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  1. A recent earthquake near Alexandria has caused a fissure to open. Rumor has spread to each of you through various means and you (as a group) have decided to investigate. So far there has not been any word on dangerous creatures in the area. But, there was an ancient well inside of the fissure. So far no one else dares to explore this place.
  3. Your adventure begins with you meeting up at the sight of the well.
  5. GAME: Morgan casts Overland Flight. Caster Level: 13 DC: 24
  7. Morgan looks down at the opened area with a bit of a giddy look on her face "So many Loremasters dream of a chance like this." she floats in the air a little bit as she so wants to dive in now.
  9. Merek places on the white-black adventuring equipment, while he places two blades upon his back, then he takes the staff which he keeps with him, nodding a bit to the well. He looks to the party, his scarf within the wind while he takes a moment to think about it, "It looks like we have an adventure."
  11. Iskandar grins broadly. "Indeed." He lopes over to the edge of the fissure and looks down at the well. "Spelunking, eh?" He checks a few weapons on his belt. "I have to admit it's been a while."
  13. As you each look down into the depths of the well, the first thing you notice is that it is deep. At least 50 feet to the base. The light from above gives some illumination, but not much.
  15. GAME: Merek used a Wand of Feather Fall.
  17. Morgan looks to the others as she is floating a foor off the ground "Any one want to fly?" asked as she makes her way to where they are going.
  19. Merek takes a wand from the belt with him, then he chants while he uses that on himself, nodding a bit. He then leaps up into that well with a little maneuver, and makes a way to the base.
  21. GAME: Iskandar rolls athletics: (13)+10: 23
  23. "Flying?" Iskandar repeats, mystified. Then be gives a small shake of his head. Kneeling next to the well he peers into it once more, tilting his head to look at the walls. Then he suddenly plants his hands on the edge and flings his legs over. Using an iron grip he lowers controls his descent, lowering himself hand over hand until he reaches the bottom.
  25. Once you each arrive at the base, you can feel the cool damp air from being so deep in the ground. The light is dim, but the party can make out what looks to be an entrance to a cave. Looking further into it, it just turns to complete darkness. The floor is damp, but solid and in a few places along the well walls, there is mold and slime building up from a long period of time...
  27. Morgan sticks her toung at the giant born before entering the wall "I so need to talk to who designed the walls here, I never can get the right amount of mold and slime on my walls at my house." she is looking around hoping to see something that will help date this place.
  29. GAME: Morgan rolls perception: (3)+16: 19
  31. GAME: Merek casts Dancing Lights. Caster Level: 9 DC: 15
  33. Merek nods a bit to the people, while he notices that Morgan seems to be thinking about the walls. The man shrugs a bit, then he takes a moment to snap a finger, bringing lights to travel about the three, like a personal lantern.
  35. Iskandar raises his eyebrows as he peers into the dark. He sizes up Morgan and Merek and then offers, "I can go first." Unsheathing a heavy dagger, he murmurs a word. Fire emits from every inch of the blade, with a bit of excess from the and making it look almost like a small sword made of fire. He edges his way forward, holding the dagger high like a torch.
  37. After several minutes of winding through the darkness with the help of some light from Merek, the cave opens up into a small cavern. Beneath your feet as you walk you feel and hear crunching that wasnt there before. Upon closer look, you realize its bits and peices of bone.
  39. Looking into the cavern, you can see the entire wall opposite of you is a Huge Stone Door. It is round with Draconic writing around it and a face of what looks like a dark elf in a cloak. Its screaming in pain with its mouth open, showing jagged teeth.
  41. The rest of the walls have not changed from what you have seen sso far...
  43. GAME: Morgan casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 13 DC: 19
  45. Morgan looks up to the door and quarks a eye "Sate my hunger... Oh I so hope a dragon is not sleeping on the other side and if so I hope for a silver one, they like to talk about them and things they seen." she then says a few words in a arcane language that makes her eyes glow a pretty blue.
  47. Merek looks to the door, while he takes a moment to consider what it might mean, his dark atttire adjusted while he begins to write in a book which he then keeps with him, "I think it wishes us to give it blood, perhaps." A look then to Morgan, while he nods to Iskandar.
