Dec 17th, 2015
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  1. a world in which I wasn't dead. they were tamagotchis to you. frozen exclamation. dropped ice caught by accident on security camera. poisoned leopard. the first one and the best one. dancing in my Grandpa's studio. wait and repeated. carefully composed by what I thought were random strikes but somehow they were cohesive. too late to believe that cameras steal souls. glimpsed lens. she faded until she died. another thing to live on. removing and spinning like someone cares. feeling and laughing like we wouldn't die. A gentle first drop. ice broken in the morning when you sleep in a warm bed. failure to agree and prevent. escaping from my first death. sacrificing and declaring and then surpassing and then dying. a new place to hide. no buzzing in here. just co n s o m s t K§☺☺☺A£Ä89 8 8 8 8 Ä 4,f>J☼Ä­öÄÐ♠┌┌:$•••◘
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