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  3. PART 1
  4. >What is UBI (Universal Basic Income)?
  5. Every adult citizen gets paid a sum of money every month, regardless of occupational, no strings attached. Yang in particular wants this sum to be 1000$ a month.
  6. >Why support UBI (Universal Basic Income)?
  7. More than 50% of current work activities are technically automatable by adapting currently demonstrated technologies and in about 60 percent of occupations, at least one-third of the constituent activities could be automated. UBI ensures that everyone's existence is secured and the markets keep running by giving them the ability to buy and consume.
  8. UBI is projected to grow the economy by $2.5 trillion in eight years and create 4.6 million new jobs. This would generate approximately $500 – 600 billion in new
  9. revenue from economic growth and activity. UBI drives up the wages of unpleasant jobs by giving workers the ability to quit without starving.
  12. %20wages/mgi%20jobs%20lost-jobs%20gained_report_december%202017.ashx
  13. >But won't people stop working?
  14. A study done by Harvard and MIT proves otherwise:
  16. PART 2
  17. >But isn't this communism/socialism?
  18. No. Socialists want the means of production to be nationalized. UBI is in fact necessary for the preservation of free markets. As automation kills jobs, the former workers need the ability to buy and consume, otherwise the markets won't work. Markets need consumers to sell their goods to and UBI ensures this. Without UBI, you'd get masses of angry socialists seizing all property and creating another orwellian dystopia. UBI is in fact an anti-communist measure necessary in our times. Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Richard Nixon, Paul Krugman and George McGovern all supported it and they strongly oppose communism/socialism of any kind. Yang himself has voiced his support for capitalism many times. UBI is simply capitalism with a floor you can't fall beneath.
  19. >Is he a jew puppet?
  20. Yang said that we should stop supporting Israel and wants to stop the endless wars.
  21. >How does he benefit whites?
  22. He acknowledged the issue of white birthrates and aims to fix it. Also, UBI would incentivise whites to have children and allow mothers to stay home raising them.
  24. >But isn't this giving gibs to non-whites?
  25. Non-whites are disproportionate recipients of welfare. UBI would replace all welfare and unlike with welfare, whites would get their share too. It is a net gain for whites.
  27. PART 3
  28. >How will he finance it?
  29. With a value-added tax. It is a on the production of goods or services a business produces and it makes it much harder for large corporations, who are experts at
  30. hiding profits and income, to avoid paying their fair share. A VAT is nothing new. 160 out of 193 countries in the world already have a Value-Added Tax or something
  31. similar, including all of Europe which has an average VAT of 20 percent. UBI would also replace all welfare. 72% of the welfare budget is spent on administration is not actually being handed out. UBI would do away with the costly bureaucracy.
  33. >Wouldn't that cause inflation?
  34. The federal government recently printed $4 trillion for the bank bailouts in its quantitative easing program with no inflation. Yang's plan for a Universal Basic
  35. Income uses mostly money already in the economy. In monetary economics, leading theory states that inflation is based on changes in the supply of money. Our UBI plan
  36. has minimal changes in the supply of money because it is funded by a Value-added Tax. It is likely that some companies will increase their prices in response to people
  37. having more buying power, and a VAT would also increase prices marginally. However, there will still be competition between firms that will keep prices in check. Over time, technology will continue to decrease the prices of most goods where it is allowed to do so (e.g., clothing, media, consumer electronics, etc.). The main inflation we currently experience is in sectors where automation has not been applied due to government regulation or inapplicability – primarily housing, education and healthcare. The real issue isn’t Universal Basic Income, it’s whether technology and automation will be allowed to reduce prices in different sectors.
  39. PART 4
  40. >But won't he take my guns?
  41. He has responded to previous criticisms of his gun views and adapted to it. The only thing he supports are tax incentives to register arms. Since the supreme court is
  42. owned by the GOP, it won't be possible to push any meaningful infringement through. Trump "take the guns first, due process later" already came for your bumpstocks.
  43. Not to mention that the files required to 3D print AR-15s are already available for download and with the rise of metal 3D-printing, everyone will be able manufacture
  44. rifles as he pleases.
  45. >LGBT
  46. Trump supports LGBT as well, he has promised to "protect" them and his administration vowed to spread gay rights in the entire world.
  47. >Immigration
  48. Trump said that he wants an INCREASE in immigration as long as it is legal. Yang believes that the border needs to be secured and that illegal immigration has to be prevented and suggested various ways to improve the security of the southern border.
  50. Wikileaks now in the #YangGang?:
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