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  1. Sarasha Fenrir whispers: Word got back to me on another case. Proteus and Sina been feeding Osrona information. I'm gunna talk to Cam' about Proteus, but I think you know Sina better.
  2. Dun would glance over Sarasha for a time as he puffed away steadily on his corncob pipe, humming to himself as he mulled over what had been whispered to him before shaking his head firmly. If there was one thing he didn't like, it was a lie.
  4. "Considering Sina is a known eccentric, but one who is quite fond of me and my endeavors, I find myself having difficulty believing your words Sarasha. She is many things, but no snitch. Nor is Proteus, who has been in my employ for years."
  6. The clown prince would tap his chin thoughtfully, gesturing to Sajid and Proteus with a thoughtful hum as they arrived with an ambient yawn as he shook his head.
  8. "Though on the topic of imply what I should or should not do, I believe we have a problem. You seem to think that we're your council, and that you rule Theria. That really makes the back of my neck itch, ya know? Real bad. Mister Glass, are we her council? Mister Water?"
  9. (Dun)
  12. Picking a cigarette out from her satchel, Sarasha plants in in-between her lips and strikes a match to it. Pondering over Dun's words. Though word had came to hear of implications, she thought to check on them first. Yet was met with another notion from the Warlord.
  14. A long drag made the cigarette flare it's ember and draw up some ash.
  16. "Speak of the Devil, we can ask em' ourselves. Word came from Celine, yet she spoke of a demon to witness such a thing."
  18. She glanced to Proteus who arrived just in time. Though giving her attention back to Dun, Sarasha could hear the distaste in their voice.
  20. "I announced you as a Warlord and in such join me in council. You Mr. Glass, Lukas and I." She re-iterated his comment.
  21. (Sarasha Fenrir)
  24. ] Business finished, rings finally made his boots crunched across the snow as he headed to depart out of the city, and back towards the wilderness he had lately been roaming.
  26. A small gathering.
  28. That caught his attention. Steps leading him towards the small group a wave thrown out towards the familiar faces as Dun's words entered his ears, a frown appearing on his visage beneath the hood.
  30. "Problem with Sina? Problem"
  32. Proteus questioned, voice low as he approached closer, his head tilting underneath the hood as he stopped. He hadn't expected to come upon such a scene, information was to be gained it seemed.
  34. And then came Dun's question, a low laughter sounded out.
  36. Amusement danced within his eyes. He had witnessed Sarasha's previous attempts at gaining full control over their beloved city, and yet it seemed the issue had finally been called out.
  38. "I don't recall myself being apart of her council. I don't even remember caring for the dog before me."
  39. (Proteus)
  42. Sajid takes a long, deep breath that was then followed by a longer hum.
  43. (Sajid)
  46. Miran is side-eying the entire affair. Far too much posturing for his liking.
  47. (Miran Tsuchai)
  50. Attar is still asleep upright.
  51. (Attar)
  54. ttar snores. Does he have sleep apnea? That's bad.
  55. (Attar)
  58. "Why, that's not very funny at all Sarasha. A bad joke, and I'm a clown!"
  60. Dun would glance over the blue haired Fenrir for a time with a thoughtful tap of the melted chin of his mask, chuckling lightly to himself as he crossed his right, serpentine scarred arm over his left, folding the pair over the black plate of his cuirass and the crimson of his jester's cloak.
  62. "Now, what am I supposed to think of you wanting to send Cameo after Proteus, my precious boy. My dear Mister Water? I admit, I've found your recent tone regarding your authority on the council to be quite....personally absorbed. It seemed to me you think you run the show around here."
  64. The clown would jingle his brass bells idly as the warlord hummed to himself, thinking of a good joke to tell before finally choosing to speak.
  66. "Now, color me crazy, but it doesn't really look like you run the show from my seat right here, right now. I might have only one eye, but I'm not blind."
  67. (Dun)
  70.  Versail asks, "...Huh?"
  71. Proteus says, "Versail. Hello again friend."
  73.  Versail says, "Greetingss, Proteus."
  74. Versail asks, "Has one found thiss- This wolf yet?"
  75. More information thrown out.
  77. "Not funny at all.."
