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Seelah Euterp

ninjajermz Sep 20th, 2011 69 Never
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  2. [IMG]http://i55.tinypic.com/2q3duhh.png[/IMG]
  4. You are [color=#990099]Seelah Euterp[/COLOR], a sea-dwelling troll. You live with your SPREMWHALE LUSUS on a ship, the HICS TYPHUS, sailing atop the tempestuous Alternian seas. At first glance, many trolls would tag you as somewhat OBSESSIVE and possibly DELUSIONAL, but you know you at least have an excuse for your behavior. First and foremost, you are a FISHERTROLL, but such is not your ultimate ambition. No, you are a troll that craves FAME and GLAMOUR, and among the ports you've visited, the thing that has garnered you the most attention is your incredible SINGING VOICE. Sick of wasting your talent in dirty port towns, your goal is to let the entire world, nay, the GALAXY weep in awe at the sound of your VOICE.
  6. To do this, you have undertaken a MISSION many consider dangerous to the point of SHEER STUPIDITY. You put every last ounce of your fishertroll skills to use in order to make the biggest catch of your life: a MERMAID. Legend has it that capturing and consuming the flesh of one of these mythical waterbeasts will give one a VOICE that would make the SKIES WEEP and the WIND ITSELF HOWL IN ENVY. There's one problem though. You've killed and eaten about 20 OF THE DAMNED THINGS and YOU STILL SOUND EXACTLY THE SAME.
  8. To vent your frustration, you have taken to hunting INSANELY DANGEROUS SEABEASTS such as WHALES, SQUID, and even the odd SEA SERPENT. It does little to dull the pain of being so thoroughly BETRAYED by VAGUE LEGENDS and FISH TALES, but at least you aren't sitting around doing NOTHING.
  10. Your STRIFE SPECIBUS is set to HARPOONKIND. You enjoy the elegant simplicity of your preferred weapon: an unadorned barbed spear, just enough to make it brutally effective as a weapon and fishing tool. Your FETCH MODUS is set to GO FISH. Your SYLLADEX draws a hand of five CAPTCHALOGUE CARDS from your deck that you can use at your leisure. If there is something you want in your CAPTCHALOGUE DECK that is not in your current hand, you can draw a random card from your captchalogue deck while another card from your hand is shuffled back into your deck. Carrying too much stuff will eventually make the deck extremely unpredictable and nigh-impossible to use.
  12. Your knavetag is [color=#990099]grandTempest[/COLOR] and you [color=#990099]♪~speak in a melodious tone, and typically refrain from bass language~♪[/COLOR] Recently you have heard of a game called SDRICT, though you do not yet know of your role as the MAID OF BREATH, or that the DENIZEN of the LAND OF SPIRES AND STORMS shares the same name as your SHIP.
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