  49. Morgan studys the door "it has a divine magical glow, but you might be right." she adds after merek.
  51. Iskandar wrinkles his brow. Well he did offer to go first. The large warrior raises his free hand and wraps it around the blade of his dagger. "Anywhere in particular?" He asks. Then he jerks the blade along his palm, drawing blood. He lets a few drops fall to the ground at their feet and then places his hand against the door.
  53. As Iskandar slices his hand and reaches out for the door, the once dark elven face turns into a skull. Its eyes begin to glow a fiery red. Its mouth remains the same. Open with several wicked looking jagged teeth.
  55. GAME: Iskandar rolls 1d4: (4): 4
  57. GAME: Merek casts Arcane Sight. Caster Level: 9 DC: 18
  59. GAME: Morgan rolls knowledge/religion+6: (13)+16+6: 35
  61. GAME: Merek rolls knowledge/religion+2: (9)+21+2: 32
  63. Morgan gives a sigh "Well if this is to Thul he will want flesh, and I would rather destroy the door then feed it.... wait does any one know if there are rats near by?"
  65. "Dispel it, if you can," Merek offers then to the party, while he looks between them, "If not, we will need to find another way. I wouldn't give Thul the sacrifice," he mentions. Then he takes a moment to examine the magic aura with his arcane sight a little bit.
  67. GAME: Morgan rolls spellcraft+5: (19)+31+5: 55
  69. GAME: Merek rolls spellcraft: (4)+21: 25
  71. Iskandar draws his still-bleeding hand away from the door. He wraps a bit of cloth around it to staunch the wound and then eyes the door. He runs his gaze along the edges, looking for hinges or other weak points.
  73. GAME: Iskandar rolls perception: (15)+12: 27
  75. Morgan looks at the door "well I believe we are wrong about that, I think." she looks at Iskandar looking at the doors edges and thinks its best to step back.
  77. Merek seems to think about it, while he takes a moment to walk up to the door. "I wonder," he then lifts up his left hand, while he places that into the mouth even while the two keep on looking.
  79. Merek then takes a bit while maneuvering all of his arm into it, then he finds what looks to be something. "A lever," he muses, while he then nods a bit to the party, "A mechanism that would activate it, it will open the door, it will close the mouth, if there was a way we could trigger it without our arm in it."
  81. Morgan asks "would the mage hand spell be good enough?" asked as she puts on a pair of gloves.
  83. Iskandar looks impressed as Merek reaches his hand in. "That sounds like a good idea," he nods to Morgan. He holds his flame dagger at different angles, trying to judge how best to shine the light to best illuminate the inside of the mouth.
  85. Merek then steps back while his arm will be pulled from the mechanism while he nods to the party a bit. The man motions, "You can try, it might work, there are options if that doesn't work as well, we can try."
  87. Morgan slides on her magic gloves and waits untill every one backs away, the gloves glow blue and pushes on the lock trying to move it."
  89. As the gloves glow blue, a mechanical grinding and the sound of massive stone ushers the slow movement of the door. It rotates (rolls) to the side and into the wall it was attached to.
  90. Instantly you all gain a feeling of hopelessness and depression, as if someone you had loved recently died. Beyond the opening is a large stone hallway (Still Dark) but with the light you have available, you see that all color fades to black white and greys...
  92. GAME: Merek casts Calm Emotions. Caster Level: 10 DC: 16
  94. Merek will feel that power of darkness, then he stands before the party, while he lifts up a hand, "Not today. I walked along the Iron Hells, I've mastered you." The man chants a divine word in Celestial, then he begins to call a calming emotion upon all with him, while he nods a bit, then he places the staff away he came with. "Walk forward with the Light of Eluna upon all!"
  96. Once Morgan opens the door the wave of emotions over comes her as she pulls her cloak around her as if its comfort. But as Merek speaks his words does foster some strength "Yes Eluna looks over us." said but she stands a few steps behind Iskandar. "lets go on."
  98. Iskandar's throat works as he swallows. After Merek's spell he nods and steadies himself. Then he begins to move forward, step by step. His dagger is raised to cast light ahead.
  100. GAME: Merek rolls 1d6: (2): 2
  102. GAME: Morgan rolls 1d6: (5): 5
  104. GAME: Iskandar rolls 1d6: (3): 3
  106. As you enter, you feel the lifeforce draining from your body. A strong pull of negative energies. The hallway seems to be endless, stretching on and on with no end....
