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May 8th, 2013
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  1. <Halaxis> Come on Teruyo
  2. <Halaxis> You know you want to write that scene
  3. <Escalator> please reisen
  4. <Halaxis> Arcs looking in throught the window
  5. <Escalator> a little modesty
  6. <Zer00> wait, what?
  7. <Zer00> What scene?
  8. <serial_ata> but damn, i missed a lot of updates
  9. <Halaxis> [23:31:24] <~Zer00>
  10. <Zer00> Not at all.
  11. <Zer00> That's not how it'd go.
  12. <serial_ata> finger licking good~
  13. <Halaxis> Then how would it go. Do tell us.
  14. <Zer00> Alice, baffled with how Arc is behaving, goes to declare her undying love once and for all. She looks in the mirror and talks with Shanghai, pretending it's Arc, so her heart is prepared for the scene. She takes a drink of her mom's favorite liquor to muster up the courage.
  15. <Zer00> Wearing nothing but a night gown she makes it to Arc's room, going up the stairs as fast as her wildly beating heart allows.
  16. <Zer00> She knows Auntie is out with her mom.
  17. <grumpe> ... go on
  18. <Zer00> Alice creeps to his door, having last minute doubts about the whole thing. Giving herself to him isn't easy for a maiden.
  19. <Reisenserv> they need to walk down the AC and go on
  20. <Escalator> you're so setting yourselves up
  21. <Halaxis> waiting for the tweest
  22. * serial_ata has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  23. <Zer00> She knocks, gingerly, knowing he's in there but somehow hoping he isn't. There's shuffling coming from the other side. She holds her breath as the door opens.
  24. * serial_ata (cgiirc@905379B3.C879B77A.3C658545.IP) has joined #eientei
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  26. <Zer00> There she finds a fully naked Marisa, standing without shame at the door with a grin. "It's taken you a while," the audacious blonde says to Alice, "we've been expecting you."
  27. <serial_ata> damn, internet got nuked
  28. <Milly> I don't know what's going on but I like it.
  29. <Zer00> Alice is confused, not understanding what's going on. Soon she's aghast as she sees Arc lying on the bed, sheets haphazardly strewn about him, barely concealing his shame. Around him lie Marisa's clothes and various signs of... intimate activity.
  30. <Halaxis> incoming tweest
  31. <Reisenserv> clear loss limit as well as taking shots at the speed of a total tweest to make some dough for
  32. <Zer00> Her first impulse is to run. After all, she's been a massive fool. Going to confess her love to a man that has been indulging in the most base of carnal pleasures with another girl. She finds that she can't, her legs firmly planted in place from the shock.
  33. <serial_ata> oh my
  34. <serial_ata> alice ;_;
  35. <Zer00> And Marisa's hand gently bides her in, grabbing and tugging her from the wrist. "Come on now," Marisa laughs, "I know this isn't how you imagined it, but there's nothing wrong with sharing love. I don't mind if you feel the same pleasure I did. In fact, I'll help you relax and have fun I think."
  36. <Zer00> And so forth, etc. Unforgettable night of passion.
  37. <Zer00> You're keeping me from writing with this, for shame.
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