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  1. We enter the bedroom, no need to waste any time now that he is here. Sargon asks me how I would like to be eaten and I reply by asking him how he would like to devourer me. He laughs and I can hardly take my eyes of that open mouth of his, his light red tongue and lips, white teeth and the dark tunnel that is his throat. He tells me that in order for me to enjoy myself the most he should probably devour me feet first so that I can see myself being eaten. His eyes reflects my own, he too can hardly contain himself.
  3. I want to repay Sargon somehow, to make him feel as if I’m worth it and to show him just how grateful I am for him agreeing to fulfill my wish. I can’t eat him myself, however, who would be left to eat me? But I can repay him by partaking in a little foreplay…
  5. I start by undressing, slowly, letting him enjoy me fully. I can feel his gaze upon me, searching every inch of my body, licking his lips, but not yet. I intend to enjoy this for as long as possible and I won’t let him remain unsatisfied either. I ask him to undress, and he does so with a smile on his lips. I know him, Know what he wants.
  7. We embrace, touching each other gently, licking the others skin, sucking on various parts, feeling the want of our bodies, tasting each other with our mouths. He is just as turned on as I am, just as lustful and he wants me, the whole of me just as much as I want him. This isn’t just love making, it is something even more intimate. And we go on for what seems like an eternity before he finally asks the question I have long awaited and prepared for ever since I discovered vore.
  9. “Are you ready to teach the alt-right a lesson, my little gypsy?”
  11. My answer is a gentle and discreet as it is desperate and wild.
  13. I dare him, tease him, challenge him. He licks his mouth, his eyes longing to feel my body pass trough his mouth and down his throat.
  15. I offer myself to him, careful not to rush it. He caress a hand gently down my side, over my leg and takes hold of my feet’s.
  17. It's happening!
  19. He pulls them towards his mouth, slowly. I enjoy every second. And then I feel his lips upon my toes. I can’t help but moan. He sucks my toes, allowing his saliva to embrace them. It is a feeling beyond divine. He begins widening his mouth, allowing the first section of my feets to enter. I moan yet again, my muscles tensing. I can feel his tongue run over my toes, his teeth gently massaging my feet as he pulls me in, slowly, tenderly, lovingly.
  21. I can't help it, I feel myself coming and I see him tremble with delight himself, but he does not stop. Soon I find myself moaning more and more as both of my feet enter his throat and my heels enter his mouth. I had no idea it was even possible! So many times I have dreamt of this moment, but I had never thought it to be more than a fantasy. Now, however, I am part of it in more than just lustful thoughts. My body and flesh are very much part of it too.
  23. Sargon's jaw works itself tirelessly up and down, his teeth gently pressing against my skin, his hands taking hold of me, pulling me gently inside him, slowly. His tongue runs over each part of me that enters his mouth, not tickling, but instead filling me with insatiable waves of pleasure. He’s working his way up to my knees and I can feel my feet down his throat, just as warm and tight I hoped it would be. I touch myself, feel my muscles tensing time and again, its like I’m in a constant state of orgasm. I can hardly wait for him to devour the whole of me. Right now, I’m being eaten. Whole, nude, alive and more lustful than ever. Not even my wildest expectations could prepare me for something this amazing!
  25. His mouth widens ever so slightly as he pulls my knees into him.
  27. I gasp in Romanian. My feet are almost numb, but I can still see and feel them inside of him. I can clearly see my legs entering his mouth and being pulled down his throat by strong muscles . I don’t even need to force myself into him as he gently pulls me in.
  29. My breathing starts to become more rapid as he starts eating my chins. I can feel his warmth, his saliva and tongue embracing me and his tongue endlessly running over my body, his teeth gently massaging my legs as they get pulled deeper into his gluttonous maw. I close my eyes and allow myself to feel myself being devoured, lose myself in the moment and simply enjoy the experience, but soon I feel his teeth touching my private area and I gasp out loud.
  31. He does not stop, however, simply pull me slowly in with his jaw and lovingly lets his teeth press against my genitalia with a gentle press. His hand takes hold of my hand and press me further in as he fondles it gently.
  33. I’m starting to lose my breath in-between my gasping and moaning. His tongue finds my most hidden part, my secret gypsy bauble, and I can’t help but moan louder than ever. He runs it over me, passionate, his lips sucking at me and I can't help but add my own juices to his saliva, but he doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least. No, instead he seems to be grunting in pleasure, but its hard to tell over my constant moaning.
  35. Next to go is my butt. Sargon has to press it in with both hands to feed me in, but he manages. His jaw is still working tirelessly up and down, keeping a tight hold on my body, but I don’t mind. My feet must have reached his stomach by now, but my body is too explosive to even feel. However, I can see, and more importantly, feel most my body from the waist down being eaten by this gluttonous man how knows no end. My head is spinning and my body trembling by the share sight of it all. I can still feel his lips around me, so soft and warm, so wanting! His teeth, gnawing tenderly at me, I can hardly believe it's true!
  37. I have often feared the aspect of teeth when thinking of being eaten, what if they cut you or ripped you apart, that would not be a pleasant experience for sure, but his gentle gnawing is oh so pleasant. Not only does each tender bite remind me that someone is in fact eating me, but it's such a massaging feeling too. His lips are beyond any pleasure I have ever experienced before too. Sucking me in, soft and warm, it's no wonder people enjoy oral explorations! But this is the ultimate oral experience and I am loving it more and more as it pulls me in.
