HM:StH Any% Cake Contest Notes

Dec 27th, 2017
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  1. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland
  2. Any% Cake Contest Notes
  3. [Updated 21 Mar 2020]
  5. NOTES
  6. - You need +140G to start the first day. Different items must be sold in different shops. These include:
  7. > Ronald: Blueberry (30G), Very Berry (10G)
  8. > Louis: Copper Ore (40G), Iron Ore (60G), Moonlight Stone (100G), Pontata Root (80G), Rare Metal (180G)
  9. > Lyla: Moondrop (10G), Herb (10G), Limestone (40G)
  10. > Woody: Blue Rock (90G), Copper Ore (40G), Iron Ore (60G), Limestone (40G), Rare Metal (180G)
  11. > Alternatively, do part-time work. Brush/talk every horse = +150G.
  12. > Optimally you will buy and plant/water the corn on Spring 2 while waiting for noon (cafe opens).
  14. SPRING
  15. - Goddess questions: NEGATIVE
  16. - Spring 2:
  17. > Fill watering can and till the whole first plot. If you get minerals totaling 140G or more, sell them; otherwise, keep for weed intro.
  18. > Sell as necessary or do part-time work, then buy 8 corn seeds.
  19. > Head to the Lake, and weed intro+gift Katie (pocket the weed, don't toss). Don't forage for gifts.
  20. > Enter cafe at noon for CS1
  21. > Head home, get the recipe in the bookcase before sleeping
  22. - Water everyday and gift Katie everyday except Monday. Don't forage, but just pickup+gift each time, gift+talking Katie until 11 interactions.
  23. - On a Wed or Sat, weed intro Gina on your way to Katie, then toss the weed.
  24. - Harvest 5 times: Spring 12, 16, 20, 24, 28. Reset if any crop loss during rainy season (Spring 17-21).
  25. - Spring 28:
  26. > Last corn harvest
  27. > Head to Lake and talk to Katie (no gift)
  28. > Wait and enter cafe at noon to give Katie the recipe (CS2)
  29. > Head up to Villa, and enter to trigger CS4. Re-enter and sell all corn in the kitchen
  30. > Buy cow and chicken at Brownie Farm
  31. > Buy Milker at the Tool Shop
  32. > Head back to the cafe and enter to trigger CS6
  33. > Return to the farm. Put cow out to pasture, and put chicken in front of your house before sleeping
  34. - On Spring 29, skip the Gina cutscene then meet Katie at the Goddess Pond at 9pm.
  37. - Sleep until Fall 24 (dry season). Skip the Katie cutscene, then begin checking cow and chicken for golden egg/milk.
  38. - Once you have the golden items, give them to Katie on a non-Monday, then wait until noon and enter the cafe.
  39. - Sleep 7 days to complete the ending.
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