/skn/ (PoFt/one shot)

May 15th, 2017
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  1. Guys I finally did it.
  2. I finally screwed my human.
  3. I only lurked for a laugh back when this shitty containment board was made, but all the damn skin porn threads finally got to me.
  4. Are you happy now?
  5. You degenerates made me a skinfucker.
  6. >>95847494(OP)
  7. another person claiming they actually did it
  8. pics or it didn’t happen, “skinfucker”
  9. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out
  10. >>95847494(OP)
  11. Did you use the peanut butter trick?
  12. There’s no way that works right?
  13. I mean, it’d get stuck in your coat and wouldn’t work.
  14. Asking for a friend.
  15. Another one falls to the glorious human cock
  16. Rejoice sisters, for the extinction of the furbois is nigh!
  17. Do you and the cock for pussy it’s real good?
  18. I have a skin for some time and then thinking about it.
  19. >>84846487
  20. We have the top analysts working around the clock to figure out what the fuck you just said.
  21. >>85947499
  22. >pics or it didn’t happen, “skinfucker”
  23. you know what? Screw it. Here.
  25. >It never really failed that on a boring, quiet night alone, with no games worth playing and no boyfriend, that skinchan would provide a few keks before bed.
  26. >You sipped your Mountain Dew and glanced toward the clock by the bottom of your screen.
  27. >4:33am
  28. >Well… bed was relative anyhow.
  29. >Your ears flicked back as you heard your human jump up on your bed, curling up in the covers and you smiled ruefully.
  30. >You’d have to kick him out before sun up, but if you weren’t using it, no reason he couldn’t.
  31. >Your finger slid along the scroll wheel as you took another sip of your soda.
  32. >Let’s see what shitty fake picture she decided to post.
  33. >As the image came into view, your eyes widened and you spat all over your screen.
  34. “Shit! Aw, fucking dammit.”
  35. >You looked around for something to wipe off your screen and settled on a box of tissues, rapidly grabbing pieces until you had two clumps in both paws.
  36. >Fuck, you just know it’s going to stay sticky.
  37. >As you wiped away your soda, you caught sight of the picture that startled you in the first place.
  38. >Aligned left on the user’s post was a POV taken by a girl riding a male human, taking him to the hilt.
  39. >A paper sheet lay to the side that read ‘Hi /skn/’ and the date scribbled in black marker underneath.
  40. >Your face heated and you put your paw over your mouth.
  41. >Holy crap, the madwoman actually did it.
  42. >You scrolled down.
  43. >Several users were calling it fake, but you spotted one that had checked the exif data and posted it below.
  44. >OP had posted the picture seconds after it was taken.
  46. You sicko… so how’d it feel?
  47. This is totally illegal. I hope you all know that.
  48. >>8694749
  49. >iss illegal guis I’m a lawyer
  50. No it’s not dumbass. Only in cases of clear abuse and questionable consent can it even be brought to court.
  51. Oh my god… his cock looks so big. I wish that were me
  52. Lol, you fell for the porn meme? Are you serious?
  53. Welcome to the crowd fellowskinfucker.
  54. Post more. I’m practically soaked right now. Is that a vanilla by the way? I LOVE vanillas.
  55. >You sicko… so how’d it feel?
  56. I’m a virgin so maybe keep that in mind. But honestly, it was AMAZING. I can’t describe what it feels like to be stretched and filled like that. A dildo doesn’t compare to something that’s actually hot and throbbing inside you. And they can cum right in you and there’s no risk for kits or anything. I literally cannot describe to you how being flooded with his sperm feels. It’s all tingly and warm and you get this really happy feeling in your chest.
  57. >Lol, you fell for the porn meme?
  58. It’s all that creampie crap all over this site. I wanted to see what it felt like.
  59. >Another one falls to the glorious human cock
  60. I mean you joke but I don’t know anymore. No spines, barbs, or corkscrews? Just perfect clean shaft and this adorable little mushroom tip. It feels amazing and my boy even cuddles afterwards. I think I’m converted guys, hold me.
  62. >You let out a hot breath and leaned closer, as a new picture appeared.
  63. >This one was a webm.
  64. >You clicked on it and watched as a girl with just her muzzle barely in shot jerked her human’s cock in front of her face.
  65. >Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she moaned, even giving him a few encouraging licks.
  66. >”Come on boy, give mama her cream.”
  67. >The human let out a small ‘aahhn’ and came, thick streams of white splashing across her snout and chest.
  68. >Several thick ropes splattered on her tongue and into her mouth as she let out a satisfied groan.
  69. >Your paw drifted down across your flat stomach and into your pants.
  70. >This—holy shit this was hot.
  71. >She moved her snout closer to his member as he kept shooting loads and she gently wrapped her lips around his tip, pumping him with her paw all the while.
  72. >After a few seconds she moved away, and giggled.
  73. >She turned toward the camera and opened her mouth.
  74. >You gasped as you saw heaps of white pearly goo piled on her tongue.
  75. >She played with it for a few seconds, moving her tongue around and mixing the sticky batter through her mouth.
  76. >Then, she closed her mouth and you saw her throat bob.
