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  1. [00:30] <Telemachos> ok
  2. [00:30] <proper> Hi cultie
  3. [00:30] <AnonLOS> so
  4. [00:30] <Darkgusgus> AnonRSS> Al-Jazeera ::  Thu, 18 Aug 2011 04:15:18 GMT :: Spanish protests over cost of Pope's visit ::
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  7. [00:30] <Telemachos> To begin with, admittedly, I should have communicated better that I was sharing some things with another forum where I was a user. I think my mistake here is a lack of communication. However, I think you might imagine why i didn't share my association with that the website in question up front. Because of the term "cult" being thrown around.
  8. [00:31] <AnonLOS> HAI R3X YOU FUCKING LIAR
  9. [00:31]  * Sixtwelve POPCORN
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  12. [00:31] <Telemachos> Consider if there was a research group that has been online since the early 2000's, that has made a point of exposing every single bit of disinfo and COINTELPRO garbage on the Internet. How do you think COINTELPRO would respond to that, given that we know how COINTELPRO works to disrupt research and activism on certain topics?Consider if there was a research group that has been online since the early 2000's, that has made a point of exposin
  13. [00:31] <jasonk> Let him speak!!!
  14. [00:31] <learnin> share Sixtwelve
  15. [00:31] <Telemachos> sorry, double post
  16. [00:31] <Darkgusgus> Hello Telemachos, do you have access to ACP ?
  17. [00:31] <Telemachos> Consider if there was a research group that has been online since the early 2000's, that has made a point of exposing every single bit of disinfo and COINTELPRO garbage on the Internet. How do you think COINTELPRO would respond to that, given that we know how COINTELPRO works to disrupt research and activism on certain topics?
  18. [00:31] <proper> words still not heard so far: "I'm sorry" and "I resign"
  19. [00:31]  * BabsLoly theives Sixtwelves popcorn
  20. [00:31] <anonnj> proper lol
  21. [00:31]  * learnin still has no popcorn
  22. [00:32] <Telemachos> there is another thing I want to throw in the mix here
  23. [00:32] <Sixtwelve> Will also accept "I apologize and will throw myself on my sword
  24. [00:32]  * Darkgusgus pops learnin's corn
  25. [00:32]  * learnin has no corn to pop
  26. [00:32] <yomanimfromthestreets> I have learned that government agents spend time trolling message boards
  27. [00:32] <Sixtwelve> Darkgusgus: I'll vibe your craft.
  28. [00:32] <Telemachos> Of late, I hae been advocating for What Is The Plan to be an "arena of ideas" in which any ideas can be considered in a fair and rational manner
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  31. [00:32]  * Darkgusgus has no craft to vibe
  32. [00:32] <Discord_Dan> Can I post now?
  33. [00:32] <Discord_Dan> good
  34. [00:32] <proper> COINTELPRO ended in the 70s/80s btw, you are spouting paranoid lunatic fairytale garbage again. Speak like a normal person. To the people you tried to swindle
  35. [00:33] <anonnj> tele how do u justify ur claims to your fellow members?
  36. [00:33] <proper> You at least owe us that
  37. [00:33] <Discord_Dan> Wtf is goin on here?
  38. [00:33] <Mavendetta> !topic MINECRAFT #general
  39. [00:33] == Alpha-Omega changed the topic of #general to: MINECRAFT #general
  40. [00:33] <Sixtwelve> Darkgusgus: I can craft your vibe instead
  41. [00:33] <Telemachos> this was in response to the apparent desire in the community to develop a more enlightened ethic
  42. [00:33] <anonnj> dan just sit back and observe
  43. [00:33] <a-non-serviam> hahaha i like how this monkey is trolling the fuck out of these tigers
  44. [00:33] <Mavendetta> oh...
  45. [00:33] <Discord_Dan> Well I had a question
  46. [00:33] <Mavendetta> thats not right...
  47. [00:33] <Darkgusgus> Sixtwelve -> DEAL !
  48. [00:33]  * TheApparentMotive thinks there are an awful lot of government agents here today for some reason...
  49. [00:33] <Telemachos> and I would also like to point out this Project Mayhem 2012 deal
  50. [00:33] <proper> EMPTY WORDS ladies and gentlemen
  51. [00:33] <ti> please wait to ask Discord_Dan
  52. [00:33] <Sixtwelve> which part of this speech do you talk about how sorry you are for trying to recruit for your cult?
