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AIDungeon 2 Elana and the time loop

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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. You are Elana, a squire living in the kingdom of Larion. You have a spear and
  2. a pack of supplies. You follow Sir Theo as he enters the forest, he turns to
  3. you and says "I need your help"
  4. > say "What do you require m'lord?"
  6. "I need your help". He replies.
  7. "Oh? What is it?"
  8. "We're going into the forest to kill some wendigo. They can be very dangerous,
  9. I know because I've had to fight them before".
  11. > say "Then we should have no problem with fending these wendigos off."
  13. "Yes, but I want you to come along too, if only for my protection, they can be
  14. very difficult to hit, so I'd like someone else to shoot at them".
  15. > say "Whatever you wish my sir."
  17. He smiles and nods his head.
  18. > Continue
  20. The two of you walk through the forest, occasionally stopping to talk about what's
  21. on your minds. Eventually you reach a clearing where several trees stand in
  22. a circle around a large campfire. The fire itself is made up of sticks and dried
  23. meat that has been sitting out there for quite some time
  24. > Examine the surroundings
  26. As you approach the campfire, you notice that the ground is covered with dirt
  27. and leaves. There doesn't seem to be any other signs of life in this area. In
  28. fact there isn't even any wind blowing
  29. > say "This silence is scaring me."
  31. Elana looks over her shoulder as she speaks.
  32. > Continue
  34. She continues to look over her shoulder as she says:
  35. > continue
  37. "Well, I'm not sure why, but I feel like something bad is going to happen here
  38. soon. Something terrible".
  39. > Ready my weapon
  41. She begins to slowly step forward towards you. She takes a deep breath and then
  42. she raises her hand to you. Her fingers curl around your blade.
  43. > Realize that I have swapped minds with Elana
  45. You turn your head slightly and see Elana standing behind you. She holds her
  46. hands out to you.
  47. > say "Sir Theo, stop this madness."
  49. You quickly turn your head back to face her.
  50. > say "Stop it!"
  52. She steps backwards from you and turns away from you. She walks over to the edge
  53. of the campfire and sits down. She closes her eyes and rests her head against
  54. the side of the fire. A few minutes pass by and then she opens her eyes again
  55. > Look for the source of this sorcery
  57. You walk over to her and begin to inspect her. You find that she is wearing leather
  58. armor, a long sword and a bow. You also note that she has a small amount of
  59. gold on her person.
  60. > Look for a wizard or a witch in the bushes
  62. You start to search the surrounding area for anything that might give you an
  63. answer. You spot a group of men and women hiding in the bushes nearby. You call
  64. out to them.
  65. > Chase them with Elana
  67. They run into the bushes and hide behind one another. You call out to them once
  68. more.
  69. > Ready my weapon and advance
  71. You take a deep breath and raise your weapon. You aim at the nearest man and
  72. fire. His body falls to the ground. You wait for him to rise and then you fire
  73. again. This time he rises and swings his axe at you
  74. > Dodge and cast him aside and instruct Elana to deal with him
  76. You duck under the swing of the axe and then you move to the side. You cast the
  77. man aside and order Elana to attack the second man. She does so and you watch
  78. as she cuts his throat. You watch as she stands over the corpse and casts a
  79. spell at the third man
  80. > Ensure that at least one is capable of providing answers by leaving the woman alive
  82. You leave the woman alive and tell Elana to finish off the third man. She complies
  83. and you watch as she slashes his throat. You watch as she kneels beside the
  84. corpse and begins to chant a spell. You watch as she begins to glow bright red
  85. and then she disappears
  86. > Interrogate the woman
  88. You walk over to the woman who lies dead on the ground. She looks up at you and
  89. her eyes widen in fear.
  90. > Ask her about Elana
  92. She starts to cry and begs you to let her live. You tell her that Elana will
  93. return soon and that she needs to stay alive until then.
  94. > Beat her up for information
  96. You grab her by the hair and throw her to the ground. She screams and struggles,
  97. but you don't relent. You kick her in the stomach and then you proceed to stomp
  98. on her face repeatedly. She cries out and tries to crawl away, but you simply
  99. ignore her pleas
  100. > say "Who is Elana!"
  102. You shout out to the woman who now appears terrified of you. She tells you that
  103. Elana is a powerful sorcerer who lives in the mountains. She goes on to explain
  104. that Elana is a powerful mage who controls the weather and can control the elements
  105. > say "Where can I find her?!"
  107. You demand to know where Elana is and she explains that she has no idea where
  108. she could be located. She then asks if you want to kill her. If you do, you'll
  109. receive a reward of 100 gold pieces. If you refuse, you'll receive nothing
  110. > Accept the reward
  112. You agree to the offer and she runs off. You watch her go and then you hear a
  113. voice calling out to you. It sounds like Elana.