  108. GAME: Morgan rolls knowledge/the planes+6: (8)+18+6: 32
  110. GAME: Morgan rolls knowledge/arcana+6: (17)+25+6: 48
  112. Merek walks along the hall, while he feels the negative energy, though he looks to the party. "I think we can manage it. I will channel energy if we need, keep up with when you need it." A nod from him, while he keeps up with the team and looks to the place for devices.
  114. Morgan holds up her hands and says "Stop this maze is confusing us." she points to a area "Do all you see the curtain on the wall there?" asked as she points to a area.
  116. Iskandar's lips twist into a grimace. He's felt such concentrated negative energy before, but it's something he hasn't quite gotten used to yet. "This is an unholy place," he grates. "I only hope there is some way to put an end to it."
  118. As Morgan speaks and points out the un obvious, the stonework fades and thick ash covers the floor. A black curtain hangs in front of the party, blocking the view of beyond.
  120. GAME: Merek rolls 1d6: (5): 5
  122. GAME: Morgan rolls 1d6: (4): 4
  124. GAME: Iskandar rolls 1d6: (4): 4
  126. Morgan says as she feels a bit uneased "I bet this will lead elsewhere." she is having a bit of a problem as the life is draining from her.
  128. Iskandar's expression darkens further. The he perks up. "So our plan is to keep going until we find what's behind this?" That sounds like his kind of plan. "The worse we feel, the clkser we are to the source of this?"
  130. Merek looks like he's taking a moment to think about it, "Well, I think it is best we indeed keep on forward while we keep a bit healed up," he says.
  132. Morgan nods "well I think no mater how much we go down this hall it will keep going, So I say we take the curtain." Feeling brave she moves to the side and moves the curtain and moves it just in case there is a magic mirror on the other side.
  134. As Morgan slides the curtain over, it reveals a set of ancient stone steps. Each with several tiles and symbols on it.
  136. Step 1: Eye, G, 4, T,Skull
  137. Step 2: H, Triangle, 9, K, Cresent Moon
  138. Step 3: 6, X, Skull, U, Diamond
  139. Step 4: Arrow, 2, L, Hourglass, Y
  141. A ways past the steps looks to be a small antechamber with robes hanging on the walls and a large wooden double-door.
  143. GAME: Morgan rolls 1d6: (6): 6
  145. GAME: Merek rolls 1d6: (2): 2
  147. GAME: Iskandar rolls 1d6: (6): 6
  149. GAME: Merek rolls 1d20+3: (2)+3: 5
  151. Merek takes a moment to begin chanting while he tries to channel energy into the party, although he doesn't manage to succeed in it.
  153. Morgan looks at the steps "This might be the answer to the maze." said as she records it in a travel book she has.
  155. Iskandar looks at the steps. He draws in a breath. "Some sort of challenge," he hisses through his gritted teeth. "We'll have to walk a certain path, or avoid certain tiles. One wrong step and..." he trails off and shakes his head. A moment later he says casually, "Well. Who's first?"
  157. GAME: Morgan rolls 1d6: (1): 1
  159. GAME: Merek rolls 1d6: (2): 2
  161. GAME: Iskandar rolls 1d6: (1): 1
  163. Iskandar studies the steps and tiles. "Stand back," he says to the others. Then he steps onto the letter T on the first step.
  165. As Iskandat takes the first step, it is solid. All "seems" well...
  167. Morgan looks to what he did "good thinking, keep going and if you get hurt let us know and hopefully Merek can heal us."
  169. Iskandar lets out a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Holding his arms out to the sides for balance he hops to the next step, this time aiming for the H. Then the U, then finally the L. And then he steps beyond, before turning back to watch the others.
  171. After Iskandar makes it accross, the room is still, and silent.
  173. GAME: Merek rolls 1d20+3: (10)+3: 13
  175. Merek keeps trying to use the channeling magic, a little sigh from him when it doesn't look like it will work. "This place, we need to solve it the best we are able."
