Gaze 5

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  1. The chapter starts in the last part of Ch. 4, mc now going to look the sound thinking what? Do we do it here, Really? You’re no? This is a hospital?!! No matter how much… there’s no way the hospital… is there?
  5. The sound coming from a nurse than is having sex with a doctor in the stairway, mc looking that thinks I can’t believe I’m seeing this way! Really?!! The doctor says too loud, nurse says yeah, a little slow… oh, great! Mc still thinking I’ve been… you’re good at this… here… I can’t believe I’m going to see this again… he now looking over nurse thinking you can tell a woman looks like a nurse here, he continues looking doctor back is the man… a doctor? Oh… I can’t see your face; the doctor says I think it’s going to be cold now! Hurry up and say it!! Nurse scrams meanwhile doctor take out his dick inside her oh, wait a minute!!  She now goes to suck his dick and take it all of his cum over her mouth, mc thinking what… in your mouth? Nurse says thank god, it’s a good timing, right? The doctor says yeah, good job. The doctor is mc head doctor; he says it’s getting… I’m getting good at it, Nurse Kim. He now goes to look up, mc hide thinking huh? Mr. Cha Young? Is it a doctor? He remember what the nurse says when he comes to the hospital, he blushed thinks you said you were gone for a while… that’s why… was it this? Mc starts to move thinking damn it… I don’t think so. Let’s go upstairs before we get caught! Mc now outside the stairway says whoa, shivering… he now thinks about Cha Young… I must have been mistaken.
  7. Time pass and mc finally enter in his doctor room; Doctor with a smile says you’re here, sorry to keep you waiting. Mc salute him, doctor says come, sit down. Mc thinks I can’ see, let’s not be nervous. Just like usual! Doctor says I think we still need more treatment, let’s wait and see the surgery. You now, it’s just… do you do less? Mc says yes… doctor says Min Sung, what’s going on? You don’t look so good. Mc says what?! What’s going on!! Nothing’s happening! Doctor says okay, I’ll prescribe some medicine, so I’ll take it. Mc says okay, doctor is staring at him. Mc now outside of the office thinking I’ve been here for a while, and I’m sweating like a lot… he’s just the same doctor as usual… he now walking thinks did I see it wrong? Couldn’t you have just been the same? Or is that just what I want to believe? He now looks fmc is there she see mc too, he now thinks it’s her. I can’t believe I ran into you here!! Do you think… are you recognizing me?!!  … Tbc…
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