  39. As the last of my butt cheeks slide over his teeth I look down at him again. I can hardly breath by the sight of how close his become, how his mouth embraces all of me with ease. His naked body is filling out nicely underneath and I can see his belly swallowing, with ME inside! I start gasping again, the share thought driving me wild.
  41. Once again, I can’t help myself. I offer him my hand and as he gulps me down to the navel he swallows that too. Once inside, I start reaching down. I feel his throat all around me and it fills me with unimaginable excitement. But it all becomes so much more when I reach my lower part. Feeling and touching, I start to moan louder once again. He seems to enjoy it too. To have someone inside him pleasuring themselves, I can hardly imagine, but very much feel it.
  43. As he envelops my navel I feel his tongue play around it, teasing me. The feeling ins beyond compare! Sargon's hands are upon my shoulders now, pressing my steadily downwards. I am more than halfway there! With each gulp, I feel myself lowering into his belly and I love it. Not only does it arouse me unlike anything I have ever experienced to be eaten whole and alive, but it just feels good altogether. It feels like I am reaching some sort of destiny, like I was meant for this! It's just so good!
  45. His hands start stroking me gently over my breast before his hand seeks down and starts a massage my gyppo manbreasts. His hand is so gentle, yet playful, I can hardly wait for his lips to reach my nipples! The other hand he places on top of my head, pushing me steadily downwards into his mouth and down his throat. I can hardly move my hand that’s already inside him, but with the one that’s still free I reach down and touch his lips, let my fingers run underneath them and feel his teeth gnawing at me. It's all so much and real! In feel his teeth and lips on my back and around my lower chest, it's incredible!
  47. As he reaches ever higher on my figure I need to help him devourer my Romanian bosoms. We already talked about it and how it would be an issue with his low dexterity saves, but now I am simply excited to feel myself being compressed into his mouth! I fill his mouth and he uses his one hand to push my breasts inside him. As my nipples pass his lips I moan louder. Now all that’s left is my shoulders, arm, and head!
  49. I can hardly believe it and I start gasping once again while gasping for air. I can feel my body inside his stomach, it's tight and warm, just as I expected and it feels so good! With my legs, I’m able to make some space down there and I immediately reach for my fully erect 4 incher once again to pleasure myself as the last of my breasts are gnawed in by his teeth.
  51. From there on is a rather tight, strange experience.
  53. As my shoulders are pushed into his mouth and down his throat I gasp out loud. I feel his lips on my neck! It's happening! I’m being eaten! Whole and alive! It's the best vore experience I've had in a long time @_@. This is the final stage of being swallowed, the ultimate act before my head slide down his throat! I feel my whole body inside him, I don’t think I could escape even if I wanted anymore, not that I mind! No, this is not the time to be skeptical. I want this, I have wanted it so badly for so long!
  55. All that’s left is my head and my arm, awkwardly hanging over my head. With a couple of gulps more and the press of his hands upon my head I feel my chins getting consumed by his lips. I gasp, moan and try my best to look down, and what I see is simply fascinating. Say what you want about us voreophilias, but this is nothing short of amazing, mate! I feel my lips on his lips, his teeth against my teeth and suddenly I am moaning from inside his mouth! It goes beyond everything I thought possible. But now my nose is next and I see it disrepair in his loving mouth that has devoured so much of me already. I am his food, and by the looks of it his enjoying me all the way. His eyes open and stare into mine before he closes an eye and take another gulp and suddenly I’m inside his mouth. All that’s left are the top of my head, my vegeta hair, my one free arm, still reaching out from above his lips. I can feel myself being pushed down his throat, dragged along by his muscles . And with another gulp all that’s left is my hair and the upper half of my arm.
  57. Everything is dark, warm and slimy, but I am in a complete state of ecstasy. I can hardly breathe, but I feel so alive, my whole body being devoured by another human being- it's incredible! I run my hand all over my body, feel myself up as the rest of me slide slowly down the stomach. I feel his lips on my hand and then, suddenly, with a final gulp, I am fully inside him. The alt-right would never feel something so amazing!
  59. I slide trough the tight, dark tunnel of slime and warmth, feeling daddy Sargon's throat, the shape of a horseshoe, pressing all around my upper body. I have reached my goal. I have been eaten. I have experienced the full experience of vore. The thought alone is enough to make me want to scream in pure pleasure and as I slide down into his stomach, I feel him roll over on his back, exhausted.
  61. We have both realized an impossible dream, a desire so grand it was thought impossible, but our dedication drove us to succeed. As a doctor I would have considered such an undertaking foolhardy, and yet here I am. I feel my body, inside his, naked, slimy, warm, but most of all, satisfied. He ate me. I have been devoured.
  63. If I ever got the chance to be eaten ever again I wouldn’t even think twice about it. Perhaps spice it up a little more next time, however, add a little extra flavor to me? But as of now, I am too happy to even wonder about anything but the fact that I have lived out a dream that have followed me nearly all my life and that I rarely dared consider before now. I have no regrets and as I give in to my exhausted body from all the pleasure I smile. I hope I tasted well, and that he will find someone else to share this incredible experience with one day again soon. I hope daddy Sargon is happy. I hope I have been a good boy.
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