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  3. RP Sample
  5. Day 457.
  7. "I've been imprisoned for Fifteen months." He scratched the scruffy beard with the cuffed hands. Oren the Heran was thrown in jail for starting a heist on the planet Arconia's Bank. He planned it to be absolutely perfect but it backfired on him, the people he trusted turned on him and left him without any of the money. The thought made Oren's brow quirk, he was quite mad at the outcome. For the Fifteen months, he was here, he trained day in and out. Eating most of the prison food, he had to get bigger and turn fat into muscles. He was very weak when he entered, but due to his years and months of training, his muscles were now bulkier than before. Oren patiently awaited for the right moment until there was a good time to break free from the restraints he had. He had listened closely to all the guard's conversations, he needed to learn when there would be another prisoner transfer so Oren made sure to keep his ears open. This prison only had a certain amount of guards, they weren't as strong as Oren but the Warden was on a different type of level. he stroked his beard as he tried to think of a plan to get rid of the Warden before deciding to strike. After finally thinking of a plan, Oren decided to take action. Death in prison could not be an option for him. Oren rose up from the floor and looked around to see if there were any guards on active duty. Oren tapped on the bars of his cell, getting the attention of the active guard. He was waiting for the guard to come in close with the cell, when he was, his right hand would shoot out in a swift motion. Grabbing the Guard by their throat, then his left hand quickly went towards the keys of the cells & cuffs, The grip on their throat become tighter as they struggled to scream for help. Nothing but groans. Seconds later, they dropped to the floor, dead. Unlocking the cuffs and his cell, Oren looked left and right. No guards yet, dragging the body into the cell. He swapped clothes, it was an idea that would buy him some time. There were prisoners that wanted to be free. Oren began unlocking the cells that were close to him until the guard he killed was finally found. The free prisoners helped to jump the guard, inevitably killing him as well. They knew that they were on borrowed time, the Warden was someone that they feared. Oren had a plan, he told them to go to the escape pods and leave.
  9. Cracking his knuckles and rolling his neck, It was time that he made his way towards the warden, with excitement in his steps, Oren would overpower the rest of the guards. Their swords weren't sharp or durable. If they stood in his way, he would muster the biggest backhand he could release to send them flying. He reached the Warden's door, adjusting the tie that was around his neck it was now loosened up, getting ready to have an all out battle with the Warden. There was a plan that wasn't really thought out, but it'll come to him while they fought. Oren would challenge the warden, trying his best to claim victory over him, even though he knew he was far outmatched. Luckily, the plan would come back to him, and after enduring rather heavy hits, some of the prisoners awhile back who had the courage to fight against the Warden as well came to his aid, equipped with guns as planned.Oren nodded to the prisoners before sprinting past the Warden into his office and found the safe. Oren started throwing punches and kicks at it, after some struggle it finally opened. Oren grabbed the keys before sprinting towards the exit of the Prison, the guards had already given up on stopping him. Oren alerted the prisoners who helped him find the keys before reaching the exit, the Ardent was there. Unlocking it, he ran towards the pilot's room and put the key into the ignition, turning it. The engine started up. Whichever prisoner that heard Oren's alert should've been rushing to the ship by now, and within a few minutes, Oren slammed on the launch button. Oren didn't know how many got onto the ship with him but he knew that he was finally free from that hell of a prison
  11. Seeing the Space Station on the navigation. He tapped it and it gave him an estimated time on when he'll be there.
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