Alternate Source Max%

dannyb21892 Aug 10th, 2016 154 Never
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  1. Goal: All naturally obtained items count as -1 to your score. All items obtained by alternate means from their natural source count as +1 to your score. Maximize your score.
  3. Rules:
  4. -All glitches/versions are allowed.
  5. -All items that count towards 100%, as well as maps, compasses, small keys and boss keys count towards your score. Each small key counts as 1.
  6. -All items obtained in beta scenes count as positive toward your score.
  7. -37th heart piece and Gerudo Odd Mushroom count as positive toward your score.
  8. -Duped heart pieces, small keys and gold skulltulas do not count toward your score (for reasons of making the route more fun and also the case can be made that these duped items technically all come from the original source).
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