  177. GAME: Morgan used a Chocolate Spider (Wriggles Faintly).
  179. GAME: Morgan rolls 2d8+4: (12)+4: 16
  181. Morgan reaches in to a pouch on her belt and gets out a chocolate spider and eats it feeling better "I have two more if you two need them." the tone of her voice is one that shows she is concerned for their safty.
  183. "There are doors up here," Iskandar reports. "And robes. It's an antechamber. Maybe the priests get dressed here. Before they go through." He eyes the robes, trying to estimate if any will fit him. Then he turns back. "Come up. Just be careful you step on T-H-U-L," he points to each place as he says it.
  185. Merek takes a moment to begin stepping upon each of the spaces while he follows along with the party, nodding a bit to them, "Alright, what do you think the plan will be?" he asks.
  187. Morgan nods to what was said and does so as she lands on the ground from flying, just in case "I hope this will lead us to the item that controlls the negtive energy effecting us."
  189. You are all now standing in an antechamber. The walls and floor is stone and the ceiling is as well with wood means supporting it. There are robes on the east and west walls and a double door made of heavy wood to the north.
  191. GAME: Morgan rolls 1d6: (4): 4
  193. GAME: Merek rolls 1d6: (3): 3
  195. GAME: Iskandar rolls 1d6: (5): 5
  197. GAME: Morgan rolls 1d20+13: (16)+13: 29
  199. GAME: Morgan casts Detect Magic. Caster Level: 13 DC: 19
  201. GAME: Morgan used a Potion.
  203. GAME: Merek rolls 1d8+1: (3)+1: 4
  205. Merek takes a moment to begin placing those robes upon his body, and nods a bit to the party. "I think we might all be prepapred," while he takes that healing potion from Morgan.
  207. Iskandar examines one of the robes, then shakes his head. He turns to the door. He looks back at the robes. He takes it down off of thr wall and throws them over his head. He checke that he can move his arms freely. Checks that he can reach his bowcase. Then he nods. "I'm ready
  209. Morgan looks for a smaller robe for her and trys it on after saying "Drink this Iskandar." said as she offers another potin.
  211. GAME: Iskandar rolls 1d8+1: (7)+1: 8
  213. Iskandar accepts the potion with a grateful nod. He immediately throws it back. He then produces a wineskin and takes a sip, swishing the drink around in his mouth before swallowing. Smacking his lips he puts a hand on the door, but waits and looks at the other two
  215. As the big, heavy wood double-doors swing open, you find a true sight of horror and yet mystical beauty in a way. Four massive skeleton statues encompass the main temple, holding the cieling up. There are no walls here, only eternal darkness of the Pale World. Harch, freezing winds sweep accross the ash covered terrain. (In the distance to the North is a mountain that has a castle atop it. Dracoliches fly around it's peak. At the center of the temple is a large altar made of bone. Three cloaked figures surround it as if in prayer to the dark god of death. As you enter, the tallest figure looks up at you all and gives you a peek of its true form, a skeletal smile is followed by a high pitched voice, "Ah, it seems our scrifcie has arrived. Come. Meet the one true power."
  217. GAME: Morgan rolls initiative: 13 + 3 = 16
  219. GAME: Merek rolls initiative: 3 + 4 = 7
  221. GAME: Iskandar rolls initiative: 19 + 3 = 22
  223. GAME: Iskandar RAGES!, gaining +2 to melee attack/damage/Will saves and 22 temporary HP
  225. GAME: Iskandar rolls 18+2+2: (10)+18+2+2: 32
  227. GAME: Iskandar rolls 2d6+6+4+2: (7)+6+4+2: 19
  229. Iskandar looks at the tall figure as if he'd like nothing better that to get his hands on him. But first things first. Iskandar rushes towards one of the skeletons, tearing off the stolen robes as be goes. He ends with a massive punch that smashes through the exposed spine and actually runs a few steps past the two skeleton halves as they clatter the the ground behind him.
  231. GAME: Armnar rolls 1d20 + 1: (2)+1: 3
  232. GAME: Armnar rolls 1d20 + 1: (14)+1: 15
  233. GAME: Armnar rolls 1d20 + 1: (5)+1: 6
  235. The skeleton shifts towards Iskandar, its robe flowing and revealing four arms? and 3 short swords that all slash towards their new target. All missing...
