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  1. "Snikt..." Neil said, her small body laying atop him. She was quivering, nervous. Snikt was wholly nude, her smooth reptilian body on display.
  3. "Neil?" Snikt responded.
  5. "Are you sure that you want this? I mean... you're so small, I'm about ten times larger than you." He said.
  7. "I've got a feeling I've fit bigger," She responded. Neil's arousal was apparent, even through his pants. Snikt rolled off of her bed, landing on the stone floor of her cave. Neil swung his legs around, barely having enough room in the crevice of her bed to sit straight. Snikt pulled his pants off, a claw playing over the growing bulge in his underpants. It responded to this stimulation by growing more, making Snikt smile. She pulled his underpants down, seeing his member for the first time in their entire relationship. She hungrily spat on her hands, lubricating her hands for what came next. In Snikt's claws was the object of desire, the little man of the hour. She stroked up and down his readily growing, thick cock. He groaned a little, watching Snikt play with his erection was incredible, and the feelings were even better. Neil stopped growing when he hit ten inches and five around. Snikt put the tip in her mouth, her tongue swirling around his head. Neil grabbed her horns, forcing her down even further. He pushed down into the kobold's throat,slowly facefucking her. She groaned through his meaty cock, the sensation of the groan causing Neil to shiver. Snikt pulled up for a breath.
  9. "Can't you shapeshift?" She asked.
  11. "Y-yeah?" Neil responded.
  13. "Make your phallus malleable. I'd like to mold it to how I'd like it." Snikt said. Neil looked at her funny, but understood her nonetheless. His member went formless, almost like a gray, shifting form of clay. She molded it to have three ridges, in quick succesion. Snikt sacrificed some of its length to pull out a knot at the bottom.
  15. "It looks like a dragon dick," Neil said. Snikt said nothing in response, only pulling Neil down to the ground. She waggled her bottom in his face from his prone position, spreading her cheeks apart.
  17. "Is it okay if I... like, sit on your face?" Snikt asked. Neil nodded, and Snikt plopped down onto his face. He tongued her asshole, his saliva covering all of it. He plunged it inside her, her moans music to his ears. Neil started to tongue fuck Snikt's asshole, pulling it in and out with a quick rhythm. Snikt ground against his face, groaning. She pulled away, aiming her taught asshole over his now draconic member. She forced it inside, the prior lubrication making everything marginally easier. Neil sounded like he choked, watching her reverse cowgirl his dick. She pulled up and down, feeling every ridge inside her. Snikt couldn't manage the knot, but that wasn't important right now. Neil forced her down, standing up so that he could go his own pace. Which was about 17 megathrusts per minute. He forced the knot inside of her, and went balls deep with every single push. Snikt was screaming out in pleasure, loving that Neil finally  took charge. She came, her walls convulsing around him. That pushed Neil over the edge, and with a final few thrusts he was pushing his warm seed inside of her. With the size of his load, her belly distended. She groaned, feeling her bowels fill with his hot semen. He pulled out, the rest of his load shot over her scaly body. It poured out of her asshole, as Neil started to lightly cry.
  19. "Snikt... I love you. So much... thank you," Neil said, lightly sobbing. Tears streamed down his cheeks, as he crumpled to the ground. Snikt hugged him close, as he cried into her shoulder.
  21. "You're so beautiful... I don't deserve you... at all," Neil cried.
  23. "Neil... It's alright," Snikt responded, patting him on the back.
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