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  5. Known Issues:
  6. Crash caused by the duplication of burnt meat.
  7. Camera can clip through walls.
  8. Occasionally zombies are spawning at the same spot they died.
  9. Extremely rare crash when a player throws item
  10. Player's next character will not be saved into database if he disconnects after death.
  11. Rapid player movement vertically can in rare circumstances incur falling damage
  14. New:
  15. Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to gear configuration
  16. Actions: Added cancel current player action on self and on target back to data and character configuration
  17. Actions: Added cancel current player action on self, on target and on items back to actions themselves
  18. Actions: Added new animations for drinking from pond and well actions
  19. Actions: Igniting fireplace depends on wind strength and rain
  20. Actions: Salmonellosis is curable with antibiotics
  21. Actions: Emptying large magazine will split ammo in adequate amount of smaller piles
  22. Actions: You can sharpen a bit badly damaged blades using stone
  23. Actions : You can tear few blank pages out of a book
  24. Actions : You can go fishing (ponds and lakes for this moment)
  25. Actions : You can drink whole bottle at once
  26. Animations: Clapping now possible while crouching
  27. Animations: Binoculars transitions added for crouch and prone.
  28. Content: Garage office building loot spawns added
  29. Content: Doors on vehicle wrecks now show name in scroll menu so users are able to know which door or boot they are opening/closing.
  30. Crafting : You can craft improvised fishing rod using long ashwood stick and rope
  31. Crafting : You craft and break down leather courier bag
  32. Crafting : You craft and break down leather backpack
  33. Crafting: Splitting long ashwood stick into thirds
  34. Crafting: Breaking Courier bag down into materials
  35. Crafting: Breaking Improvised backpack down into materials
  36. Crafting: Breaking Splint down into materials
  37. Gathering : You can collect wood from bushes and trees and also search for kindling in woods
  38. Gathering : You can mine stones from some smaller boulders
  39. Gathering : You can dig up worms from ground
  40. Gathering : You can search for apples
  41. Gathering : You can skin and quarter animals
  42. Gear: Road flare configuration
  43. Gear: Road flare animation
  44. Gear: Configuration of fireplace items and crafting recipes for them
  45. Gear: Crafting recipes for combine/split firewood and stones
  46. Gear: Added flare particle effects synchronization on server
  47. Item: AKM attachments (folding buttstock, rail handguard, plastic magazine), AK rail handguard allows the attachment of a flashlight and a bipod
  48. Item: Animal pelts added (Wildboar, Rabbit, Cow, Pig, Deer)
  49. Item: Improvised Backpack and Courier bag made of fur, recipes added.
  50. Items: Road Flare, Fishing hook, High Capacity vest, Longhorn pistol, AKM butt stocks, AKM magazines added to loot spawns
  51. Items: Chernarus Police uniform (pants, jacket, cap) added to loot spawns
  52. Items: OREL special Police unit uniform added to loot spawns
  53. Items: Gorka Military Pants added to loot spawns
  54. Items: Various meats configs
  55. Item : Improvised fishing rod config
  56. Item: Fishing hook config
  57. Item: Fishing bait config
  58. Item: Worm config
  59. Localisation: Door names added to string table.
  60. Server: Animals spawning
  61. Server: Initial implementation of dynamic server events
  64. Fixed:
  65. Actions: Added conditions to crafting recipes
  66. Actions: Wooden sticks are stackable, crafting recipes with sticks modified to take stacks into account
  67. Actions: Catching some rain action, doesn't add water to a stomach
  68. Actions: Removed 'isUsingSomething' variable from player's stored variables
  69. Actions: Deconstructing improvised backpack produce wooden sticks in actual quantity required to craft it
  70. Actions: Fireplace sound effects fixed
  71. Actions: Fixed addressee of the messages in ignite fireplace action
  72. Action: Changed frying time to 30s
  73. Action: Higher probability to light fire in the wind
  74. Actions: Splitting ruined ammo won't create a pristine stack
  75. Actions: Bow loading action fixed
  76. Actions: Firewood splitting action fixed
  77. Animations: Fixed an issue where some animations were not interrupted with a death animation, when the player died
  78. Animations: Eating, drinking, crafting animations states are now correctly connected to death states
  79. Animations: More animations are now able to be cancelled(crafting, pills, injection)
  80. Animations: Some basic movement with binoculars is now possible in raised pose
  81. Config: Binoculars ability to be placed into holster
  82. Crafting: Splint recipe fix
  83. Gear: Changed firewood model
  84. Gear: Road flares to last 15 minutes
  85. Gear: Adding parameter to geometry lod to resolve alpha sorting
  86. Gear: Road flare cannot be lit after it's has already been used
  87. Gear: Road flare quantity is not showing in inventory for now (removed till they able to be stacked)
  88. Gear: Added cooking subclass to other meat configs
  89. Gear: Model filename changed for burned fillet
  90. Items: Shoes become damaged after falling from height
  91. Item : Long ashwood stick inventory size increased, can be placed on back
  92. Item: Improvised short bow inventory size
  93. Item: Binocular inventory size changed
  94. Item: Closed tuna can, lack of inventory image fixed
  95. Item: Closed sardines can, lack of inventory image fixed
  96. SFX: Fixed configuration for fireplace flame sound effect
  97. Spawns : Bugged crossbow bolt
  98. VFX: Helicopter crash site smoke particle effect initialization
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