[KS] Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine

Jun 3rd, 2013
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  1. Original post:
  3. We played many games of Risk, you and I.
  5. You won most of them. Most of the time it was less about who won or lost, and more about how badly you beat me. There was the odd time here and there that I would come from behind to snuff out your army, and I never let you forget it. You always made that pouty face with your arms crossed, and even though you were angrily debating the outcome, I could only smile and laugh.
  7. I’ll never forget the day I heard your laugh. You always kept yourself so composed – so controlled – that when you did finally let go, you choked. I know you were embarrassed, but it was the most beautiful sound I ever heard. I’d give anything to hear that laugh once again.
  9. You always worked yourself ragged, giving your all on even the most inconsequential things. “Once more, with feeling,” you would say, until you were satisfied that things had been done to their fullest. It was often the case that I would come home to find you asleep in front of a pile of documents or an open laptop; screen filled with whatever character your face had happened to land on.
  11. Then there were the bets. Who would wash the dishes. Who would pay for dinner. Who would talk to your dad. Always decided by a flick of the wrist, best two out of three. You had a tendency to lead with Rock. I never told you that was how I suddenly started winning; something that you equally respected and detested.
  13. But we always came back to those games of Risk. Once a month, because less often wasn't enough while more often made it less special. I wonder whether you ever kept track of those games. I know I did. Do you know how many we played? Nine hundred and ninety-nine.
  15. I wish we could have played just one more game. I’d have even let you have Australia. But don’t worry, dear Shizune. I’ll be with you soon. And we can play Risk to our hearts content.
  17. Once more. With feeling.
  21. Here's to another 1000 threads, KSG. For peace, love, and a place for all of us to stay.
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