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  1. 1. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky, this Pokemon only appears as a statue and cannot be recruited
  2. (Answer: Arceus)
  3. 2. This was the first summonable cavalry archer added to Fire Emblem Heroes
  4. (Answer: Lyn, Brave Lyn, Lyndis)
  5. 3. In the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, this type of gummi is particularly liked by Dragon Type Pokemon
  6. (Answer: Royal Gummi)
  7. 4. This item has the same effect as Rowlet’s hidden ability
  8. (Answer: Protective Pads)
  9. 5.  At the start of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a dragon destroys this town, preventing the player’s execution
  10. (Answer: Helgen)
  11. 6. This voice actor is known for voicing characters like McCree from Overwatch and Chrom from Fire Emblem
  12. (Answer: Matthew Mercer, Mercer)
  13. 7. In the Fallout Series, this faction is known for wearing power armor and being obsessed with technology
  14. (Answer: Brotherhood of Steel, bos)
  15. 8. Jainism originates from which country?
  16. (Answer: India)
  17. 9. This is the tallest building in New York City
  18. (Answers: One World Trade Center, Freedom Tower, owtc)
  19. 10. This Pokemon’s ability grants it an immunity to a type it would otherwise 4x resist
  20. (Answer: Mega Sceptile)
  21. 11. This is the Ice type gym leader of Sinnoh.
  22. (Answer: Candice)
  23. 12. This is the largest country to use only one timezone
  24. (Answer: China, PRC)
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