this was an honest, wonderful smile that made your heart flutter and seemed to light up the room
  173. >"I'm sorry that I'm late," he said, stepping into the room and quickly kicking his shoes off. "I had to help Big Mac drag a tree halfway across the farm so we could get it into the barn."
  174. "I-It's alright," you mumble, wiggling nervously as you watched him pull his shirt off, letting you properly see his upper body
  175. >You had never understood why he had insisted on wearing cloths; he looked perfectly wonderful without them on, so much so that it should have been a crime to hide all of THAT away
  176. >You had told him that to his face the second after he had commented needing to get some from Rarity when he had first come into your life
  177. >You then remembered that you were talking to a stallion and promptly broke down into a sweaty, blushy, shimmering mess
  178. >But just as he did now he had laughed that wonderful laugh of his
  179. >His shirt came off, then his s-socks, then his p-pants as he made his way over to you
  180. >You tried not to stare, you knew that it was impolite to stare, you were raised NOT to stare at stallions, but you couldn't help but do so
  181. >Though he wasn't a stallion he was jaw-dropping in every sense of the word
  182. >Mares from all over would(and SHOULD) start wars to get a stallion like this
  183. >He was beautiful, inside and out, he was smart, he was nice
  184. >And he was YOURS
  185. >Your stallion...
  187. >Not because he wanted the power that you may or may not have, not because he wanted the easy life living in your castle on your bits
  188. >The two of you had been as thick as thieves long before you had become a princess and you could say, without a BIT of shame, that he probably worked harder in one day than you did in a WEEK
  189. >He cared about you because, for some CRAZY reason, he liked you for the purple weirdo that you were
  190. >In fact HE was the one that had asked YOU out, and looked TERRIFIED as he did it
  191. >HIM, terrified that YOU were going to tell that you weren't interested
  192. >You giggle quietly at the thought as he, in just his underwear, climbed into the bed with you
  193. >The bed, like it always did, creaked under his weight as he crawled toward you
  194. >You rolled back onto your back, making sure that you were decent, and spread your rear hooves out, hooking them around his neck when he got close
  195. "I missed you," you quietly admitted as he picked you up, laying you on top of him as he laid down
  196. >His smile widened as he leaned up and kissed your cheek
  197. >"I was only gone for the day you silly pony," he said as you nuzzled his cheek, relishing in his warmth and touch and his smell
  198. >His smell that smelled smelly in the best possible way
  199. >You know, you were being silly
  200. >Not Applejack silly (nopony could be half as silly as her even if they tried) but you were still being silly
  201. >You KNEW him
  202. >You KNEW that he'd never leave you
  203. >You KNEW that he loved you
  204. >...But there was still that thought that one day you'd sit on this bed waiting for him and he wouldn't knock on that door
  205. >That he'd find somepony else, somepony better and more marely and more confident than you
  206. >Somepony better
  207. >There was somepony better...
  208. >You weren't good enough for him...
  209. >Never good enough...
  210. >As if sensing that your thoughts were turning less than sunny, Anon gave you another sweet peck on the cheek
  211. >His arm looped around your withers, pulling you firmly against him
  213. >"Who's a pretty pony?" he murmured as you nuzzled him
  214. >Your horn glowed, and with a spell you pulled your blanket over the two of you
  215. >Since he seemed a little cold (or so you told yourself) you made sure to wrap your wings around him nice ang tight, rubbing your cheek against his neck right under his chin
  216. "I'm a pretty pony," you murmured right back
  217. >His smile widened as you settled against him
  218. >You didn't even have to shift around to get comfortable; it was almost like you were made to be pressed up against him like this...
  219. >Anon kissed your cheek again, one of his hands reaching up to flick away the stray tear that was making its way down your face
  220. >You loved him
  221. >"Who's a pretty pony?"
  222. >You loved every bit of him
  223. >You loved how his fingers traced your cutiemark as he held you
  224. >You loved the feeling of his bare skin against the soft fur of your tummy
  225. >You loved every kiss he gave you and how even the little ones were so full of love
  226. >You loved every flaw and every imperfection
  227. >You sniffled, your hooves tightening around your human's neck as the day's hardships make themselves known
  228. "I'm a p-pretty pony."
  229. >In here, in this room, you didn't have to be a marely mare that other mares looked to (Celestia forbid that anypony looked up at you)
  230. >You didn't need to be a princess
  231. >You didn't need to be anything that you didn't want to be
  232. >You could just be... you
  233. >Your human wiped your cheek once again with his thumb as you looked up at him, your lips quivering
  234. >Slowly, you leaned upward with your lips puckered
  235. >Though you knew that you were probably a TERRIBLE kisser Anon nevertheless let out a pleased hum as your lips connected
  236. >Though he was so different from you this felt just as wholesome as when the two of you were lying together
  237. >Your lips were made to be pressed up against his
  238. >You were made to feel his warmth and taste as your heart pounded in your chest
  240. >With your ears flat against your skull, you shut your eyes as hard as you could, kissing him with all of your might
  241. >Please, please feel the love in these kisses
  242. >Feel how much you mean to me and how lost I am without that smile or your touch or those kisses or your touch
  243. >Please know that I love you with all of my heart and please, please, please, please know that I always will until my heart stops beating
  244. >You whimpered even as a small smile of joy came to your face
  245. >You broke the kiss, pressing your forehead against his
  246. >You opened your watery eyes, staring directly into his, your breathing just a hair ragged
  247. >"Yes, you are a pretty pony, Twilight," he whispered, giving you a kiss on the nose before nuzzling your face. "And never, EVER let anyone tell you different."
  248. >Now you understand why your old teacher never took a herd or got herself a special somepony
  249. >But, as you found yourself being lulled to sleep by your human's warmth and the feeling of his heart gently beating against your chest, you can't for the life of you understand how she managed so long without being whole
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