  79. The name of another, someone that he was quite sure would of acted out if such false information was freely given. His life at stake, and his soon to be wife's too.
  81. "Sajid. She tried to get me killed. Tried to get my wife killed."
  83. Harsh to the senses. His friend's real name spoken instead of his usual alias that was normally spoken in most situations. Even as he spoke his eyes never left Sarasha, teeth biting into his lower-lip.
  85. An exhale loudly sounded out as his body coiled up in tension beneath his hood. Attention finally leaving the woman before him, and towards his roommate behind her.
  87. He still didn't know what his friend would choose.
  89. Even the demon to his side, who he should of been swinging on in rage was ignored, Attar's presence not even ringing out on his radar as he continued to stare towards his new target.
  91. "Explain. You tried to get me killed. Tried to have other's turn on me. Give me a good reason."
  92. (Proteus)
  95. The black cat scampers up to Attar and scales his back, promptly curling her body around his neck.
  96. (Black Cat)
  99. Versail seems utterly clueless, though such doesn't stop the serpentine gaze from flicking to and fro between the many beings present. It was however his own curiosity that warrants the slight twitch, and curling of his lips at speculation of how the accused would react.
  101. In other words, snake.
  102. (Versail)
  105. Of course it was far from humorous. Simply having informers coming back to her with claims of one of her own people, a therian, talking to Osronan Knights. It was distasteful and it was evident of her expression.
  107. "Tried to get you killed? Claim how. I simply said to Dun, Talk to Sina and I'd get more information on the matter from Cameo. I want you to give me a reason."
  109. She stepped up to Proteus at this point.
  111. "Tell us you didn't goto the Knights in Osrona. The very ones Demon's wage war on and those we despise. Tell us you didn't leak information to them." She said confidently for herself.
  113. Then she turned back to Dun and stepped into him and leaned over him while he sat.
  115. "You seem to forget you just earned your seat. Before that I had to handle most things. A pact with the demons paid in blood and armaments to fit an army? I took care it. Secured Theria for us. Rid us of an impeding siege and qualmed the worries of our people. We go about our daily lives as mercenaries because of such."
  117. To concur for herself, she twisted around to Attar and nodded. They knew of such a brokered deal.
  119. "So I ask again to all of you now. Just what the problem is?"
  120. (Sarasha Fenrir)
  123. Sajid manipulated the golden fingers on his left hand to start rubbing together. The friction being enough to say the words for him. 'One, Two, Three, Four, Two, Two, Three, Four.'
  124. (Sajid)
  128. "He has attacked many of my little ones,"
  129. "- and I have no doubt that such sniveling vermin would turn to the Knights."
  131. Attar muses, bringing soft fingers up to brush through stray locks of ivory hair. Sajid and Sarasha are the focus of his attention. The Demon's head cocks sidelong, sparing a side-glance at Proteus.
  133. "And that is not something easily disregarded."
  134. "Unfortunately, he is a part of my little game. So he'll be surviving until I get bored, unless one of you wishes to find themselves with my spear through their belly."
  136. Luminescent eyes turn down to Dun. There's no strong emotion on his face or in the way he carries himself. Otherwise, there's a dispassionate and detached amusement. To him, this was simply another play in motion; a work of art, to be concluded in it's own course.
  138. "But I could care less how Theria handles it's dissident elements."
  140. Attar chomps on his borgar.
  142. (Attar)
  145. Sajid lets his hazel hues focus on Sih as they spoke, only to turn at all of them. They would all make such marvelous... pieces. The golden fingers already started to grip something that was... clicking.
  146. (Sajid)
  149. "Don't play dumb now Sarasha, it's really unfitting of a grown woman. You don't send Cameo after someone to have a conversation with them, I'd know. I used to be his boss too."
  151. Dun seemed amused by the discussion topic at hand, puffing away on his corncob pipe as he mulled over the Fenrir's words with an idle yawn. The clown appeared nonplused by the statements at hand, waving an idle gesture of his palm at the woman at her statements towards Proteus.
