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Feb 27th, 2020
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  1. Regarding Staff and Applications
  3. We have had many applications in the past, many of which were a waste of time due to total lack of afford and pure seeking for "admin" flex.
  5. As we want to improve our staff and overall service, applications will soon be done via ticket system. If you write a ticket, please make sure you include all necessary information regarding your person, skills and agenda.
  7. All former staffs will have access to the tickets, and will then vote for or against you. In case you got voted for, you will receive a trial phase, where you won't have any permissions, but will be monitored by me while you're active on our servers.
  9. In case you get my approval, you're then given a slot number. Our max staff number is 20 excluding myself. Atm we have a few slots left. Whenever we don't have slots left, but you still got approved, your slot number will work as queue, for whenever another staff is being released, you will gain his slot.
  12. How to be disqualified:
  13. - any form of bad behavior
  14. - breaking server rules
  15. - trying to sabotage me, my services and or my staff
  16. - working for another provider in csgo
  17. - selling config
  18. - selling luas
  19. - selling invites
  20. - leaking personal information of other players
  21. - leaking code of someone else
  22. - cc fraud
  23. - scam
  24. - whatever else I really dislike about you
  27. What you need:
  28. - decent English skills
  29. - decent secondary language skills
  30. - advanced knowledge about our subject
  31. - advanced skills in handling people
  32. - advanced skills in dealing with software issues
  33. - discord...
  36. Have a good one!
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