Under Pressure

May 4th, 2017
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  1. What are you doing?
  3. Ah, you know what you’re doing. You’ve been teasing this poor, adorable guy for a long time. But he’s been teasing you right back without even knowing it. Him and his fancy fashion and good cooking and how he’s always lifting you, and this is the big thing; making you feel cute. Where does he get the nerve for that?
  5. Reason has been leaving you completely. Who would be reasonable after those magic hands running all over their body? Where did he get the confidence to go on the offensive like that anyway?
  7. Even in the dark light of your room, his hair and eyes are shining. But what’s more is that wholesome, bright presence of his. It makes you feel safe. Safe. and incredibly turned on.
  9. “On my island, a man takes what he wants.” Okay, that was too far. You need to take it down a notch.
  11. Herb considers your for a moment. His hands travel up your thigh. No! He’s not actually going to-
  13. “Mmp!” You let out. Your voice betrays you. You try to get your senses together, but your find yourself pressing against his hand after all. Were you that wet?
  15. You put your smile back on and regain your composure. At least, you think you are. You can’t stop yourself from lifting your hips to his finger, but you can still keep control here. It looks like it’s working too, because from his face, he’s still not sure if this is okay. He doesn’t know where the line is.
  17. Silly Herb. There is no line.
  19. You reach out for his other hand. He looks really worried now. You put it right on your tit, and even press his fingers around your nipples.
  21. “Like this?” He gently tweaks it. His other hand fingers you a little deeper.
  23. “Mmm hmm!” Your voice is much higher pitched than you meant it to be. “Yeah. Like that.” you clarify. Holy seas, has he done this before? Were you just that excited to start with? Your body is on fire and your mind is a foggy mess already.
  25. “Do you like that?” It’s not an aggressive question at all.
  27. “Yes sir.” Idiot! You already called him that before. He’s your junior, don’t let him dominate you! Don’t let anyone have that much power of you.
  29. But it’s so hard. You’re squirming. His hands are magic and his face is so cute. Those piercing eyes of his look excitedly all over your body, and it makes you feel desirable.
  31. He inserts a second finger and goes just a little faster.
  33. You cover your mouth with one hand and grab desperately at the bedsheet with the other. Your feet push your waist up and you start to lose control.
  35. “Laki?”
  37. “Mmhmm?” You squeak. You can’t fight it anymore. You look up to his bright blue eyes and you know you’re making a stupidly submissive face.
  39. “You look really cute.”
  41. That pushes you over the edge. “Herb!” Now both your hands grab the sheets and your hips convulse. Herb slows down and doesn’t go as hard, but your body language tells him that’s a mistake. He picks the pace back up and you flop like a caught fish. It’s an out of body experience. You know how you look right now, you know how dominated you are, and you know your muscles are flexing in a very undainty way. But all you can do is feel your body tell you it’s alright. You’re too lost in it to care right now. It’s like when you have a song circle and get lost in the music with the group. When was the last time you did that?
  43. You finally come down and lay back on the bed. You don’t know when you did it, but you grabbed Herb and pulled him on top of you. His clothes are covered in oil.
  45. “Sorry.” Oh good. Be more submissive.
  47. “It’s okay.” He smiles. “It’ll wash out.” He’s so cheerful. So sunny. But there’s a growing, tiny little smugness there too. He is a guy, after all. And he just made you cum so hard your brain broke and you got nostalgic. “Are you okay?”
  49. You feel completely helpless but completely safe under him right now.
  51. That can’t continue. You grab him by the scruff. “Get naked. Now.”
  53. “W-wha-”
  55. “Take your clothes off and get your dick out.” You start unbuttoning his shirt for him. Once it’s open, you undo his pants.
  57. “Laki?”
  59. You get up and pull his pants all the way down. His barbarian cock almost smacks you in the face when it gets free. You grab it. Stay confident. Stay in control “Oh ho ho. Now that’s hard.” You start stroking.
  61. “Laki!” He gasps. A little bit of lust is coming to his voice now.
  63. You’re tempting to try blowing him. You wouldn’t mind, just to see the reaction on his face. And escalating beyond what he did to you would be nice. But how would he see that? You wet your lips, but pull back. No. Not today. You’re going to do something else.
  65. He finishes taking off his shirt and you push him onto the bed and it lets out a soft little pomf.
  67. “Comfy?”
  69. He adjusts a little. “Uhh, yeah. What are we going to do on the bed?”
  71. You grin down at him. Let him sweat it out a little. You’re tits hang down a little and you suppress the worry that they’re saggy like this. They don’t get saggy, yet. But they do hang down from the weight. They probably look huge to him right now. You can feel him poking your thigh. You slowly start to grind it. He gasps. You’re still oily, so you slide well.
  73. “Feel good?”