  153. "The man is a wanted terrorist in Osrona, one personally involved in Claude Pelleaux's execution. Going to the knights is a ridiculous notion, and one that possesses about as much intellect as your implication that you didn't want Proteus whacked. Tsk tsk."
  155. The clown would chuckle as he shook his head, tapping the chin of his mask at the gall of the woman's words, to act so egocentrically as if they were some grand machinator. It tickled him pink.
  157. "I was Tanya's right hand long before I became warlord, I'd been working with Attar before you'd made your grand gestures of handling things. All you did was toss some hungry demons a body, any killer with two fingers to rub together around a coin could do the same. Impending siege? Laughable, Osrona can barely hold its walls at the moment, my dear Eudocia made that quite clear in her recent raid."
  159. Dun appeared to come at last to the final point of Sarasha's implication, one that he savored answering.
  161. "The problem is your attitude, I think. You seem to forget you're but one of the council, twice you've stated it's yours. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Still, I'm open ears, assuming you're willing to adjust your behavior."
  162. (Dun)
  165. Versail says, "It ss- Seems reason would dictate nobody will die today. Yess."
  166. Looked to Tok, then with a smile he'd walk around the crowd. Taking a position behind Dun. Leaning upon nothing as he watched over the jesters shoulder.
  168. After all he'd sought to join the circus. So, it was that he'd join them. Offering the towering presence of the demon to the Circus' backing.
  170. If violence began, he was ready for it.
  171. (Sin'Nada)
  174. Miran Tsuchai says, "Ideally. The day is young, though"
  175. Amilia asks, "This is the same Theria where people are murdered in broad daylight and most of us just nod, right?"
  176. Amilia says, "What does reason have to do with it..."
  177. Miran Tsuchai says, "Murder used to be illegal. That was a nice time "
  178. Versail asks, "It iss with reason that your bass- Basic cognitive abilities function. If she responds with ss- Such, she will not die. Does this answer your question?"
  179. ] Lukas continued to watch, not interjecting at all. They had to assess the situation.
  181. Accusations, baseless ones it seemed.
  183. They sighed, internal conflict was the last thing Theria needed, they had relative normality, unlike Osrona.
  185. Their hues scanned those who practically surrounded the Fenrir, slowly narrowing as they pass over Proteus. Hopefully things didn't need to get hostile but this is Theria. They glance at Dun, not really ever noticing how Sarasha referred to the council, hers. Is that his issue? They interject.
  187. "I don't recall seeing anyone else attempt to form more positive or at least non-hostile relations with the demons. No one of power in Theria has besides Sarasha. I won't place her on some pedestal, I will agree with you that Theria's power comes from multiple hands but she has put in more effort as of late- Were we to consider the previous council, that is."
  189. Lukas sighed,they hated every aspect of this situation.
  191. "It's Theria's council, not Sarasha's. Is that all?" They ask, a brow raising slightly as their gaze fully settles on Dun.
  192. (Lukas mer Joyau)
  196. The Matriarch folded her arms over her chest and tilted her head to the clown. Peculiar words had he known the full extent of her work. Though she could only smile at Dun for acting like such. Not one to buckle down under the premise of another, but take a seat, literally, for what they wanted.
  198. "Now Dun I think you're a bit hard of hearing. I don't recall saying it is just my council. I said 'In'. You're working yourself up over very little. Got something else on your mind, Dun?"
  200. Seeing how that was his only issue. It would be cleared up, right? Seemingly hoping there was more to it than that.
  202. "If that's all? I pursue Cameo's agency for the matter, not just himself. I'm sure you know there someone within who can find just. about. anything."
  204. She wouldn't let up on that fact. If there was deceit amidst their people, she would surely pursue the truth.
  205. (Sarasha Fenrir)
  208. Proteus's eyes rolled beneath his hood, head shaking to the side as he waited for her reply, it only caused the amusement he was feeling to grow, a reply swiftly following.
  210. "Spreading words of me being a informer for the knights? The people I've constantly fought. You can do better than that Sarasha, you can think of something else to get me killed."
  212. "Believing the words of a demon, who most likely was one of the few I've fought before in my boredom." he replied, words filled with mirth at her attempt at causing discord.