  53. [00:33] <Sixtwelve> Let's skip ahead to that part
  54. [00:34] <Discord_Dan> Oh this culty shit again
  55. [00:34] <Telemachos> from my perspective this Project Mayhem 2012 is promoting Discordianism and chaos magick in the guise of Anonymous activism
  56. [00:34] <Sixtwelve> ....wait
  57. [00:34] <Sixtwelve> chaos magick?
  58. [00:34] <BabsLoly> O.O
  59. [00:34] == AnonLOS [] has joined #general
  60. [00:34] <proper> no, he will just keep preaching his bullshit and COMPLETELY ignoring the problem
  61. [00:34] <proper> he is mind-spamming you
  62. [00:34] <anonnj> we seen the evidence all of us so dispute it
  63. [00:34] <proper> playing you all. AGAIN.
  64. [00:34] <Sixtwelve> CHAOS MAGICK
  65. [00:34] <Poppins> wow I guess they were right Magick is involved
  66. [00:34] <Poppins> CHAOS MAGICK is now a meme
  67. [00:34] <Imitation404> How is Discordianism bad?
  68. [00:34] <Telemachos> in other words, Project Mayhem 2012 IS promoting cult-like thinking, which I have pointed out and exposed
  69. [00:34] <learnin> xD
  70. [00:34] <BabsLoly> omg
  71. [00:34] <Sixtwelve> STEP TWO OF THE PLAN IS CHAOS MAGICK
  72. [00:34] <anonnj> a cultist claiming something is a cult?
  73. [00:34] <Sixtwelve> PROVE ME WRONG
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  76. [00:34] <anonnj> lol sixtwelve
  77. [00:34] <proper> Motherfucker comes here to discuss his treachery and instead talks about some other bullshit esoteric crap equal to his own
  78. [00:34] <Discord_Dan> Project Mayhem seems to have a bit of sense behind it.
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  82. [00:35] <Telemachos> and it's quite notable that these attacks against me increased in ferocity once I started weighing in on Project Mayhem 2012
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  85. [00:35] <learnin> yeh I think it is a pretty cool alternative reality game
  86. [00:35] == mode/#general [+v Sixtwelve] by toomany1
  87. [00:35] <AnonLOS> dude youre burried
  88. [00:35] <AnonLOS> just stop
  89. [00:35] <baby> fk sentinel
  90. [00:35] <proper> People of WITP, now is when you DEMAND that this guy stops the lunacy and resigns
  91. [00:35] <Telemachos> so, all of that being said, I'll open this up for questions
  92. [00:35] <anonnj> tele ur opinion to project mayhem didnt change the facts
  93. [00:35]  * ti takes cover
  94. [00:35] <BabsLoly> Okay, the moonbattery level just hit the fucking roof, pm when hard evidence facts are discussed
  95. [00:35] <Poppins> r3x what the fuck is chaos magick?
  96. [00:35] <anonnj> facts r facts r facts
  97. [00:35] <XFactoR> do i get free kool-aid?
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  99. [00:35] <Discord_Dan> proper what has Telemachos hurt?
  100. [00:35] <proper> My question to you is this:
  101. [00:36] <Telemachos> Poppins: Chaos Magick... think, Tyler Durden
  102. [00:36] <proper> explain yourself
  103. [00:36] <Sixtwelve> Telemachos: -raises hand-
  104. [00:36] <Sixtwelve> I HAVE A QUESTION
  105. [00:36] <Telemachos> this idea of Chaos Magick is to bring "order out of chaos"
  106. [00:36] <Poppins> Telemachos: dude we're friends right?  I gotta tell you chaos magick sounds fstrange
  107. [00:36] <Telemachos> but my perspective is that it results in self-destruction for anyone who engages in it
  108. [00:36] <Poppins> REALLY fstrange
  109. [00:36] <Sixtwelve> when did you first realize you were so crazy Scientology wouldn't want you?
  110. [00:36] <anonnj> six just ask about each of his quotes that are now infamous
  111. [00:36] <proper> how come the words "I'm sorry" and "I resign" were not in your speech?
  112. [00:36] <learnin> i made a mistake was there
  113. [00:36] <proper> also, THIS IS NOT ABOUT CHAOS MAGIC OR ABOUT 2012, YOU LUNATIC.
  114. [00:36] <Sixtwelve> Follow up question
  116. [00:37] <Sixtwelve> Why do you think Anonymous is so fucking retarded we'd accept CHAOS MAGICK as a valid excuse?