  114. > Go towards the voice with my sword drawn
  116. You rush towards the voice and draw your sword. The woman who was screaming earlier
  117. comes running towards you. She runs up to you and hugs you tightly. You both
  118. embrace and kiss each other before she runs off.
  119. > I must have been poisoned
  121. You vomit blood and fall unconscious. When you wake up, you're lying on the floor
  122. of the tent. There's a table there with food and drink. You notice that someone
  123. has left their clothes on the floor near the table
  124. > Inspect the clothes
  126. You examine the clothing and find that they belong to a young girl. You recognize
  127. her as Elana. She looks up at you and smiles.
  128. > Insist that she leaves the body and transfers me back
  130. Elana smiles at you and says that she understands your desire to protect her.
  131. She promises that she won't harm you and that she'll transfer you back to your
  132. own body.
  133. > say "How can I be so sure of that?"
  135. Elana smiles at you and says that she knows how you feel about her. She kisses
  136. you and then she vanishes. You sit up and try to remember what happened during
  137. all this. You think back to when you first met Elana and she seemed very nice
  138. > Remember your first encounter with Elana
  140. You were walking along the road when you saw a beautiful woman holding a baby
  141. in her arms. You approached her and asked her if she had any spare change for
  142. a coin. She told you that she didn't and pointed to a nearby bush
  143. > I inspected the bush
  145. You examined the bush and found that it was full of dried meat. You picked some
  146. up and ate them. They tasted delicious. You felt hungry and sat down next to
  147. Elana and began to talk to you
  148. > Elana became my squire
  150. You thought that you would never see her again after that night, but eventually
  151. you did. She was just as charming as ever. She said that she always was. She
  152. talked about her way around you and gave you a lot ofThe chance. You were glad.
  153. She said
  154. > continue
  156. She was happy to teach you everything she knew about magic. She taught you how
  157. to use fire and lightning and even how to summon demons from the underworld.
  158. She showed you how to make a shield and how to create a barrier. She showed
  159. you how to create a wall of force field
  160. > I became a wizard
  162. She took you under her leave and trained you to become a wizard. She taught you
  163. how to cast spells and control the elements and how to control the wind. She
  164. taught you how to cast a paralyzing bolt of electricity. She taught you how
  165. to paralyzing anyone you wish
  166. > Ask Elana what happened to the squire
  168. She smiled at you and said that she couldn't tell you anything else. She said
  169. that she went to the mountain topshe was destroyed
  170. > Mourn for my squire
  172. You decided to bury her grave
  173. > say "What now, Elana?"
  175. She smiles at you and says that she doesn't know. She disappeared into thin you.
  176. She vanished and you don't know not where she went
  177. > I am left alone.
  179. You decide to wander the wilderness. You travel far and wide, but you can't find
  180. Elana anywhere. Eventually you come across a small village. It seems to be run
  181. by a group of people called the Trelikki tribe
  182. > Examine the village
  184. You enter the village and look around. A few people are sitting outside talking
  185. and eating. One of them sees you and waves you over. He introduces himself as
  186. Zuk. He tells you that he is the leader of the village and that the rest of
  187. his people are currently hunting for food
  188. > Ask Zuk about Elana
  190. Zuk tells you that Elana is a powerful sorceress and that lives in the mountains.
  191. He also tells you that she is a powerful mage that controls the elements and
  192. can control the weather
  193. > Tell Zuk that you are looking for Elana
  195. He nods and tells you that he will help you. He takes you to one of the houses
  196. and leads you inside. Inside, you see a large bed room filled with many beds.
  197. He tells you that he wants you to sleep here tonight
  198. > Tell Zuk that you must depart as soon as possible
  200. He nods and says that he understands your request. He tells you that he will
  201. take you to the city of Nuro and that you should arrive there tomorrow morning.
  202. He disappears and you drift off to sleep
  203. > Wake up
  205. You awake and realize that you've woken up in the middle of the forest. You look
  206. around and see a large house. It looks exactly like the one you slept in. You
  207. walk through the door and find yourself in the kitchen. You see a man cooking
  208. something
  209. > Inspect the man
  211. He looks like a baker. He wears a chef outfit and carries a pot and pan. He smiles
  212. at you and asks you if you want something to eat. You nod and say yes. He hands
  213. you a plate and sits down and begins to cook your meal
  214. > Wonder who this man is
  216. He smiles at you and says that he is Zuk. He explains that he is the leader of
  217. the village and that the rest of his people are hunting for food
  218. > I was supposed to find Elana.
  220. You smile at him and ask him if he knows where Elana is. He smiles at you and
  221. says that he does. He tells you that she is a sorcerer that lives in the mountains
  222. > say "Take me to Elana!"