  214. Dun's words had him pausing, giving the man ample time to rebut all of her points, another soft laughter leaving his lips. A hand revealed itself from his cloak, the House Pelleaux signet-ring so obviously shown on his finger.
  216. "All I've seen you do is grovel before others, just like Teodor.."
  218. "Plenty of things can be earned around Theria.."
  220. Her exploits spoken, a short list that didn't catch his attention at all, his mind already set on a next course of action. Swiping out, the hand that the signet-ring was upon swiped out.
  222. Backhanding Sarasha across the face, she had stepped up to him after all. He only watched on as the ring dug into flesh, he wondered if the Pelleaux symbol would be marked into her flesh.
  223. (Proteus)
  226. Happiness is a warm gun. Hot at the touch after the bullet fires by cold along the body and handle. That is what made the gun beautiful.
  228. Life is a contradiction. For those who have ever lived also died. However, most would never be able to live their life. Some would never know how to live at all.
  230. So who was Sajid, being the one to listen to any of these arguments? Who is Sajid to ever think that there were a logical situation and a reasonable way to handle these things with words? He was one of the people here, one of those who had nothing more than Theria at heart. He was one of the council.
  232. However, Sarasha and Dun had a point. Dun did mention that this was their council, and that is no question. But then again, Sarasha did have the role of Monarch in her family. So the real dilemma was simple.
  234. Who was Sajid loyal to at the end of the day? As he thinks about it, he closed his eyes and continued to hold on to the barrel of the gun with hisgolden hand. The trigger being held ever so slightly as the index finger rubs back and forth against it. The only thing he didn't do was fire it.
  236. Well, not yet anyway.
  238. So, as he pulled the gun out to be exposed for the entirety of the people, Sajid would let out a hum that was ever so beautiful. It was akin to an angel singing a baby to sleep. However, the words were something of horrible thoughts and emotions that he had for the planet.
  240. "Kraus loved the world so much that he created the concept of death so that they can ascend further to begin. Kraus loved humanity so much that he lived and died to create us. Kraus... was just a let down who created people like me for people like them."
  242. "And that was beautiful. And it was all so sexy when Kraus created my soul, my spirit, to start sending people to the stars one by one while having their carcass be glass and make his wonderful world into glass."
  244. And that was what made him say it. That was when he lifted the gun towards Proteus face as the single thing to come across was a long, metal stick that exposed the flag. "HAHAHA."
  246. But that was when he shot it again to eject that flag directly into their face.
  248. "I don't recall us being the one to talk. If you're not fighting, you're doing nothing. So let's celebrate. Let's play the game. Who can bring me down first?"
  250. He took a step forward as the smile started to raise further, his hazel eyes getting shiny as the sand began to wrap around his waist and back, only letting the talons begin to come and protrude with glass tips at the end. "We live to create art, but art is different for everyone. Art is worth the pain. Some will live for it. Some will die for it..."
  252. "So how about we all have fun?"
  254. And that was when four talon-ended sand tips started to run at strike at people in the distance. Not stoppinguntil he was downed.
  257. (Sajid)
  260. [21:05] Versail is ever stiff before the chaos that's sown by Sajid. Be it rock, sand, or another's opposing magic it seemed he was content with standing in the thick of it all. Not unless someone had specifically brought the fight to him.
  262. "One supposes it ssh- Should withdraw the reason statement. How... Amusing."
  264. All the serpent could do was hiss beneath its breath as things went into an entirely confusing direction.
  265. (Versail)
  268. These were Therians. Words didn't matter, issues settled with arms. Lukas watched as Proteus aimed to slap Sarasha but instead, an entire battle would break out. They watched, somewhat amused at the change of pace yet still wary, ready for whatever outcome and whatever needed to be done.
  270. Those hues of their glanced over to Sajid-- God what was he doing? No one needed to be hurt besides the two going at it. Lukas side stepped over to the rather enraged? man.
  272. "Woah, woah. No need for the entire damn city to break out into a fight. Use your head, damnit." They called out to him, hands reaching out to restrain him, if he didn't settle then they'd have to disarm him more physically.