  117. [00:37] <Dionysus> YO PEOPLE
  119. [00:37] <Dionysus> NOT 2012
  120. [00:37] == TheApparentMotive has changed nick to lurking
  121. [00:37] <Dionysus> FUCKING LEARN TO READ
  122. [00:37] == theplan534 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
  123. [00:37] <Dionysus> NOT WITP
  124. [00:37] <Darkgusgus> lulz
  125. [00:37] <Sixtwelve> Dionysus: I beg to differ
  126. [00:37]  * Dionysus needs to learn to speel
  127. [00:37] <Discord_Dan> In the name of sanity can we keep a semblence of civility?
  128. [00:37] <Sixtwelve> he was clearly talking about how CHAOS MAGICK WAS INVOLVED
  129. [00:37]  * LivingDeadGirl sighs
  130. [00:37] <proper> WHO CARES. People were saying that he tried to usurp WITP for his own cult, and his excuse was "its a magical conspiracy"
  131. [00:37] <Imitation404> Telemachos: The entire revelation about even using the words Choas Magick, implies that is it somehow supernatural and an "abomination".
  132. [00:37]  * Darkgusgus gives Dionysus a spellbook
  133. [00:38] <proper> THATS LITERALLY HIS EXCUSE:  "Its a magical conspiracy"
  134. [00:38] <LivingDeadGirl> This is turning into a clusterfuck again.
  135. [00:38] <ti> ^
  136. [00:38] <anonnj> +1
  137. [00:38] <Imitation404> IMO.
  138. [00:38] <ti> totally agree LivingDeadGirl lol
  139. [00:38] <Poppins> Telemachos: go into the chaos magick shit a little more even on a meta-physical or troll level, I don't get this
  140. [00:38] == lurking has changed nick to TheApparentMotive
  141. [00:38]  * Sixtwelve is irl pretty much just going "LMFAO CHAOS MAGICL
  142. [00:38] <Sixtwelve> **MAGICK"
  143. [00:38] <TheApparentMotive> Hey, why don't we drop the bullshit
  144. [00:38] <Bond|JamezBond> guise
  145. [00:38] <Poppins> You're saying you're being framed by magick to create dischord?
  146. [00:38] <Darkgusgus> With all the active mods here, one of you must have access to the forum ACP ?!
  147. [00:38] <anonnj> lol
  148. [00:38] <proper> THATS LITERALLY HIS EXCUSE:  "Its a magical conspiracy"
  149. [00:38] <TheApparentMotive> who cares whether it's magick or not?
  150. [00:38] <Imitation404> I lol'd.
  151. [00:38] <anonnj> dude im makina shirt for this
  152. [00:38] <Telemachos> Imitation404: That is not my perspective at all. What I am saying is that there is something to occult literature, and there's a light and a dark side, as in everything
  153. [00:38] <Sixtwelve> **chaos magical conspiracy
  154. [00:38]  * BabsLoly just fell out of her chair giggling
  155. [00:38] <Poppins> get r3x I'm trying to understand you but it's not working at all
  156. [00:39] <proper> now hers talking about occult
  157. [00:39] <Telemachos> and from my perspective, this Chaos Magick and project mayhem 2012 is promoting the dark side
  158. [00:39] <proper> this guy is a professional brainwasher
  159. [00:39] <cian_crionnacht> I'm just going to throw in my 2 cents, Telemachos is sharing an idea, good or bad it is still an idea.  If you dont like the idea, dont participate or support it.  Point out what you dont like about the idea or how to improve it, just dont attack the person stating it
  160. [00:39] <anonnj> tele i got a no bs question
  161. [00:39] <anonnj> f even a few dozen can be turned on to LKJ's material, then I feel it's worth the effort
  162. [00:39] <Telemachos> ok
  163. [00:39] <Poppins> Telemachos: dude is your cell phone number still the same?  we need to fucking talk lol
  164. [00:39] <anonnj> u said that right?
  165. [00:39] <Telemachos> i'm willing to respond to that
  166. [00:39] <BabsLoly> Telemachos go back to hogwarts cause Choas Magic, Discordianism, wow you've got the paranoid christian vibe going when looking at it.
  167. [00:39] <Telemachos> the context of that quote is this:
  168. [00:39]  * Mavendetta "gotta black magic woooomannnn..." You sing it Santana! YEAH!
  169. [00:40] <Bond|JamezBond> guise, keep the chatter civilized, theres no need to be disrespectful.
