fuck man

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  1. Yeah, I do know how hard it was for you, as you have told me and I listened to all of it. I felt the pain you felt, and did I want to? No. But I did because I cared for you (still do) and I am always their when you have to talk to someone. Yeah, He fucked you over right before christmas, I know
  2. how hard it is to lose someone you loved. But you should know before I leave for a long time again probably, that I wouldnt want to leave your side for anything in the world. On god. I just wish I could have a chance but it will never happen which is why I have to go. You kept me going through some shit irl, and you didnt know this but u helped me just by talking to me. Fuck hess, im hurt right now and while writing this its getting hard as my eyes are swelling up so i should probably end this here. I love you hess.
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