  237. GAME: Morgan rolls will: (16)+13: 29
  239. GAME: Morgan casts Haste. Caster Level: 13 DC: 22
  241. Morgan flys up in the air after she sends out a blue mist that envlopes her two friends that makes the world around them just a little faster. She trys to cast another spell but it does not seem to work "Fucking lich kill it fast and hope its phlacrtry is here."
  243. GAME: Armnar rolls 1d20 + 12: (13)+12: 25
  245. GAME: Armnar rolls 3d6: (15): 15
  247. GAME: You damaged Morgan for 15 points. 72 HP remaining.
  249. As Morgan casts the second spell, it seems to be absorbed into the lich. It cackles and points its finger at Morgan, releasing a bolt of eldritch power and striking her in the air!
  251. GAME: Merek rolls will: (18)+18: 36
  253. GAME: Merek rolls will: (5)+18: 23
  255. GAME: Merek casts Holy Smite. Caster Level: 10 DC: 18
  257. GAME: Merek rolls ranged: (7)+11: 18
  259. GAME: Merek casts Spear of Purity. Caster Level: 10 DC: 16
  261. Merek takes a look to the skeletons while he comes from the stairs, then he takes that robe to the side, his white-black attire on while he begins to lift up a hand, while holy energy begins to strike into that lich and all of that whole area, followed by what looks to be a whole divine spear.
  263. GAME: Iskandar rolls 18: (17)+18: 35
  265. GAME: Iskandar rolls 4d6+12: (12)+12: 24
  267. Iskandar looks surprised as the skeleton fighting him is smote by a sudden burst of holy energy. He recovers quickly though, turning to the Lich. He moves towards him, and just as he closes in he launches himself in a leaping punch. "Meet MY one true power!" The blow connects and he barks a jovial laugh. "HAH!"
  269. GAME: Morgan rolls spellcraft: (9)+31: 40
  271. GAME: Morgan rolls will: (15)+13: 28
  273. GAME: Morgan casts Scorching Ray. Caster Level: 13 DC: 21
  275. GAME: Morgan rolls ranged: (5)+9: 14
  277. GAME: Morgan rolls ranged: (18)+9: 27
  279. GAME: Morgan rolls ranged: (18)+9: 27
  281. GAME: Morgan rolls 8d6: (26): 26
  283. Morgan says in a hollowed voice as she brings three bolts of fire and launches them at the Lich but only two hit him and do some dammage. "keep on him Iskandar dont let him cast anything."
  285. GAME: Armnar rolls 1d20 + 15: (7)+15: 22
  287. GAME: Armnar rolls 1d20 + 15: (8)+15: 23
  289. The lich staggers after being struck by the scorching rays. It swipes wide with two claws and misses Iskandar, barely...
  291. GAME: Merek rolls will: (9)+18: 27
  293. GAME: Merek casts Searing Light. Caster Level: 10 DC: 17
  295. GAME: Merek rolls ranged: (1)+11: 12 (EPIC FAIL)
  297. ***Spends RRP for reroll***
  299. GAME: Merek rolls ranged: (20)+11: 31 (THREAT)
  301. GAME: Merek rolls 10d6: (44): 44
  303. Merek looks like he will be focusing that will of full divine energy into himself, while he calls upon the powers. The shackles break upon the spell, permiting him to focus it, though the energies seem to shimmer into the Pale World, while he tries again, putting his all into it. The spell begins to dissipate, the place doesn't take well to light, and he doesn't have it in him to keep on with that magic.
  304. The Mage begins to take a moment to pull from his magical reserve as a sorcerer, sacrificing the energies from there to build into what looks like a ray of light in the hand. With that he begins to call upon Celestial Magic direct, a light shining within the world of darkness, while it dances amidst the whole place, then all comes to the Lich, the light consuming the undead energies within him, while the smoke begins to lift from the broken body, and from the Theurge within that hand of his, along the place.
  306. GAME: Iskandar spends ONE use of CHARMED LIFE.
  308. GAME: Iskandar rolls fort+3: (10)+13+3: 26
  310. As the final act of pure evil, the Lich cackles and then explodes in nausous gasses and poisoness fumes! Then as a whisper on the wind, you all hear, "This is not the end..."
  312. ***Fade to black...
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