  170. [00:40] <anonnj> im not
  171. [00:40] <Bond|JamezBond> he fucked up, he knows it.
  172. [00:40] <cian_crionnacht> Hey Mave
  173. [00:40] <Discord_Dan> To late for that
  174. [00:40] <proper> Telemachos, have you ever considered that everything you are saying is paranoid lunatic bullshit brought on because of paranoia and mental illeness? And that you are using your mental illness as an excuse for your DESPICABLE behavior?
  175. [00:40] <anonnj> im asking him to explain his own words
  176. [00:40] <Mavendetta> who you callin disrespectful, Mr. Bond?
  177. [00:40] <Imitation404> Telemachos: Even so, I don't enjoy the use of words that a christian might use to demonise a pagan, and I would expect that somebody who thinks these kind of things through in such a methodical nature to have had a better choice within the english langauge.
  178. [00:40] <Discord_Dan> Proper is on an Ad Hominem trip
  179. [00:40] <Bond|JamezBond> [00:39] <BabsLoly> Telemachos go back to hogwarts cause Choas Magic, Discordianism, wow you've got the paranoid christian vibe going when looking at it.
  180. [00:40] <Telemachos> I view WITP as an arena of ideas, and for me to participate in such an arena of ideas, i would be most interested in communicating LKJ's material, which approaches the supernatural and metaphysical from a very rigorous scientific perspective
  181. [00:40] <Sixtwelve> Telemachos: Third question. Is your crystal energy aura pink or green?
  182. [00:40] <BabsLoly> I'm not being disrespectful, I'm being blunt. He needs to go back to magic school cause this as moonbattery at it's finest.
  183. [00:41] <Imitation404> ^^
  184. [00:41] <anonnj> ok tele let me quote u again
  185. [00:41] <proper> Am I the only one who realizes that Telemachos has come in here talking about witchcraft and magic instead of addressing accusations?
  186. [00:41] <yomanimfromthestreets> indeed, babs
  187. [00:41] == a-non-serviam [~a-non-ser@what.ever] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
  188. [00:41] <AnonLOS> typicall
  189. [00:41] == theplan067 [] has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
  190. [00:41] <Sixtwelve> Proper: No I think we're all pretty aware of that right now
  191. [00:41] <Discord_Dan> He came in here talking about the context of a thread Proper.
  192. [00:41] <Telemachos> i am indeed addressing accusations, and providing context
  193. [00:41] <Sixtwelve> also
  194. [00:41] <Sixtwelve> again
  195. [00:41] <Discord_Dan> not to promote anything
  196. [00:41] <Sixtwelve> TOLD YOU SO
  197. [00:41]  * Imitation404 should have been in debate club in highschool, might have gotten a scholorship.
  198. [00:41] <AnonLOS> TOLD YOU SO
  199. [00:41] <anonnj> ome of you may know that I frequent various "Anonymous" websites and communities. Yes, that Anonymous. I'm currently involved as a moderator on a certain high-traffic Anonymous style forum.  I recently stumbled across what I can only think is an Alternative Reality Game, the purpose of which is to promote Rosicrucianism and Black Magic (Chaos Theory) in the guise of "Anonymous" style Activism.  The implications of this frighten me to no end. My first
  200. [00:41] == Mord [] has joined #general
  201. [00:41] <anonnj> explain
  202. [00:41] <Imitation404> Reminder to self, get a tardis.
  203. [00:41] == mode/#general [+v Mord] by Bond|JamezBond
  204. [00:42] <XFactoR> i wish i wasnt a newfag
  205. [00:42] == mushtea [] has joined #general
  206. [00:42]  * Darkgusgus is assisting to the most moonbatted conversation he's ever seen on here
  207. [00:42] <AnonLOS> explain
  208. [00:42] == Fawkes [~Fawkes@189.122.gx.iuz] has left #general [Saindo]
  209. [00:42] <AnonLOS> EXPLAIN
  210. [00:42] <TheApparentMotive> I don't see why Telemachos is being attacked!
  211. [00:42] <anonnj> ya tele i can go all night
  212. [00:42]  * BabsLoly reminder to self make loas to ward of moonbats
  213. [00:42] <Discord_Dan> Me either.
  214. [00:42] <anonnj> motive go do some reading
  215. [00:42] <proper> Also is the only reason you oppose the black magic bullshit that it is exactly the same as vibecraft and you dont want competition?
