review so far of High Road

runitsjess Feb 21st, 2020 72 Never
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  1. Here's what I Got so far:
  3. Tonight - If you're craving Old Kesha and need to get pumped for a party while driving to The Thing (I see someone went to the Lizzo Academy Of How To Rap And Do Other Things Good)
  5. My Own Dance -  A bad bitch anthem. "Don't circumcise my circumstance."
  7. High Road - If you need 2012 Kesha shrieks and raps, this one is for us. This is actually good, I'm not making it sound good. "Okaaay / Oy vey / hope you have a blessed day"
  9. Shadow - I found my raiiiiinbow, raAaAiInbow babytrustme IIIIIII know-
  11. Honey- The Backstabber of this album but less rowdy and more cool/sinister. Good.
  13. Kinky - This one is good, and Kesha said both Gay Rights and Swinger Rights. There's a cute recording at the beginning about the SuhPice Girls Ft. that one guy who was laughing on the Woman track on Rainbow. "This is Kinky Spice"
  15. Father Daughter Dance - The Harold Song of this album, The Sad One,
  17. Summer - Probably my fav produced/mix song, people on twitter keep saying it's about Macklemore and I am clutching my pearls, someone prove them wrong please, omg
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