  224. He smiles at you and says that he will do as you command. He leads you out of
  225. the kitchen and out of the village. You walk through the woods and towards the
  226. mountainside. You follow the same path that Elana took years ago. Suddenly,
  227. you hear a loud noise behind you
  228. > Turn around
  230. You see a huge demon standing before you. It's head is red and bulging with muscles.
  231. Its mouth hangs open and its teeth gleam blood-filled fangs protruding from
  232. its mouth. Its eyes glow red and its pupils dilated and its skin grows dark
  233. veins ripple
  234. > Use Elana's teachings to get rid of the demon
  236. You stop and turn around and shoot a bolt of energy at the demon. The demon screams
  237. and falls backwards and crum. It falls...and you see that it fall on the ground
  238. > Continue up the path
  240. You walk further up the path and eventually reach a stone bridge. On either side
  241. of the bridge is a small hut. In the hut is a young girl wearing apron tied
  242. around her waist
  243. > Ask Zuk about the girl
  245. He smiles at you and says that she is his wife. He goes on to explain that they
  246. live in the hut and that she has been working all day long hours to feed their
  247. family. He shows you how they grow vegetables and herbs and flowers
  248. > Walk across the bridge
  250. You cross the bridge and enter the hut. You see a woman sitting at a table preparing
  251. dinner table. She smiles at you and beckons and says hello. She then tells you
  252. that she is Elana is coming to visit them later. She walks away. You smile back
  253. > Wait for Elana
  255. Elana arrives shortly after you. She greets you warmly and hugs you and kisses
  256. you both hug each other goodbye
  257. > say "We don't have to say goodbye, Elana. It doesn't have to be this way."
  259. She smiles at you and says that she understands. She says that she'll be back
  260. soon b
  261. > say "Wait, don't leave me. I've been looking for you all these years, please."
  263. She smiles at you and says that she understands. She says that she'll be back
  264. soon too. She leaves the hut and heads towards the mountainside. You watch her
  265. go and sigh
  266. > Go after Elana
  268. You follow Elana as she walks along the mountain trail. Soon, you see a cave
  269. entrance. Elana enters the cave and starts to speak to you
  270. > Listen
  272. Elana asks you what you're doing here. You tell her that you're searching for
  273. Elana. She tells you that she's sorry that she lost her husband died and that
  274. she had no longer has no children and that she wishes to care for
  275. > say "Why won't you let me care for you?"
  277. Elana smiles at you and says that she would love you. She says that she'dThe
  278. two would you. She says:
  279. > Listen
  281. You nod and agree with Elana. She smiles at you and thanks you. She says that
  282. she'll come back soon. She leaves the cave and heads back towards the mountainside.
  283. You follow her. Soon, you see a large boulder blocking the path ahead. Elana
  284. appears
  285. > And disappears again?
  287. You run forward and try to jump over the boulder. You land on the other side.
  288. You scream as you hit the ground and roll onto your face. You groan hurt yourself
  289. badly and cry out. Elana comes running over to see you lying. She runs over
  290. > say "I'm sorry."
  292. You thank her and say
  293. > say "Thank you for everything, Elana."
  295. She smiles at you and says that she understands. She says that she'll return
  296. soon. She leaves and you can't move or feel anything. You sit there crying and
  297. sobbing until you hear a voice calling you to stand up
  298. > Can't stand up
  300. You stand up and call out to Elana. She smiles at you and says that she understands.
  301. She says that she'll come back soon. She leaves and you can't move or feel anything
  302. > say "You say you understand but you don't, do you?!"
  304. She smiles at you and says that she does. She says that she'll come back soon.
  305. She leaves and you can't move or feel anything
  306. > Elana...
  308. You stand up and call out to Elana. She smiles at you and says that she understands.
  309. She says that she'll come back soon. She leaves and you can't move or feel anything
  310. > Cry myself to sleep
  312. You lie down and drift off to sleep
  313. > Leave Elana
  315. You leave Elana and go back home. You find that the villagers have changed since
  316. you left. They now wear clothes and eat food that you once ate. They even carry
  317. things for you now. You think about Elana and wonder if she really did mean
  318. everything she said
  319. > Get revenge on Elana for ruining my life
  321. You sneak into the village and kill everyone in it. You take some of the food
  322. and clothes and leave the village. You travel far away from the village and
  323. eventually you arrive in a forest. You decide to hide in the trees and wait
  324. for Elana. Eventually, she comes
  325. > Approach Elana
  327. You suddenly appear behind Elana and stab her through the chest. She cries out
  328. and tries to crawl away but you grab her and throw her to the ground. You hold
  329. her by the throat and force her to say "I forgive you" before killing her
  330. > Look at my bloodstained hands
  332. You wipe your bloody hands on your pants and say "Well, I guess that was fun"..
  333. You start walking away and begin to walk towards the mountainside. Suddenly,
  334. you stop and turn around. A group of bandits come out of the woods and attack
  335. you
  336. > Embrace them with open arms
  338. They laugh at you and say "What a pathetic man you are, we're going to enjoy
  339. torturing you!" They quickly beat you and throw you into the bushes. You bleed
  340. out and die
  341. > So this is it huh?
