Lotus: The Coupon

Feb 6th, 2013
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  1. 1/5
  2. >Day 599 US Dollars in Equestria
  3. >You're in the P0nyville market, talking with Applejack after you bought some apples
  4. >"Well, I ain't gonna use it. Jus' take it, Anon"
  5. >She gives you a coupon
  6. >A one-admission to the P0nyville Spa
  7. "Alright, I guess. If you insist. Thanks, AJ."
  8. >You give her a smile and a pat on the head
  9. >She gives you a small wink before you turn to walk away
  10. >A Spa? You guess you could use a massage
  11. >Working as a carpenter in the land of p0nies does tighten your muscles a bit
  12. >At least you get paid good
  13. >Ponies suck at wood working
  14. >Except your boss, Apple Bloom
  15. >You don't even remember how that happened
  17. 2/5
  18. >Enter the P0nyville Spa
  19. >It's empty, save for a blue-coated pink-maned mare behind the front desk, reading a magazine
  20. >She has not noticed you, yet
  21. >Reluctantly, you approach her and hope your footsteps get her attention
  22. >She looks up
  23. >"Aah! You... You ztartled me. H... How may I be of servees?"
  24. >Her heavy French accent caught you off guard
  25. >You try to neutralize your expression
  26. "Uh, hi. I got this coupon for an admission."
  27. >You hand her the coupon
  28. >She's stiff, probably startled at meeting the "P0nyville Monkey-Thing" for the first time
  29. >"Ah... Um, what does zee mister...?"
  30. "Anon. You can call me Anon."
  31. >"Mister Anon, what kind of treatment?"
  32. "I guess a massage. I have a good amount of knots in my back."
  33. >She nods her head
  34. >She's been blushing the whole time
  35. >You brush it off as some sort of anxiety
  36. >"You can follow me, please."
  38. 3/5
  39. >You're sitting on top of a massage table with your shirt off
  40. >Lotus, as you've come to know her, has 'gone off to prepare'
  41. >You can hear her talking around the corner in hushed whispers with someone
  42. >You can't make out what they're saying, but she soon comes back
  43. >She seems to be blushing furiously, as though the someone was teasing her about something
  44. >A goofy smile is plastered across her face
  45. >"Ah, Mister Anon. Please lay on zee table, face down. I will begin wiz you zhortly."
  46. "Alrighty, then."
  47. >Without hesitating, you do as she says
  48. >You needed to lay across two massage tables, since they were sized for p0nies
  49. >You give out a relaxing sigh as you wedge your face between the head rest
  50. >"So... Mister Anon,"
  51. >You hear her speak while she finally begins applying oil to your back
  52. >"How do you find P0nyville?"
  53. >She begins to spread the oil across your back
  54. >You can feel she's a little hesitant, but she's getting the job done
  55. >Knots in your back begin to unwind as she begins to massage slowly
  56. "Aah... it's alright, I guess. Everyp0ny seems really friendly, and I've been getting along."
  57. >You decide to leave out the details of a certain yellow pegasus' attempts at getting in your pants
  59. 4/5
  60. >She begins to massage more vigorously while the two of you make small talk
  61. >The Spa is still largely empty, except for the evident co-workers of Lotus in the back rooms
  62. >"You have a lot of muscle. It is very... stiff, yes?"
  63. >You give a small grin
  64. >You have gained quite some muscle after your work around P0nyville
  65. "Yeah. I get a lot of commissions, and I even work in Applejack's orchards from time to time."
  66. >"Ah... I see. Is zat something wiz your species?"
  67. "Nope. Humans are lazy beings."
  68. >She hums in response
  69. >You feel her hooves begin to move to your upper back
  70. >"Mister Anon, I cannot reach your shoulders. M-may I s-sit on your back?"
  71. >Alert: breach of comfortable atmosphere
  72. >Something is telling you to decline
  73. >But, she's the Spa p0ny
  74. >You decide to give her the benifit of the doubt
  75. "Uh, sure."
  76. >After some struggling, she manages to get on the Spa table
  77. >You remember that ponies don't wear clothes
  78. >You feel her... parts, as she sits down on your lower back and resumes massaging your upper back with her hooves
  79. >Your body flinches and she seems to notice, but she doesn't say anything about it
  80. >Luckily, she can't see your facial expression
  82. 5/5
  83. "Uh-"
  84. >"Nnyaah..."
  85. >Her body shivers against your back
  86. >What the fuck
  87. >Your breathing begins to quicken
  88. >"Ah... sorry, I just... lost my balance."
  89. "Well, oka-"
  90. >You feel her quiver again as you speak
  91. >"Z... Zat voice..."
  92. >She begins to slowly grind your oily back
  93. "O-kay, I think we're done here."
  94. >You lift your head and try to pull yourself up
  95. >"Non! Zut! Stay down!"
  96. >Her voice suddenly sounds desparate
  97. >As you begin to lift yourself from the table, she clings to your back, her hooves around your neck
  98. "Hey! Get off!"
  99. >"Mister Anon! I need you!"
  100. >You stand up and struggle to get her off
  101. >She finally lets go
  102. >As you make a break for the exit, she tries to tackle you
  103. >"Nnngh!"
  104. >You dodge her as she flings herself past you and into a cart of cosmetic materials
  105. >Grab your shirt
  106. >Run out of the Spa
  107. >Decide to never accept free coupons from Applejack ever again
  108. >Fucking Lotus
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