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30++ Site Hungary Down NATO Message send By. Teamr00t

malwareconf Dec 3rd, 2012 2,910 Never
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  1. 30++ Site Hungary Down NATO Message send By. Teamr00t
  3. ----------- Notice ------------------
  4. NATO!! You have been trying to help free our people from the clutches of our dictators by taking away the people's freedom and replacing it with what you apparently call democracy! Your sick, perverted soldiers have shown the world what your idea of freedom and democracy really stands for - raping women, murdering innocent men, women and children, destroying lands, destroying homes and leaving thousands of people physically if not mentally scarred! This allows us enough reason to see that not only are you abusing your position by entering our country, but your efforts have done nothing but hurt and kill our innocent people! It is time we stand up to you, NATO, and show you that we will no longer be your puppets or your toys for you to play with. Time we showed you that we will not be bullied and we will not allow you to dictate to us! NATO, we want you to take your perverted, sick soldiers and get out of our country now! To the citizens of the country, we have not forgotten you, nor will we ever forget you. We will continue to fight to have NATO removed from your home land, especially after the injustice they have inflicted upon you. Fear not for you are not alone, for Teamr00t are with you all the way! ...........Teamr00t Has Arrived!!! We are the voice for the suppressed people of the world, and we will show you the truth!
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  12. http://simonline.hu/
  13. http://drjeneyandrea.hu/
  14. http://hodagro.hu/
  15. http://molnardixieland.hu/
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  40. http://www.digicopy.hu/
  41. http://www.zegfoto.hu/
  42. http://www.faoras.hu/
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  45. [Mirror]http://www.digicopy.hu/
  46. [Mirror]http://www.zegfoto.hu/
  47. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/archive/ip=1/page=
  48. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/archive/ip=1/page=
  49. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/mirror/id/142164/
  50. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/mirror/id/142208/
  51. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/mirror/id/142224/
  52. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/mirror/id/142226/
  53. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/mirror/id/142224/
  54. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/mirror/id/142226/
  55. [Mirror]http://www.th3mirror.com/mirror/id/142344/
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