  216. [00:42] <anonnj> not being mean
  217. [00:42] <Telemachos> well, i've already explained my perspective on project mayhem 2012
  218. [00:42] <Discord_Dan> All I had was a question pertaining to Bridgetonrebel
  219. [00:42] <TheApparentMotive> where?
  220. [00:42] <Bond|JamezBond> I would like a general consensus from the room, if you feel that Telemachos should resign, please type in +1, if you feel he should stay on as a mod, please type in -1
  221. [00:42] <TheApparentMotive> link...
  222. [00:42] <anonnj> +1
  223. [00:42] <AnonLOS>
  224. [00:42] <Discord_Dan> -1
  225. [00:43] <AnonLOS>
  226. [00:43] <Poppins> Telemachos: Gaines what's the deal with LKJ bro?  You never told me you were into this shit years ago
  227. [00:43] <Sixtwelve> +1
  228. [00:43] <jasonk> -0
  229. [00:43] <Imitation404> +1 as admin, perhaps keeping moderation powers over some subforums.
  230. [00:43] <Telemachos> proper: my opposition to chaos magick is within the realm of the arena of ideas that WITP is
  231. [00:43] <jasonk> Trial by peers
  232. [00:43] <BabsLoly> +1
  233. [00:43] <jasonk> lol
  234. [00:43] <TheApparentMotive> (not enough info
  235. [00:43] <TheApparentMotive> )
  236. [00:43] <baby> if he was here to recruit for a "cult", now he's been exposed why would he stick around like he is?
  237. [00:43] == PREV4IL [~webchat@84.19.vmm.nvx] has joined #general
  238. [00:43] == mode/#general [+ao PREV4IL PREV4IL] by Alpha-Omega
  239. [00:43] <Telemachos> as is my promotion of the idea of Vibecraft, which is to build a communications *medium* in the same spirit of this arena of ideas
  240. [00:43] <anonnj> ultimately fruitless without a full picture of the hyperdimensional nature of the Matrix Control System. This is a lot of what I'm trying to communicate to these forum users. Some learn it's about the inner struggle, some do their own thing and focus on the external. The forum is more of a Mixtus Orbis in terms of signal to noise than the Cassiopaea Forum, to borrow a term from Mouravieff.
  241. [00:43] == Guto [] has quit [Quit: Web client closed]
  243. [00:43] <anonnj> explain
  244. [00:44] <Telemachos> a mixtus orbis. an arena of ideas
  245. [00:44] <Imitation404> Agree on that part Telemachos, and I think we need a forum for ideas in development like this.
  246. [00:44] <Sixtwelve> baby: Because he's fucking crazy
  247. [00:44] <proper> BTW, remember "I told you so" for the second time when Telemachos and his fellow culties pacify you into following on his path again
  248. [00:44] <anonnj> ok translating 2 words isnt an expl,lanation
  249. [00:44] <Sixtwelve> his rationalization for this was CHAOS MAGICK
  250. [00:44] <Poppins> Telemachos: I just don't know what to say anymore Pat I really don't lol
  251. [00:44] <Telemachos> "the hyperdimensional nature of the matrix control system"... this gets into edge of reality material, which must be approached from a rigorous scientific perspective
  252. [00:44] <anonnj> simplfy that for the masses
  253. [00:44] <proper> translation: I have a serious mental illness
  254. [00:44] <Poppins> you NEVER told me about this fucking wave crap
  255. [00:45] <anonnj> since ur gonna use big words to confuse ur peers
  256. [00:45] <proper> big words that mean nothing btw
  257. [00:45] <baby> sixtwelve: seems like a blanket answer
  258. [00:45] <Sixtwelve> I'd like an opinion from whoever's in charge of the forum atm
  259. [00:45] <XFactoR> hes is talking you out of saying he is sorry guy
  260. [00:45] <Telemachos> anonnj: basically what I'm talking about is the "Mind of the Predator" in Carlos Castaneda terms
  261. [00:45] <Telemachos> the ego
  262. [00:45] <Telemachos> the shadow self
  263. [00:45] <anonnj> ok quoting literature isnt an answer either
  264. [00:45] <AnonLOS> OMG
  265. [00:45] <Telemachos> the part of us that is routinary and morose, and concerned by the thought of being discovered any moment now
  266. [00:45] <AnonLOS> why do u sound like a fucking svientologist
  267. [00:46] <proper> Why can't you quit the non-existant esoteric bullshit and speak like a NORMAL PERSON instead of a whackjob, please?
