libfm config summary

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  1. Libfm 1.2.0-alpha3 Configuration Summary:
  3. prefix:                                                 /usr
  4. sysconfdir:                                             /etc
  5. Enable compiler flags and other support for debugging:  no
  6. Build udisks support (Linux only, experimental):        no
  7. Build with libexif for faster thumbnail loading:        yes
  8. Build demo program src/demo/libfm-demo:                 no
  9. Build with custom actions support (requires Vala):      yes
  10. Large file support:                                     yes
  11. GIO module for preferred apps (for glib < 2.28 only):   not required
  12. Build libfm-gtk for Gtk+ version:                       none
  13. Build API doc with gtk-doc (recommended for make dist): no
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