  274. Warlords should've behave like this.
  275. (Lukas mer Joyau)
  278.  Miran Tsuchai says, "This is how we throw away the things we claw and fight for."
  279. Chrisanthi Perridi says, "Oh well."
  280. Versail says, "Or it iss how one secures ss- Such."
  281. Elias says, "This is the way o' Theria. Might makes right."
  282. "Ohhh PROTEUSSS~"
  286. The entirety of the sands storms started to come across as the talons started to strike at Proteus in general. The desire to watch how they react to being penetrated as well as doing enough damage to them was something that he wanted to do.
  288. He wasn't Sajid at the moment - he was something entirely different. Everyone in the crowd was capable of hearing the corrupted, evil laughter that was coming across as the guns were ready to shoot. Little, black guns that could be substituted for pistols.
  292. The sand talon pushed Lukas to the side as his attention was clear!
  293. (Sajid)
  296. Vanity didn't even remember that Attar existed.
  297. (Vanity)
  300. Back and forth. Ice versus his very own magic.
  302. An exciting battle that had his blood pumping, always kept on his toes by the woman as he continued to wait for an opportunity to appear, for him to finish this match that had been created by falsehoods.
  304. Anger grew.
  306. A threat towards himself, and a threat towards his wife. Formed by the one before him, and started by the demon Vatrius. The demon's name wouldn't be forgotten, already another target on the list.
  308. And as his mind continued to wrap itself around such information, his rage grew. Magical circuits working at full efficiency as he continued to push her back towards specific point.
  310. Tendrils of water, constantly on the offence. A blow striking across her chest and cutting deep to scar her flesh that was hidden beneath attire. Constantly pushing her backwards.
  312. Towards the cliff.
  314. "Sarasha. Don't come back to Theria, begone from the mountain. Enjoy the fall."
  316. Proteus said, and with it water continued to form behind him, shaping itself into an overwhelming body of water controlled by his will, constantly pushed on by the sheer emotion he felt.
  318. Pushed on, his hand following the motion as the tsunami struck out towards Sarasha, specifically looking to throw her down the mountain and into the water below, uncaring for if she lived or died.
  319. (Proteus)
  322. This man had changed. A much more ferocious entity took the place of Proteus, one she was unfamiliar of. However exciting the fight was, Sarasha was unable to keep up with the man now. She was not only flooded with water, but she was pummeled up close then struck down and sliced twice over her chest.
  324. Ideals clashed, and she lost. The possible belief of a lie only made her weaker. To not trust her people, that was her mistake. And in this endeavor, Proteus found the strength to make his ideals known. Herself to a knee and in gruesome pain from the injury.
  326. "This is not your right to Claim! We will yet be finished!"
  328. By the blood freezing over her chest to stop the bleeding, she did not give up. Yet yonder the giant wave of water and behind Proteus was Sajid in all his rage.
  330. Her ice mace dug into the mountain and placed herself firm. Slowing herself down from a decent off the face of the cliff. Yet she was pushed to the edge and could only freeze thewater in her decent, clinging to the edge with just enough space to watch Sajid's onslaught, yet herself seemingly gone.
  331. (Sarasha Fenrir)
  333. Dun would cackle with delight as he glanced over the chaos he had stirred, his aims achieved without the need to lift a finger through sheer conversational resolve. Defeated in such a manner, Sarasha’s face was weakened while the clown warlord’s own was strengthened, and presence was half the job in a place like Theria. Snapping his finger, he’d ignite in a shroud of pulsating blue, shimmering mana as he took a deep, clean breath of mountain air.
  335. A cold, snowy peak high above the rest of the continent, a place entirely free with the cleanest air around. Brutal grudge matches laden out a dime a dozen, with Mister Glass going wild and Mister Water making Sarasha look like a wet dog. The clown’s machination of chaos had been well incited, and as the saying went, chaos was a ladder. A Shield of his own company defeating a warlord made a clear statement on the matters of who had more muscle.
  337. Raising his fist, his shroud of energy would pulsate just a bit brighter, reinforced by the warlord’s ironclad resolve to rise to the top of the pile in Theria. He had no more fear of death, he was prepared for whatever dangers came. It would become his circus, and he the ringmaster.
  339. The show must go on.
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