  77. >The girl opened again, showing the camera she’d swallowed every last drop.
  78. >The human kneeled and pressed his face into her chest, wrapping his arms around her.
  79. >”Good boy, you gave me lots tonight.”
  81. >You shivered and rubbed circles around your clitoral hood.
  82. >Did humans really cum that much?
  83. >And the way she tasted it… his cum looked so good.
  84. >What did human cum taste like?
  85. >You open a new tab and go to type but think better of it.
  86. >/skn/ in your history was one thing, but searching a question like that was just asking for problems.
  87. >Not like Mom or Dad ever checked your PC or anything though.
  88. >You decided to head back to the thread and even saved the webm and picture for later.
  89. >The rest of the thread continued to blow up for a few minutes with furs asking for more or dropping reaction pictures in response to the video.
  90. >You scrolled around, looking for any more content from the OP and hit the bottom of the thread.
  91. “Damn…”
  92. >Your sex dripped under your pants and you brought your paw back out, wiping your slickened fingers with some of the leftover tissues.
  93. >Close… but you’d need more content to get off tonight.
  94. >Been slicking to all kinds of porn for so long, imagination didn’t do much now.
  95. >Still… this was something else.
  96. >You pause, staring at the bottom of the thread, watching the auto update timer tick by and double.
  97. >You open a reply box and pause, fingers on the keys.
  98. >OP had responded to some questions and the thread was still up…
  99. >You bit your lip and look back at the family human, sound asleep in your bed.
  100. >This is wrong… why were you even considering this?
  101. >You couldn’t, could you?
  102. >How would you even?
  103. >Anon would just fuss and run off, right?
  104. >You stared back at your reply box and licked your lips.
  105. >Your fingers moved across the keys and you hit send.
  107. >>95847494(OP)
  108. How’d you get him to do it? The sex I mean, not the facial.
  110. >Shit
  111. >A cold chill ran through you as you stared at your message.
  112. >You were really thinking about this.
  113. >You could safely call yourself a skinfag at this point but you’ve never actually thought about fucking your human.
  114. >I mean… it was sorta wrong, wasn’t it?
  115. >They’re just pets. They don’t understand.
  116. >The update timer ticked down and a reply popped up.
  117. >You shut your eyes and let out a long breath.
  118. >This could still be fake somehow.
  119. >Maybe it would take hours of training.
  120. >/skn/ has a meme about humans being natural rough fuckers and eager to please but surely that wasn’t true…
  121. >Dammit, you couldn’t just walk away now though.
  123. >You opened your eyes.
  125. >>42735373
  126. Surprisingly easy. I actually tried the peanut butter thing but all he did was sniff it and give me a weird look. Mine isn’t super into it and it sorta gums up his mouth. What actually worked for me was sugar. Like just powdered sugar or even syrup. Heck, he’ll even lick at soda if I spill it. Just be gentle and encouraging and if yours is anything like mine, make sure to cuddle him after.
  128. >You gulped and your eyes drifted over to the can of half drank Mountain Dew on your dresser.
  129. >A tingle ran up your spine as you imagined Anon sniffing at your crotch, investigating the sticky, sugary scent.
  130. >You picked up the can.
  131. “A-Anon,” you whispered, your voice cracking from not speaking for hours.
  132. >He picked his head up and looked at you curiously.
  133. “I got something I want to try.”
  134. >A cabinet slammed somewhere in the house and you flinched.
  135. >The gurgle of the coffee maker echoed out and someone opened the microwave.
  136. >Shit, what time was it?
  137. >A glance at your computer tells you 5:04am, the time when your Dad got up to start his police shift.
  138. >You cursed under your breath.
  139. >Anon watched with his head tilted as you frantically stripped out of your clothes and got into bed.
  140. >No time for PJs. Just yesterday's tank top and panties will have to do.
  141. >Your ear flicked about, listening for your father.
  142. >He’d probably not check on you but if he’d found out that you stayed up, you’d be grounded for sure.
  143. >Something smooth and warm pressed into your backside.
  144. “Anon, no huggies,” you whisper.
  145. >He paid you no need and snuggled into your back, letting out a relaxed sigh.
  146. >His bulge pressed against the back of your thigh and you let out an involuntary gasp.
  147. >Your mind went back to the image of that girl's human… his cock being pumped for that creamy white cum.
  148. >You reached down between your legs, pushing your panties aside.
  149. >Your fingers pressed and kneaded, coaxing your arousal as you began to grind back into Anon.
  151. >The bedroom door opened and a bright light flicked on.
  152. >”Up and attem sunshine. It’s a Friday.”
  153. >You clenched your eyes tight against the offending brightness and groaned, though not a groan of tiredness.
  154. >”Aw, Anon you’re such a good boy, keeping my little girl company. Come on, I’ll get you breakfast.”
  156. >Anon hopped out of bed, running happily after your father as he left your door open.
  157. >You slapped a pillow over your face.
  158. >You’re not sure whether to be frustrated or relieved at him stopping you.
  159. >But one thing was for certain.
  161. >You’d be frustrated, cranky, and pent up all day today.
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