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  1. A human being will notice colors, for example. Now, a cat can see colors, more or less. He just isn't interested in colors. It's like, okay, that thing is red. Who cares?
  3. What cats really notice is movement. If anything moves, even the tiniest bit, the cat sees it. I was standing there on the grass, looking around with my big cat eyes, and I saw nothing but movement.
  5. I saw every blade of grass that moved in the breeze. I saw every bug that crawled across those blades of grass. I saw every bird in every tree as it fluffed its wings. And boy, did I see the mice and the squirrels and the rats.
  7. There was a mouse no more than twenty feet away. I could see the individual whiskers on his little snout when they twitched.
  9. Things that were not moving were boring to me. If the mouse just stayed completely still, I would forget he was even there.
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