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  1.         Sweet Bro was fucking himself with a dildo when Hella Meff entered the room. Hella Hehh, naturally concerned with the well being of his bro, inquired into Sweet Bro’s actions:
  3.         “Why are you falling down stairs?” Jella Heff asked.
  4.         “I am having sex with gravity.” Sweet Bro responded.
  6.         Meanwhile, Geromy was stealing Mella Meff’s car because he is black and that is what black people do. It was all an elaborate set-up that involved Sweet Bro being fucked by a dragon dildo while falling downstairs – anti-Semitic stairs.
  8.         Sweet Bro confessed all of this to Jeff Hella and asked for help peeling the melting sex toy from his smoking anus. Hella Jeff considered it for a moment and soon figured it was the only just action to take when speaking in terms of a friend. When he removed the cold, glass object, Sweet Bro’s rectum exploded and cockroaches went everywhere.
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