  268. [00:46] <anonnj> lol
  269. [00:46] <XFactoR> hes has you all off
  270. [00:46] <Sixtwelve> Telemachos: So basically
  271. [00:46] <AnonLOS> all of a  sudden?!
  272. [00:46] <Sixtwelve> you're blaming this on your reactive mind
  273. [00:46] <Sixtwelve> and CHAOS MAGICK
  274. [00:46] <anonnj> hes distracting everyone
  275. [00:46] <proper> anonnj got it right
  276. [00:46] <AnonLOS> omg
  277. [00:46] <Discord_Dan> I blame it on the volatile nature of posters in the general chat.
  278. [00:46] <Telemachos> sixtwelve: scientology is a crude bastardization of esoteric concepts
  279. [00:46] <proper> its a scattershot
  280. [00:46] <AnonLOS> avibecraft clam
  281. [00:46] <Sixtwelve> Telemachos: So is chaos magick
  282. [00:46] <Telemachos> granted
  283. [00:46] <anonnj> u never explained urself btw
  284. [00:46] <Poppins> I'll agree with r3x on that one
  285. [00:46] <anonnj> u quoted literature
  286. [00:46] <proper> hes saying a lot of words with hopes to confuse the fuck out of you and turn the conversation into irrelevence
  287. [00:46] <anonnj> and translated 2 words
  288. [00:46] <Poppins> Scientology took a lot of crap and irresponsibly combined them
  289. [00:47] <Poppins> that doesn't mean each separate part of the whole is worthwhile though
  290. [00:47] <Discord_Dan> @proper Obviously you don't engage much in intellectual conversation.
  291. [00:47] <anonnj> .another member talking to him voiced his concerns about r3x joing the cult and anonymous together<<which rex's fellow cultists where critizing his grand scheme
  292. [00:47] <proper> and you guys are falling for it again by responding to that bullshit and getting sidetracked instead of demanding real answers that dont amount to "magic made me do it"
  293. [00:47] <anonnj> explain
  294. [00:47] <Poppins> Discord_Dan: to be fair once someone brings magick into the argument there's not much intellectualism to be had
  295. [00:47] <BabsLoly> Hold up, I'll take the blame for this. Your right Telemachos this is just one big bad magical conspiracy against you, since I at one time associated as Discordian and Choas magic, you can blame. The world is right, can I's get my cointelpro-blackmagic conspiracy ban noa?
  296. [00:47] <anonnj> .another member talking to him voiced his concerns about r3x joing the cult and anonymous together<<which rex's fellow cultists where critizing his grand scheme
  297. [00:47] <Imitation404> Telemachos; I don't agree with the psudeo links to psycology and physics that the other community you're involved in supports, and that you are reporting your activities to them, in a way that would illistrate that you are trying to assert control and social engineering over the population of WITP.
  298. [00:48] <anonnj> guise read^^^
  299. [00:48] == AzureSky [] has joined #general
  300. [00:48] <Imitation404> That's my IMO from what I've read.
  301. [00:48] <Telemachos> Imitation404: again, I present my views in the spirit of an arena of ideas
  302. [00:48] <TheApparentMotive> wow... interesting conversations today.
  303. [00:48] <anonnj> he had another member of his cult claim that his collaboration and combinding of his cult and anonymous is a ba didea
  304. [00:48] <anonnj> and will afffect the cult negatively
  305. [00:48] <anonnj> explain
  306. [00:48] <anonnj> and no bullshit
  307. [00:48] <TheApparentMotive> lol, looks like that is going to happen.
  308. [00:48] <Mord> Current topics of conversation seem to be a bit counterproductive
  309. [00:49] <Imitation404> But Telemachos; Reporting them to another entity, and reporting progress of how far "we" are bending to you is wrong.
  310. [00:49] <Telemachos> cult is such a charged word though. when people think of cult, they think of scientology, or suicide cults
  311. [00:49] <Discord_Dan> Thats status Quo nowadays Mord.
  312. [00:49] <anonnj> dont try to doge the answer either
  313. [00:49] <anonnj> ur dodging
  314. [00:49] == dknowdrf [] has joined #general
  315. [00:49] <anonnj> ur not gonna sidetrack me dont bother
  316. [00:49] == ti changed the topic of #general to: WITP needs a Minecraft server
  317. [00:49] <anonnj> i saw ur convo
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