Over QMR 29 [typesetting]

Jan 27th, 2018
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  1. Over QMR 29 Translation
  2. From
  4. >In the gap between day and night, in the spirits' hour (note: Omagatoki/逢魔時)
  5. >Hidden in the dusk, closing sneakily on the young maiden in the background...
  6. >[The Sun's going down, nyaa-]
  7. >Is it man, or demon, or perhaps...
  9. >What, nyappening?! What's going on?!
  10. >Come with me, Child! It's Yasen time!
  11. >Mutsuki-chan, what was with that scream?!
  12. >Are you alright, poi?
  14. >Sendai-san, what are you...?
  15. >[a new game poi?]
  16. >Help me nyow--
  17. >Oh, Just in time, you two, let's go and yasen
  18. >HOld it right there!
  19. >Ooyodo-san?!
  20. >Sendai-san, please don't make any sudden movements.
  21. >The rebel over there, please refrain from any futile resistance.
  22. >Hoh....none shall stop me today! | Come! Rise with me, Admiral!
  23. >Admiral, please hold on!
  25. >Ah, he actually stopped.
  26. >Why do you not move?!
  27. >THat's right, Admiral! Now keep doing that and come back here!
  28. >Admiral, let's yasen together! I'll go extra hard today!
  29. >How annoying, these triangles...
  30. >[Could there be true love here?]
  31. >Quit that and help me out here, Kitakami-san!
  32. >Well then, I'll give it a go. Admiral, come back. | There are two votes now so we'll definitely win!
  33. >[Oy, what the heck.]
  34. >Why ya going that way now?
  36. >Commander,
  37. >Please put me down, okay?
  38. >Thank you.
  39. >Why did you release her?!
  40. >Tch! I have no choice!
  41. >Hold on right there!
  42. >[It's a race!]
  43. >And give up on trying to yasen!
  44. >Never!
  46. >Night has come for the Naval District....
  47. >You're wrong.
  48. >You escape.
  49. >[So high?!]
  50. >[What's with that weird sound?]
  51. >Now hand yourself in.
  52. >[Ahhh... the stars are out.]
  53. >The World (literally: the people of the world)
  54. >[It's so high up nyashi-]
  55. >I don't care how it sees me.
  57. >As long as I'm true to myself | I'll be fine.
  58. >[Really, what the hell is that girl saying?]
  59. >Well then, sisters, see you tomorrow!
  60. >Nani?!
  62. >Admiral! Just in time!
  63. >No way?! The Admiral, he?!
  64. >Is the Commander piloting tha-- | Ah?!
  65. >It's time to go!
  66. >It's Yasen time!
  67. >Do you think I can get it with a torp?
  68. >Dont?!
  70. >[Quick, scramble all combat-ready shipgirls to protect the Admiral!]
  71. >[The Admiral says he'll be back after he gets some Udon.]
  73. >Really now! I want to yasen! | Ya-sen-!
  74. >[This is a private vehicle]
  75. >So what the heck is going on?! | Isn't this just a night snack!?
  76. >And it tastes great?! And I'm all warmed up now?!
  77. >Now now, the udon is great, right?
  78. >Admiral-san, another bowl, poi poi-
  79. >Ah, me too!
  80. >Sendai-san, you sure can eat.
  81. >Hmhm-- after all, a good physique is the cornerstone of yasen.
  83. >Now now, everyone have a little more!
  84. >I'm already satisfied, nya...
  85. >Is that so! Then next up, it's time for the yasen!
  86. >Oh, least we should wear our rigging.
  87. >Then let's just sneak back and pick it up then.
  88. >Poi!
  89. >Is this really going to be alright, nya...
  90. >And so >you came back.
  91. >[To ambush me like this, how underhanded!]
  92. >Small oversights can undermine great undertakings!
  94. >[Did you bring back any souvenirs?]
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