  75. “Uh huh.” Now his voice cracks. You slide yourself along the underside of his dick and find yourself surprised at the lack of friction. While you’re doing that, you reach for the towel and wipe the oil from your chest. He just watches helplessly. Once you’re satisfied, you lower your chest to his mouth. “Come on.” You hint.
  77. He starts sucking your nipple. Aww yeah. That’s the stuff. You’re getting pretty turned on again. You stop grinding for him and do it for yourself now. You don’t want to go too hard and break it, but it’s hard not to press against it more.
  79. You lean back now, pulling yourself from his mouth. Your arms go behind your back for support and you pick up the pace. “Are you going to cum for me?”
  81. “I will.” His voice tells you that he’s not quite there yet. That annoys you.
  83. “Maybe I need to step it up, hmm? Would you like that?”
  85. “Uh...okay.” You know his response is more about being dumbstruck that disinterested. He watches as you move back and forth on his raging dick. It makes you feel powerful.
  87. Your hands fall on his wrists and you meet him eye to eye. You lift yourself up a little so the top pokes into him. You want him inside you. You want to milk his seed and feel the warmth inside. “I’m going to turn you into my fuck toy.” You grin.
  89. You reach down to help position it. Every time you touch it, you’re surprised at how it feels. You press it against the entrance of your womb and prepare to make him a man. To make yourself a woman. You hope this doesn’t hurt too much.
  91. “Laki.”
  93. “Yeah, say my name, dildo.” You cringe. You know you went too far but you can’t just take it back.
  95. “Laki, it doesn’t feel right.”
  97. “I know. I’m trying.” You fiddle with it to line it up. Damnit, don’t panic. You're going to get it in, ride him until he loses the ability to think, and get your warm gooey reward deep inside.
  99. “No. I mean, I’m not ready.”
  101. You look back up to him. He looks away.
  103. Fuck.
  105. “Hey, that’s fine. No pressure.” You blew it. You blew it so hard. You can see it on his face.
  107. “You’re sure?”
  109. Somehow that makes you feel a little worse. You know you now have complete control, but things were better when he had it. You dismount him. “Yeah.”
  111. There’s an awkward little moment. You watch his dick. Why wouldn’t you? It bounces a little with each heartbeat.
  113. You smile. He smiles, the bounces it with some sort of muscle.
  115. “You can do that?” You cuddle against him and look down.
  117. “Just a little.” He does it again.
  119. You grab it. “Do it again.”
  121. It feels neat. You reward him by stroking up and down. He gasps and you get up so you can stoke some more. You’re not some terrible lover that ignores her mate. A harem owner who doesn’t take care of their harem doesn’t deserve it.
  123. “You like that?”
  125. “Yeah!”
  127. Oh. That enthusiasm! Your hands are still oiled up. You grab a little more and stroke faster. His reactions make it a lot of fun. You keep going and watch him twitch. You get him to stand up and keep jacking that huge cock of his. Just like you daydreamed about. “Herb.” You gulp. Come on. You can do it. Act cute. “Please cum on me.”
  129. “Are you s-”
  131. “Yes damnit!” Crap. Don’t be so harsh. Be cute. “I mean, yes. Please.” You try to pout.
  133. To your shock, that works. He spurts over your face twice. Then a few times on your chest. Lastly, a drop you catch before it hits the carpet. You play with it a little out of curiosity. This isn’t so bad. It gets extra sticky with the oil, though.
  135. “Wow.” He wobbles. “I think I cramped my legs.”
  137. Now you feel like a sex machine. You did that. You got him off. “So it was okay?” Stop it! Stop letting him have that power over you. Don’t ask him if it was good. Tell him!
  139. “Yeah. Amazing.” He’s still a bit out of it. He’s got this big dopey smile.
  141. Yes! You were ‘amazing!’ You try not to show your excitement. “I know it. Now get the bed warm. I’m going to wipe this off and you’re my pillow tonight.” You want to ask him to cuddle you and be the little spoon and talk about your feelings. But when you wipe yourself off and make sure there’s nothing that will make a mess, you see this hopeful, nice look on his face. He’s concerned about you.
  143. If he’s concerned about you, that means he doesn’t have total faith that you can handle yourself. “Scoot over a bit.” You crawl into the bed and make him into your small spoon. “And what’s with that look?”
  145. “You seemed upset before. Sorry I didn’t go all the way.”
  147. You reach around to grab his dick, but stop. Instead, you kiss him on the back of the neck. “Don’t worry about it. I told you not to let some pushy girl take advantage of you, didn’t I? Besides, what you did with your hands? Nothing to apologize for.”
  149. He puts his arm over the one you're cuddling him with. “You too.”
  151. Oh gosh. He makes you feel gushy sometimes. You’re so glad he can’t see your face right now.
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