Half-Moon in Equestria 26

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  1. The sight that greets you is an unusual one to say the least.
  2. On one throne sits a creature that looks like it was the result of a Chimeragy experiment gone horribly wrong, and yet horribly right. It has the head of a goat, an eagle claw for a forearm, and a mishmash of other parts.
  3. On the other throne sits a larger more ponylike changeling. On its head sits a horn that, along with its lower legs, look like swiss cheese. On its back rests a pair of insectlike wings.
  4. Beside the thrones, trapped in tightly bound pods are Celestia and Luna. Both seem completely aware of their surroundings, yet completely immobilized.
  5. "Princess!" Twilight cries out, going to rush towards the princesses, but you lay a restraining hand on her.
  6. "Ah, the Elements of Harmony" Discord says "Its good of you to come, though I dont think I have had the pleasure of meeting the others with you."
  7. "Trixie has nothing to say to a demon like you Discord."
  8. "Hmphhh. What about you strange one?" He says, turning towards you.
  9. "You must be THE Discord I have heard so much about. My full name and title would be Anonymous the Half-Moon Alchemist, and it is a pleasure to make your aquaintance."
  10. "Anon!" Twilight hisses "You do realise that you are talking to our enemy right?"
  11. "Just because he is an Enemy, does not mean you have to be disrespectful. In fact, I bet I can end this entire situation without shedding a single drop of blood."
  12. "You interest me Anon. Let us see how you plan on doing this." Snapping his fingers the Mane 6 and Trixie, as well as the Changeling queen are all seperates and put into cages.
  13. Twilight immediately tries to teleport out, but fails, and you raise your hand. "Like I said, I will solve this myself."
  14. Discord snaps again, and a table and chairs pop into existance in the middle of all the cages. Taking a seat, he gestures to the other, and you follow suit.
  15. "first, I have a couple questions I would like answered. More for claritys sake than anything else. If thats okay Discord?"
  16. "Of course Anon, the more Interesting you make this the better."
  17. Giving a smile, you start "Firstly, would you end up being the ruler, if the current ones were ousted?"
  18. He scratches his chin, before replying "I suppose I would be, considering I am the only other god. Why?"
  19. "Since I am not a natural being of Equestria, I'd rather stay on the good side of the current leadership. Protect my interests you know." Discord nods slowly, sipping on a glass of chocolate milk he snapped into existance. "My next question would be as to wether or not you have hear of The Gate?"
  20. "I cant say I do, thougth the way you say it makes it seem like something important. You are certainly making this interesting."
  21. "I see. I would like to make a deal with you. What I want from you would be complete control over the Two princesses, as well as the Elements of Harmony and their users."
  22. Discord, who had been sipping his milk does an epic spittake, covering the table in chocolate milk, before saying "And you seriously expect me to just hand over the biggest threats to my wellbeing over to you?"
  23. "Yes, and Quite gladly too, once you hear what I am offering to you. Firstly, I would offer myself as a Right hand man. Metaphorically, not literally, because if you havnt noticed..." Discond chuckles a little bit at your joke, before letting you continue "Secondly, I offer you the chance to gain all the knowledge contained within the Gate."
  24. "Now that sounds interesting. Perhaps your offer should be considered..." He ponders for a minute, before asking "before I seriously consider it, what kind of knowledge are we talking about?"
  25. 'The bait has been set' you think to yourself, before responding "All knowledge. Every thought, every scrap of information, everything that has ever gone through a human or pony mind is there, and its all available for the taking. but only one can gain it for each alcheminst. My gate is as of yet unopened, But you seem like a valuable asset to have on my side, so I will offer the knowledge to you. The most valuable of this information, I think would be the knowledge on how to stop the Elements, and make yourself immune to their magic, though if you leave them inder my control, you wouldn't have anything to worry about." Giving a sadistic grin, you look over your shoulder at them. They seem to be trying to yell something at you, but no sound comes out. Turning back to Discord you see him in deep thought.
  26. Suddenly he bursts out laughing. "You know I love how chaotic and random this world is.You, the one who creates the opening for me to escape, is also the one who brings the last remaining threat to my future rule to me. Not only that, You are offering to serve me and grant me unlimited knowledge. Just for the use of some mares. Brilliant! Absolutely Chaotic! Whats even better is you didn't even know you gave me the opportunity to escape."
  27. "Now that is Interesting to me. Would you care to explain how someone like me managed to create an escape route from some of the supposed most powerful magic in Equestria?"
  28. "But of course. I would love to explain. You see, when you pulled that little prank on the Princesses, which I admit was done amazingly well, their minds fell into absolute chaos for just a moment, but that moment was enough for me to use their powers to escape."
  29. With a nod,"That actually makes a lot of sense, and clears up some of my confusion". Giving a sigh you say "I suppose we should ger on with the deal and come to a conclusion about it."
  30. "That is the next step, but first I have to know, how can I trust you?"
  31. "An excelent question, and one that is easily answered. My job as an Alchemist means I must in ALL circumstances follow one specific rule, or rather its a Law. The law is called the Law of Equivelant Exchange. It states that in order to gain something, something of equal value must be lost. In terms of our deal, what I am losing is my singular access to the gate, and the infinite knowledge contained therein, and in return I gain some of the most powerfull weapons in this world. The reverse is true for you. You lose several important pieces in this grand game of life, but in return you gain all the knowledge of the universe."
  32. Discord ponders this for several minutes, during which time, you just sit there relaxed, while the others are probably freaking out. You can see both Celestia and Luna looking at you with extreme hatred, but you pay them no mind, not wanting to blow your plan.
  33. Finaly Discord comes to a Decision.
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