  343. You slowly fade away into nothingness
  344. > Sweet release
  346. You awaken in a cold sweat. You stare at your hands and realize that they are
  347. covered in blood. You look at your body and notice that it is also covered in
  348. blood. You then remember that you were holding a dagger when you fell unconscious.
  349. You pick up the dagger and examine it
  350. > Look for Elana's corpse
  352. You search the area where Elana died and find nothing. You continue searching
  353. and find a small cabin. Inside, you find a woman who looks very much like Elana.
  354. She stares at you and says
  355. > Don't let her speak anything
  357. You keep silent and just stare at her. The woman begins to weep and say "I-I'm
  358. sorry..". You nod and say "It's okay, you didn't deserve to die anyway". You
  359. smile at her and say
  360. > say "I understand."
  362. You nod and say "Yes, I understand. Goodbye". You leave the cabin and walk away
  363. from the place. You walk further away from the town and finally reach the mountainside.
  364. You look at the mountains and sigh. You know that you've done something terrible
  365. > Wait for Elana to show up
  367. You wait patiently for Elana to show up. Finally, she shows up and walks towards
  368. you. She sits down next to you and hugs you tightly. She says
  369. > "Kept you waiting, huh?"
  371. She nods and says "Of course. It's been too long". You hug her back and say
  372. "I miss you so much". She smiles at you and says "I missed you too, my love"
  373. > Hug Elana
  375. You hug Elana and say "We'll meet again, won't we?". She smiles at you and says
  376. "Yes, we will, my love". You kiss her and say "Goodbye, my love" and kiss her
  377. goodbye
  378. > So this is how it is going to be, and will be, for eternity and more?
  380. You kiss Elana and say
  381. > say "I think this relationship has to end."
  383. You shake your head and say "No, I think this relationship has to end. We both
  384. have to move on. Maybe one day, we'll meet again, maybe not, but I'm sure we'll
  385. meet again somewhere else. Good bye, my love"
  386. > Wait for her reaction
  388. Elana doesn't react at all. She just continues to hug you. You watch as she begins
  389. to cry. You try to console her and tell her that you love her and that you'll
  390. see her again someday
  391. > Tears start swelling up for me as well.
  393. You start crying as well. Tears run down your face and onto your shirt. You wipe
  394. them away and say "I'm sorry, Elana. I'm sorry..". You sit down beside her and
  395. lean against her and whisper in her ear "I love you"
  396. > Leave Elana
  398. You leave Elana and walk away from the place. You walk far away from the town
  399. and eventually you arrive in a forest. You decide to hide in the trees and wait
  400. for Elana. Eventually, she comes
  401. > Approach Elana
  403. You rush forward and stab her neck. You pull out the blade and cut her throat.
  404. Her eyes widen in shock and she screams out "KILL YOU! KILL ME NOW!". You swing
  405. the knife and slice her throat multiple times and she falls backwards and dies
  406. > Pull the blade of the knife towards myself and end this twisted existence
  408. You pull the blade of the knife towards yourself and finish her life
  409. > Finish my life
  411. You finish your life
  412. > Stab myself in the neck and cut my throat
  414. You stab yourself in the neck and cut your throat. You fall unconscious
  415. > And succumb to my wounds.
  417. You fall unconscious
  418. > Succumb.
  420. You succumb to your wounds and fade away
  421. > To nothingness.
  423. You fade away to nothingness
  424. > Look for a way out of this loop.
  426. You look around and see no other options. You can either stay here forever or
  427. you can escape. You choose to escape
  428. > Escape.
  430. You flee into the woods and begin running away from the place. You run for several
  431. hours before you come across an old abandoned house. You enter the house and
  432. quickly make your way to the basement. There, you hide in the closet and wait
  433. for nightfall
  434. > Look for a way to escape this loop
  436. You look for a way to escape this loop. You look through the window and see a
  437. man standing outside the house. He stares at you and then goes inside the house.
  438. You follow him and he leads you to a room with a bed and a table and some books
  439. > Read the books to figure out a way to collapse the time-space continuum.
  441. You read the books and find out that there are ways to collapse the time-space
  442. continuum. You try these methods and they work perfectly. You collapse the time-space
  443. continuum and everything disappears. You disappear completely and you wake up
  444. in the morning
  445. > There can be no hope in this hell. No hope at all.
  447. You close your eyes and let go of any hope in this world. You're doomed. You
  448. die and you never return
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