SGDQ recap

Jul 10th, 2017
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  1. Another GDQ is in the books. This was the first SGDQ I've been to as it involves flying while I can just drive to AGDQ. And the flying sucked with my first flight being canceled and I didn't end up arriving until after the event started on Sunday. Made me glad I wasn't the one in charge of the hotel room, but in the future I might plan to arrive even a day earlier cause I like being the hotel room person.
  3. And because I wasn't the name on the hotel room, I didn't have any issues with weird charges and stuff. Was super disappointed at expensive brekkist so I survived on dry goods I picked up from target and walgreens. Food in general was tough to get as all the takeout places seemed to close at 7pm or so and weren't open on weekends, and I didn't hang out with "groups" to go get dinner at sit down places. I got one sit down dinner that I sorta feel bad about going to but the other people seemed ok with it...I'm probably overthinking it. The other was the team Girls on Fire meetup in the hotel restaurant that was nice but we didn't go OUT anywhere so doesn't fit.
  5. Event itself was great and fun, though as usual I spend more time watching people or the stream than actually doing anything. It sucks being alone most of the time but I don't have any super close speedfriends and even if I did, they have OTHER friends they'd probably hang around. Also I get annoyed quickly when around a group just "hanging out" not actually doing anything for a while. I was also sick the first half of the week because of course! Apologies to anyone I got sick, but I tried to stick to elbow bumps and keep lathered in hand sanitizer. I also kept all the drama buzzwords and people on twitter muted because I just get sick of hearing about it when I can't do anything about the issue.
  7. Runs I liked: Pokemon Puzzle League, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Bionic Commando Rearmed because PJ, Mario Kart 64, Mario series warpless relay, Super Panga World, the little I saw of Earthbound.
  8. There's a LOT of early morning runs I need to watch VODs for.
  10. Shoutouts to everyone new I met, everyone old I got to see again, ellaapiie for glorious stroopwafels, succinctandpunchy for showing me jubeat, YKB for the cool mickey mania blind race I did while sick out of my head. Probably more but it's all a blur.
  12. Stream plans: I'm still not prepared for SPX so I need to force myself to do some Creative streams to get a LOT of art done. The Wario's Woods tourney is set and group stage matches need to finish by 8/6 so I'll stream those. I also joined in a PPL speedrun tourney starting mid-August. I hope to submit actual run times for both of those games, as well as work on my existing stuff.
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