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  1. BruceHornsbyFan84: ???????????????????????
  2. BruceHornsbyFan84: who
  3. BruceHornsbyFan84: r
  4. BruceHornsbyFan84: u
  5. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: that guy you played csgo with
  6. Call from BruceHornsbyFan84 started.
  7. Call with BruceHornsbyFan84 ended.
  8. BruceHornsbyFan84: who
  9. BruceHornsbyFan84: are
  10. BruceHornsbyFan84: you
  11. BruceHornsbyFan84: are you trying to scam me
  12. BruceHornsbyFan84: I have never played csgo
  13. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: you kept asking me "do you know who the fuck bruce honrsby is"
  14. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: i told you "is he a child molester"
  15. BruceHornsbyFan84: who are you
  16. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: thhats pretty much all we said
  17. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: im a scammer
  18. BruceHornsbyFan84: Im reporting you to steam
  19. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: i already submited an fbi tipline
  20. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: no mexican furries in trumps america
  21. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: wtf you play super star
  22. BruceHornsbyFan84: yes
  23. BruceHornsbyFan84: it's a great game
  24. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: i would remove you but im too lonely
  25. BruceHornsbyFan84: shut to heck up
  26. little cuck kid 👌😂🔫: no
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